Author's Note: I quite like Maura/Ian. Firstly, I love Jonathan Cake (JCake) who played Ian in the episode, and secondly, I thought he was nice. He made Maura happy, and that was lovely.

Disclaimer: as always, I own nothing. Rights (and props) to TNT, Janet Tamaro, Tess Gerritsen.

Looking to the tea set on the market stall in front of him, he smiled, thinking of her.

He looked to the seller and nodded, seeing just eyes and the bridge of his nose above the desert scarf, keeping away the sand and dirt from his nostrils. The seller held up three fingers, and he gratefully accepted the bargain before wrapping the set in a spare scarf of his own.

He was going to surprise her.

He wouldn't tell her he was coming, and he would show up at her door.