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CHAPTER 26 – Epilogue

Two months later... New Year's Eve


"I don't want to talk about it!" Emmett snapped, looking mortified and pissed off as we stepped into the elevator at the hotel.

Jasper and I cracked the fuck up, because he hadn't wanted to take the last case, or at least, he hadn't wanted to play man-slut this time. Unfortunately for him, he'd gotten creamed in Rock, Paper, Scissors, so he'd had no choice.

Some rich neurosurgeon was about to get married, and he'd suspected his fiance was cheating with the pool boy...and the lawn boy and the neighbor. He'd wanted to make absolutely certain before calling off the wedding. It was way too easy of a case and had only taken us a few days to get it done. We told the doctor what we were going to do, so he was prepared when something went wrong with his electricity one morning. He'd told his fiance that he'd called the electrician, for her to wait for him that day.

The electrician had been Emmett. Poor fucking thing. Rose and Bella had sent him in looking like something off of a blue collar sexy calendar or some shit – jeans, a tight t-shirt with a uniform shirt over it, sleeves rolled up tightly over his large biceps, and a cocky smile. The fiance had eaten that shit up. She'd been on him as soon as he rang the damn doorbell. She'd flirted, touched, giggled, and touched some more. And because the electrical box was in the garage, it had been so fucking easy to snag the photos. We'd been done in one day.

That was the type of cases that Bella'd had us take since Kyra – simple, easy, no-brainer cases. I'd repeatedly thanked her. They kept the crew working, but not stressed the fuck out. We'd been able to make plans, move Obie into Mickey's apartment, travel to Aunt Kate's for Thanksgiving, and basically just fucking relax.

The elevator dinged for our floor, and we stepped out, still laughing like asses at Emmett's cranky face.

"Shut the fuck up!" he snorted, rolling his eyes. "I feel...dirty. And I need a fucking shower."

That only sent me and Jasper into hysterics all over again as we walked down the corridor. We'd made sure that all our rooms were pretty close, but it was time to get ready.

"Okay, text me when you guys are dressed. I think Jordan is sending a car for us downstairs," I told them, taking my key out of my wallet and slipping it into the door.

Looking around the room, I had to smile at the signs that my family had already checked in and made themselves at home. The suite's living room had toys, Chucks, and games scattered here and there, the TV had been left on to the Cartoon Network. The master bedroom was a different story. My wife's sexy ass underwear lay discarded on the bed, jeans and sneakers tossed to the side, and a note on my pillow.

Hey, handsome.

Your tux is hanging in the closet along with your shoes – and before you text me to ask... Yes, you have to shave. Your razor is in the bathroom.

Brace yourself, baby. Your daughter is in princess overload, so she's a handful. However, you have to see your son.

Anyway, see you at the castle. Kyra's reserved a rather large space for all of us.

Love you,


Chuckling about the Bethy part, I shook my head and stepped into the bathroom. It didn't take me long to shower and shave. Pulling on the tux I hadn't worn since my dad's wedding, I dressed quickly. It wasn't that I was in a hurry to attend this formal premiere shindig, but I was dying to see my wife. I'd seen the dress she'd bought, but hanging in the closet at home was one thing; hugging every curve she had was something else.

Just as I ran my fingers through my hair, not even bothering to worry about the way it stuck up every-fucking-where, my phone went off, telling me the guys were ready. After one last shrug in the mirror, I gave up. At least the shit was trimmed. I'd taken Sammy with me to the barber a few days ago.

The limo ride was short. Kyra had made sure to set us up close to Disney, which was just funny all on its own, because we'd gone from something so damn serious when it came to her fucking case, to something lighthearted. Not only had she accepted the voiceover roll, but she'd been the main voice on the soundtrack, so the premiere was double the big deal for her.

Kyra had used every opportunity to her advantage. She'd taken the animated film role in order to not only stay in Los Angeles, but to keep close to Jordan and her new therapist. They'd both stayed true to their word. It seemed the very minute they'd arrived back to his place, they'd announced that they were an item. Alice had helped them leak it everywhere, and then she'd finally turned it all back over to Cassie. It had worked like a fucking charm, because suddenly, the mystery of who I'd been was just gone. It didn't even fucking matter. I was yesterday's news – something for which I was extremely grateful.

