I have yet to see an FMA/HP crossover where Harry goes to Amestris, rather than Ed/Al/et al landing in Harry's world. Therefore, I'm going to write one myself because obviously no one else is going to do so.

That said, this fanfiction takes place just after the Battle of Hogwarts, literally the moments before/during/after Voldemort's defeat (at least for chapter one), and post-series for FMA:Brotherhood, except not the 'epilogue' episode. Basically, Ed and Al have just returned to Rizembool after Al's recovery and haven't yet headed off to see the world.

Story also follows canon, so while I have taken various liberties with it and twisted things to suit my own ends in the little details, the overreaching storylines are pretty much the same. (Horcuxes, Harry's death, Homunculi and Promised Day, etc.) I also take a few liberties with canon relationships for plot purposes. I fully intend this to be a HarryxRoy story, so Royai are very good friends and co-workers at best, and I'm a weird fan of EdxLingxLan Fan so no EdWin either. (So sorry about that, but. Well, I'm really weird.)

One last note: I will update this very slowly. It's a bit of a weird plotbunny and it keeps coming and going and being difficult. Therefore, I will only post a chapter if I have the next one finished. Thus, if you see me post a new chapter, you can safely assume that the next chapter is in fact finished (even if it's not yet posted!) and I haven't left you hanging with nothing at all done.

And I'm done rambling, so enjoy.

"Harry?" Hermione's voice chases after him and he just flashes her a grin before he's off moving again.

And then everything is moving too fast, there was Voldemort, and then there's only a green light and he can't move aside in time-



He doesn't know why he was expecting to see King's Cross Station a second time, because the Horcrux inside himself had already been destroyed with his first death. Rightfully, he should have actually died this time.

So the great expanse of white was unexpected, but he'd grown used to unexpected things happening to him. And the giant door wasn't all that worrying either.

However, even expecting the unexpected didn't prepare him for the negative version of himself sitting before the door.


"Between," it replies, cutting him off. "You're between. You're not supposed to be here."

"Then how—"

"You can go back, if you like. I'll even do it for free. Or you can keep moving forward, for a price."

"What? I don't—"

"Voldemort is dead. I'll give you that bit for free, too. Dead and gone."

"Oh… Well, that's good. But what's this price you're talking about? Move forward where?"

"Forward. Or back. Make your choice."

"But what's the price for—"

"The price you're willing to pay."

"But I don't even know what I'm paying for!"

"The chance to move forward, of course Mr. Wizard."

"But what's forward?"

"Who knows? It's forward. Now make the choice and pay the toll."

"I- Forward, then."

He - no, it – smiles. It isn't a nice smile. (Truth and knowledge and magic and too little but too much it's inside his brain and his eyes hurt from looking at it and it knows-)

And then the Gate opens and there are so many tiny hands, grabbing and dragging—

He can hear screaming and thinks it might be himself, but there's so much being poured into his head and all the faces and names and magic and the truth and the me that isn't me is laughing—

The Gate slams shut again, and all is silence.