The Net: Info Part 1

Author: Tyler Brooks E-Mail: cen43816@**** (Remove the "no-spam" trap when e-mailing)

Angela rapidly taps the keyboard of a black laptop, directing her browser to the private chat that she and Sourcerer always meet in. This time she had some information to inform Sourcerer of so that he could make and analysis. The information was about Praetorian Guard information she had stolen with a computer. She had gathered info about finances, data security, and disposal of delicate information. The info she had stolen was on a disk that she downloaded it to from one of the Praetorian's main computers. The information was encrypted, but fortunately, the encryption method was old enough to be recognized by a recently aquired encryption scanner. Angela had run the scanner and found out that the encryption method wasn't all too complicated. Any programmer could have compiled the means. Once she figured out the method of encryption, she had run a "ripper" on the encryption program and stripped it down to bare coding. Then she had found the passwords written within the encoding. The passwords were on a "rotary." They rotated, and every day the program required the user to know the newest password.

Within a few minutes, Angela saw the familiar username "Sourcerer" on her screen.

"Hello, Angela." Sourcerer's voice came through the speakers of Angela's laptop.

"Good morning, Sourcerer. I trust you are doing well."

"You trust correctly. What is on your mind?"

"I have stolen some information from one of the Praetorian Guard's main computers. The information was encrypted, but I got past it. The information is about finances, disposal of delicate data, and data encryption. Most of the information has been useful. I now know their means of encryption and their means of disposal of information. There is, however, one means of encryption that I don't understand. The programming has some awkward variables that in any other case I would call mistakes. I don't know what they are for. My program scanners couldn't tell me anything, and I can't figure it out. I was wondering if you could."

"Well, send me the program file and I will see."

"Alright,"Angela says while transfering the data from a 3.5" floppy to Sourcerer's computer. It took about ten seconds for Sourcerer to recieve all the data.

"I've gotten it. It looks to me like the variables aren't really variables. It seems they are in place of commands. The commands are somehow hidden, but I don't see any way they can be. You'll have to work around this. Maybe sometime in the future you'll find out some info about them. If I find out anything, I will let you know. I'm glad that you go the information. Now you will be one step ahead of them if you aquire any more information."

"Yes. Well, thanks. I'll talk to you later..."Angela says, logging out of the chat server and closing down her laptop. She will need to study the encryption program later, but not right now. She needs rest. She didn't get much sleep during the previous night, and this morning she was tired.

She heads towards her couch...