The limo pulled up to the front gates, and we stepped out into a barrage of screams, flashbulbs, and screaming fans. There was a red carpet underneath our feet, leading into the park.

The guys and I had missed the actual movie premiere, but we'd made sure to make it to the after-party. There was supposed to be dinner, a performance from Kyra and a few of the other talents, and then the countdown to midnight.

"Guys!" we heard next to us.

"Cassie!" we all boomed, and immediately, she was in front of us.

After hugging all of us, she grabbed my hand. "I'm here to make sure you get where you're supposed to be. Just about all of you are here. I just got back from taking Wes and Makenna inside." She gave us all a wry smirk. "And look at you three all dressed up..."

Emmett muttered, "Monkey suit," causing her to laugh.

"Well, yeah. I guess you're not calloused to the red carpet life, right?"

I snorted, raising an eyebrow at her. "That's a rhetorical question, I'm assuming, Cass."

She grinned, shrugging a shoulder. "Point taken, Edward. Come on. You just have to see this..."

"See what?" I chuckled, because her excitement was practically palpable.

"Sammy," she laughed, looking back at me. "He's been charming the socks off of everyone..."

Smirking, I glanced up to the most noisy section of the makeshift dining area that had been positioned right in front of the castle. Large round tables were filled with people – some famous, others I was clueless about, but all dressed formally. However, it was the two big tables closest to the stage that my eyes fell to.

Now I knew what Bella's note had meant. Sammy was in a little tuxedo, and he truly looked just like me. He was almost two, so he'd sprouted up an inch or two, but it was the slow, sweet, crooked smile that he gave his mother as he sat on his Poppy's lap that made me chuckle.

"Daddy!" I heard from my left, and I turned to see Bethy rushing to me.

Scooping her up, I asked, "Hey, little sweetness, how was the movie?"

"You m-missed it," she barely got out in a gush. "The bird was funny, and Miss Kyra sounded pretty. I could tell it was her!"

Grinning, I kissed her cheek, only to take a look at my soon-to-be six-year-old. She was her mother made over, dressed up in a pretty dress. It seemed the bright blue she was wearing made her look just a bit more grown up, and my heart shattered a little around the edges. Her long, brown hair was pulled half up with a clip holding it, the little freckles across her nose were starting to fade just a little, but her sweet, green eyes still looked at me like she'd missed me for weeks, instead of just a day.

Raising an eyebrow at her, I said, "Let me see the progress, little sergeant." I tugged on her chin so she'd know what I was talking about.

"Wooser!" she giggled, pulling her bottom lip so that I could see that her two teeth on the bottom were now getting closer and closer to coming out. And again, my heart just clenched at how fast she'd grown. "Mommy says when 'dey come out, the Toof Fairy comes and takes 'dem. I'm suh-posed to put 'dem under my piwwow," she rattled off proudly at the same time she was trying to wiggle those teeth with her tongue.

"Shouldn't I go see Mommy?" I asked her.

"Yes," she said with a firm nod. "She missed you...but she said she always misses you when you're not 'dere."

"Well, then, let's not keep her waiting, yeah?" I asked.

"Wait," she whispered, cupping my face and pointing toward the castle behind the stage. "You could've flown, Daddy. See? 'Dere's enough room to land the chopper."

I laughed, because I just couldn't help it. She was smart as shit and never forgot anything, though ever since we found out we were coming here for this thing, she'd been babbling about me flying her here. And I had. I just hadn't landed it smack dab in the middle of the fucking amusement park; it was currently at Anaheim's municipal airport.

"Fair enough, my princess," I chuckled. "Now take me to Mommy."

I set Bethy down onto her feet, and she took my hand, weaving me between tables and people and the waitstaff. We closed in on the large table that held my crew and family. They were laughing, chatting, and drinking, with several different conversations going on all at once. But it was the brunette with her back to me that I couldn't resist.

Bethy let go of my hand, running off to sit next to Abby. Reaching out, I traced a single finger along the exposed skin of my wife's back at the same time that I bent down to kiss her neck.

"You look fucking stunning, sweetness," I whispered in her ear, and I was rewarded with a gasp, a blush, and the sweetest smile as I took the empty seat next to her.

Bella turned to face me, immediately straightening my bow tie. She was flawless in formal black, but I just couldn't help imagining getting her out of it.

"Wow, look at you," she whispered back. "I missed you. There was no shoulder for me to lay my head on during the movie. You owe me."

I chuckled, kissing her quickly and playing with a long curl that framed her beautiful face. "Yeah, but I still get to kiss you at midnight."

"You'd better make it good," she teased, narrowing her eyes at me.

"Baby, I always make it good," I purred, leaning in to kiss her neck one more time, because that shit was hard to resist when her hair was up. Creamy skin and a pounding pulse under my lips was fucking hard to pull away from, but I did.

"Keep that up, Edward, and we won't make it til midnight," she giggled, biting her bottom lip, but our little bubble was burst when my son scrambled down off of my father's lap.

"Daddy!" he squealed, grinning as he dodged a few legs to get to me. I pulled him to my lap, and he grasped either side of my face. "Didjoo catch the bad guy?"

"We did," I chuckled, not bothering to tell him that this time, it was a woman, nor did it need explaining that it really was just a cheater case. They were all bad guys in his book. "Lookin' good, pal."

"We're da same, Daddy," he giggled, pointing to my bow tie.

"You're identical," Esme laughed, shaking her head before snapping a quick picture of us. "It's uncanny."

"My boys are handsome," Bella muttered, kissing both of us. "Sammy, come sit. You need to eat before the music starts. Otherwise, you'll probably run off with Caleb."

"I wanna sit wif Daddy," he countered, because he was absolutely almost two, slowly gaining a mind of his own, though he rarely countered anything his mother said. Bethy had been the same way at that age.

"Well, you can sit with Daddy, but you need to eat, mister," she ordered, pointing to the empty chair on the other side of me. "Popcorn isn't enough for you."

I settled him into the chair, tucking a napkin into his collar. "Eat," I whispered in a dramatic growl. "You know that Mommy's boss."

He giggled, looking up at me. "Yeah," he said slowly, grinning a crooked smile that I could deny no more than I could deny his hair.

He'd eaten most of his food by the time that the lights went down around us. Spotlights lit up the stage, and music blared. Kyra suddenly appeared front and center, and I had to smile, because she was hardly recognizable. She'd gone back to her original hair color, reminding me of the girl so long ago on the USO tour. But it was her face, her eyes, and her smile that were unlike anything that I'd seen – not back then, and definitely not when we were working her case.

Kyra was finally free. She was happy.



What was it about a man in a tux that caused all thought processes to come to a complete stop? As I stood with the girls near the edge of what was the dining area, but was now the dance floor, I glanced over to the bar. Every man I knew was dressed to the nines, and they all looked so very handsome.

Midnight was slowly approaching, and the only members of my crew that were missing were Mickey and Obie. They'd offered to take the kids back to the hotel, because they not only wanted the practice, but Mickey's feet were all sorts of swollen. She was six months along and already looking like she'd swallowed a rather small beach ball – or a large melon; it just depended on your point of view. She was due in three months, and all bets had been called in. It was a girl. And no question of it, either.

Kaitlyn Joy. The name was set and was in honor of Aunt Kate and Mickey's mother, Joy. There wasn't one of us that couldn't wait to meet her, especially Obie. The teasing about pink and lace and all things girly hadn't stopped since her fifth month checkup, which was when the image had been clear as day on the ultrasound.

"Tuxes are just...yeah," a voice said beside me, echoing my thoughts from just mere minutes before.

Grinning, I faced Kyra. "No kidding," I chuckled. "You're around them all the time."

"Not as often as you'd think," she countered with a shrug of her bare shoulder. "Jordan prefers sweats at home."

Home. I smiled at the word. She used it casually, but I knew it meant a lot to her. Despite the fact that she was a beautifully talented singer and actress, standing there in a long, formal gown in a sparkling gold, she was, at heart, a woman that had been through hell and back, but she was healing. Rapidly. And the good looking guy standing next to my husband had a lot to do with that, I was sure of it.

"He's teaching me boxing," she laughed, nudging me with her elbow. "The doc said it'll help with my anger and frustration when I can't figure out why."

"Nice," Rose chuckled from beside us. "Kicked his ass yet?"

"Once," she answered, wincing. "He had a black eye for a week!"

The whole lot of us exploded into hysterics, because poor Kyra really wouldn't hurt a fly. And she'd sever a limb before she'd let anything happen to Jordan.

"Miss Bailey," an older gentleman said softly, appearing in front of us. "You need to meet a friend of mine. He's working on a cable show and is wondering if you're interested in making an appearance."

"Aw, Ruben," she groaned, rolling her eyes like a teenager. "I just want this thing over, midnight to get here, and then I want out of these torture chambers that they call shoes," she whined.

He chuckled, squeezing her shoulder. "I'm aware, Kyra," he sighed, starting to gently guide her away. "Not much longer now."

Ruben had been hired to take Sid Williams' place at Solstice Music. He had been personally placed by Carlisle himself. He was a gentle soul, kind, and extremely patient. And he was a fierce competitor. He'd taken over the job with an iron fist, getting rid of anyone that was either aware of Sid's actions or knew of Ike's evil activities. He'd cleaned house. And he'd done it with Kyra by his side. She'd liked him instantly, because she'd said he reminded her of her father – to Ruben, music came first, not money. However, the contract with this whole animated film was raking in the bucks.

"She's right, though," Makenna sighed. "Tuxes are just..."

"Hot," Alice, Rose, and I finished for her all at the same time.

I shook my head as I glanced over at the bar again. Starting at one end and sweeping down to the other, it was just mesmerizing. Emmett, Jasper, and Wes looked uncomfortable, but they were dealing with it. Kurt was working his sweet face on the girl behind the bar, who looked like she was eating it up with a shy blush and smile. Truly, he was picking up charm techniques from Edward and Alec when we weren't looking. Speaking of those two... They looked just as comfortable in their tuxes while they stood with Carlisle as they did in jeans at home. All three were wearing smiles, chatting together, and holding drinks in their hand, and they all held themselves tall and proud. Hell, they looked like they'd stepped straight out of a James Bond movie.

Edward lifted his drink to his lips, his eyes locking on mine from across the dance floor. Setting his drink on the bar and murmuring something to Alec and his dad, he walked away from them. I had to smirk as women took his entire being in as he passed them by without a second glance. We were surrounded by actresses and models, some of the most beautiful I'd ever seen in one place, but Edward ignored them all as he made his way to me.

He reached for my hand, and I gladly gave it. "Dance with me, sweetness," he whispered, pulling me close. "It's almost midnight..."

"'Kay," I said, smiling up at him and sounding a little like our kids. I couldn't help it, because he was killing me just looking at him. Straightening his bow tie again, I suddenly had visions of tugging it off, which caused a giggle to escape me as I wrapped my arms around his neck.

"What?" he asked, raising a dangerously sexy eyebrow up at me, which only caused a few more women to stare his way...and me to giggle again.

"I think you're causing a stir, Edward," I chuckled, motioning behind him with my eyes. "You know...I think that's a Miss America or some shit."

"So?" he laughed, looking at me like I had three heads. "What do I care if some girl ten years younger than me is staring, Bella? Want to know who's been drooling over you?"

"No," I grumped, frowning up at him and pulling myself closer. "Absolutely not."

"Well, then, hush," he snickered, kissing my lips softly. "I'm with the most beautiful woman here, and I have every intention of seducing her out of this dress before the night is over. So let me work on that, okay?"

I laughed, because not only was his work unnecessary, but he apparently was on the same page as I was. "Yes, sir," I purred, nuzzling his nose with my own.

Edward didn't have to hardly try, but he did. Long fingers grazed down my bare back as we danced slowly. Squeezes to my waist slowly slid down to just above my ass, and soft, secret kisses ghosted across my cheeks, my neck, and the spot just below my ear, where he'd whisper the most delicious of ideas as his tongue lightly flicked out for a taste. What I noticed was that he was avoiding my lips on purpose. I knew him better than anyone... He was saving it.

"Two minutes, baby," he murmured against my earlobe. "Maybe I'll take you in the limo. We may not make it back to the hotel."

Smirking against his smooth, clean-smelling jaw, I realized that two could play at this game. "Who says it has to end in the limo, Edward? We'll have the hotel room all to ourselves..."

A low, almost inaudible moan rumbled from him through me, causing my nipples to peak high and ache in want of him. "Fuck, sweetness," he breathed, pressing his forehead to mine, but his eyes glanced around us. "One minute, love," he said, his voice dripping with sex and want as his fingers once again trailed lightly down my spine.

I could barely find it in me to care about the people surrounding us. My crew wouldn't care and the rest of the Hollywood folks would never see us again, so reveling in my handsome husband's warm embrace and heavy, lust-filled gazes was just fine by me.

"I love you," I whispered, smiling when my favorite crooked grin crawled up his face as the countdown from thirty started around us.

"Love you, too, my beautiful girl," he crooned back, his lips just barely brushing across mine. "Happy New Year."

The count became louder as it zoned in on midnight, and when it reached one, my lips were captured in a searing kiss that soon became way too much for public viewing. Edward swept his mouth and tongue over my top lip, bottom lip, turning his head to truly kiss me. It was deep and beautiful, tasting warm and smokey, like the whiskey he'd been sipping on.

Confetti and balloons fell around us as the party kicked up to another level of celebration. The music changed from slow and romantic to loud and rambunctious. The crowd was cheering, drinking, and kissing.

"Do you want to stay, Bella?" he asked, his voice and handsome face sincere.

"No," I answered quickly, shaking my head. "Let's go, baby. Please?"

He nodded once, wrapping an arm around my shoulders and guiding me through the throngs of people. We made our way through the front gates, avoiding jovial Disney characters, cameras, and the media as a limo was brought around for us.

I crawled inside, Edward falling down into the seat beside me, but just as someone shut the door, he pulled me across his lap, his lips immediately back on mine and his hands...everywhere. He sank farther down into the seat, keeping me cradled in his arms, an arm around my shoulder. I wound my arms around his neck at the same time his other hand went exploring up my legs. A deep moan erupted from him when he discovered what was underneath my dress, and I smiled against his lips.

"Baby, what are you wearing?" he asked, but he didn't need an answer. Instead, he pushed at my skirt until he could see the top of my stockings and the garter that was holding them up – all in black. "Hmm, that's really fucking sexy, sweetness," he purred, tracing a single finger along the edge and seeking out any exposed skin he could find on my thigh, causing zaps of need to fly straight between my legs. His eyes were dark, heavy-lidded when he gazed back up at my face. "Who did you wear these for?"

"Me," I said with a grin, deciding to tease him. "They're pretty, Edward."

The smirk crawled slowly up his face was deadly, so very sexy, and told me that perhaps I should've answered differently.

"Very pretty," he muttered, turning his attention back to my legs, only this time, he skimmed around to my ass, finding that garters weren't the only thing I was wearing. "And a thong, love?"

"Yes," I breathed, my eyes locked where his hand disappeared underneath my dress. I could see the movement under the fabric, but the feel of his calloused fingertips was making it hard to breathe.

"Shame, really," he mused softly and dramatically as his fingers trailed over every inch of lace he could find, across my hips, over my stomach, and finally ghosting between my legs. "Already ruined with how wet you are..."

I whimpered, because it was the truth and because he was making it worse by cupping my sex almost possessively. Tugging his hair gently, I brought his mouth back to mine, swirling, tasting, and trying to use anything to bring him closer. The heel of his hand applied just enough pressure to where I was swollen and throbbing for him that my hips rose up off of his lap to seek out more.

The limo came to a stop, and so did Edward. Removing his hand from under my dress, he righted my skirt before the hotel doorman opened the car's door. He said nothing, but did help me up out of the car, keeping my hand firmly in his as we crossed the lobby to the elevators. Once inside, I leaned against the cold metal, trying to catch my breath, but Edward loomed over me, bracing a hand by my head. He didn't kiss me, but dragged a thumb across my bottom lip like her really wanted to.

My fingers curled into claws, because all I could think of was untying that bow tie of his. My restraint failed, and I slipped my hand flat up his stomach, over his chest, finally reaching the satin material of his tie. One slow tug, and it was done, causing a smirk to crawl up his face at the same time the elevator dinged the arrival to our floor.

The corridor seemed never-ending, but we made it inside our room without causing a scene, despite how badly I wanted to take him right there in the hallway. I could barely care that there were vacationing families, retired couples, and businessmen on the other side of the doors. The door clicked shut, followed by the lock. I dropped my purse on the closest table and turned around to see that I was being watched.

"I thought I was prepared for how beautiful that dress would look on you," Edward said softly, but it broke the sexually charged silence between us. "I was so wrong," he murmured, shaking his head and pushing himself away from the door. "Did you know that there were several men tonight that couldn't figure out what movie they'd seen you in?" he asked, walking to me and cupping my face. "I didn't bother to correct them, Bella."

"Maybe we were in the same movie," I giggled, biting my bottom lip as I looked up at him, because I'd overheard similar queries about him.

Slowly, he walked me backwards toward the bedroom. The whole time, I was unbuttoning his white shirt, tugging it from his black pants, finally dropping it to the floor. Next was his undershirt, which he allowed me to tug off over his head.

I wasn't sure there was a better sight than my Edward shirtless, with dark eyes, disheveled hair, and kiss-swollen lips. Just watching women want him, but knowing that I was the only one that made him that way, caused me to take a step forward.

"Sit, Edward," I told him, pointing to the corner of the bed.

He complied immediately after kicking off his socks and shoes.

Staying just out of his reach, I reached back and lowered the zipper of my dress. It fell to the floor in a silent pool of satin, leaving me in only my thong, garter, and stockings.

"Hair, baby... Take your hair down," he ordered, his voice husky, but still smooth, like warm caramel. "And then come here," he whispered.

I took the clip out of my hair, which sent it cascading down in waves, and then I stepped between his legs. Licking his lips, Edward's fingers fiddled with lace and straps, and finally, he locked gazes with me.

"I-I h-have t-to b-be th-the l-luckiest m-man o-on th-the f-fucking p-planet..."

Smiling at him and cupping his face, I kissed him, and I didn't stop. He didn't have to tell me why he thought that, because he already had. He always did. Since the minute we realized that we loved each other, he'd told me that I was beautiful, that I was made just for him. He would tell me that I was the only one that truly knew the man inside. When our kids were born, he'd told me that I'd given him everything he'd ever wanted and all the things he'd never thought he deserved.

Sometimes, he told me with words, but then there were times he was quiet, like he was right then. Breaking away from my mouth, his lips blazed a fiery trail down my neck.

"I think we're both pretty lucky, baby," I told him, bracing myself on his shoulders and nuzzling his jaw as he helped me out of my shoes. He paused, looking conflicted or confused, I couldn't tell which. "Do you want those on or off, Edward?" I asked, stopping his fingers from tugging on my underwear.

Grinning, he huffed a short laugh. "Not sure, love," he snickered. "I'd say off, but how..."

I couldn't help but giggle. He was so fucking adorable sometimes that I couldn't stand it. He could fight bad guys, build the most beautiful furniture, and cook like a five-star restaurant chef, but he couldn't figure out how to get me out of my underwear.

Showing him how the straps came off, I finally hooked my thumbs in the top of my underwear, and he helped me drag them to the floor. All that was left were my stockings, which he swiftly removed. Suddenly, I found myself in the middle of the bed. Edward unzipped his pants, kicking out of them, only to crawl up my body, dropping kisses to random places on my legs along the way.

"Yeah, that's better," he purred, stopping with his head just above the apex of my legs. "That stuff was sexy, baby, but nothing beats just Bella..."

He grinned when I laughed softly while reaching up to run my fingers through his hair. Dropping his head, he did what he always did; he payed reverence to my scars, starting with the one on my thigh and continuing up to the ones on my stomach and breasts. As always, he went back, kissing the C-section scar that he said he loved the most.

"Tell me what you want, sweetness," he whispered, bracing his arms on either side of my head.

"Just you...all night," I replied instantly and without hesitation. "Whatever that entails..."

"I want to take my time with you," he purred, brushing his lips across mine, only to drag them slowly down my cheek to my neck. "It's been a long time since I've tried to see just how many times I can make you come for me."

The vibration of his voice against my skin and the words behind it caused me to roll with want underneath him.

"And we'll start with...just my mouth, love," he crooned, slipping his body back down mine, leaving open-mouthed kisses on his way. "Open wide for me, baby. Let me see how wet you are..."

As soon as I'd done as he'd asked, his mouth was on me, and I was just...done. Gone. My eyes rolled back as his talented, warm, wet mouth attached to my slick, heated flesh. I was already swollen, needy, aching for him, and he knew it. My first orgasm would only take a minute, I was sure of it, and I was right. I came quickly and so fucking hard as soon as his tongue swirled around my entrance, only to suck heavily on my clit. He'd worked me up in the limo too much for me to even attempt at fighting it, of making it last.

"One," he purred, not letting my body calm down from the aftershocks before sliding two fingers deep inside and curling them just right. My body seized around him again as he counted, "Two."

He crawled back up my body, but I forced him onto his back, straddling his stomach. Bracing my hands on either side of his head, it was my turn to pay homage. I kissed the Air Force ink on his chest, but locked eyes with him when my lips met the dark crest on his upper arm. Forever would that be the sexiest tattoo I'd ever laid eyes on. Nothing beat it, because it was the story behind it that made it mean so damn much.

"The next time I come, I want you inside me, Edward," I whispered against his smooth skin, which flexed and rolled under my lips. "Can I?" I asked, using his strong stomach to push myself up.

"Sweetness...you can have anything you want," he answered smoothly, grinning so fucking sexily that I forgot my name for a second. His tongue dragged slowly across his bottom lip as he grasped my hips gently, helping me lift up and slide down over him.

Once I was completely filled by him, counting seemed unimportant. We lost ourselves in rolling waves of muscle and skin, in pushes and pulls, in hips that moved as one flawless machine. Edward sat up, wrapping my hair around his hand and tugging my hair back so that he could ravish my throat, nipping, licking, and sucking at my neck and chest. Teeth teased nipples, fingers gripped onto shoulders, and curses were whispered against sweaty skin and bruised lips.

Lazy smiles were shared as we slowed down, not wanting any of it to end. It was a rhythm we'd been working on for years, and it was fucking perfect. Kisses were slow, languid, and deep, giving way to breathless encouragement.

"Come, baby. Give me one more," he urged. "Is that three...or four?" he asked in my ear, sounding like the devil himself – pure carnal genius combined with needy and sexy.

"I don't know, I don't know," I panted, grasping his face in both hands. "Edward...more..."

As if my vague plea made perfect sense to him, he complied, slipping a hand between us. His thumb found my clit, giving it the exact pressure in order to send me over the edge. My whole body seized up, and I pulled him closer – stomach to stomach, face to face.

"Fuck, yes, Bella," he grunted, his eyes not leaving mine as he watched me unravel in his arms. "So close, love..." he breathed, gripping my hips hard and using me to bring his own climax. Finally, he roughly tugged my hips flush to his, spilling deep within me. "Christ!" he panted, his forehead falling to my shoulder as his arms wound all the way around me.

Nuzzling into the spot between his neck and shoulder, I breathed deep. He smelled of cologne, sweet sex sweat, and just Edward. Placing a kiss to his thumping pulse point, I mumbled, "Happy New Year, Edward."

I felt his smile against my skin, but his light laugh made me giggle. "Happy New Year, sweetness. That was a helluva way to start it off..."

I hummed in agreement, pulling back to look at his beautiful face. "It's gonna be a good year, then..."

He grinned, and it was happy and amused, sexy and panty-dropping. Reaching up to tuck my hair back behind my ears, he kissed my lips quickly. "Let's hope so, love."

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