This was inevitable. As was the ending. Please forgive me?

I don't own Glee; if I did, they would have actually talked about the fact that THEY HAD SEX in 3x06, instead of ignoring it completely.

Kurt and Blaine walked into the choir room, separating at the piano and moving to sit on opposite sides of the room, Kurt between Finn and Rory and Blaine behind Mike. Before they could sit down, however, Puck (who was looking unusually attentive) held up a hand to stop them.

"Wait," he said, cocking his head to the side to study the both intently. "You had sex, didn't you?"

Kurt and Blaine shared a slightly panicked look. They weren't ashamed or sorry that they'd done it, but, at the same time, they didn't want everyone to know.

"Excuse me?" Blaine said, his voice higher than usual. "What makes you say that?"

Quinn cut in before Puck could say anything. "You're not holding hand, which you always do, and you were going to sit on opposite sides of the room."

"I was just going to say that you looked like you'd gotten laid," Puck said, "but whatever."

Kurt waved a hand dismissively, addressing Quinn. "A), we don't always sit together, in fact we rarely do, and b), why would that mean we'd slept together? Surely if we had we'd be even closer, like Finn and Rachel."

"So you did sleep with him," Tina murmured, looking at Rachel. "We wondered what you decided."

"Excuse me!" Finn called loudly. Everyone except Rachel ignored him, turning to watch Quinn answer Kurt.

"I'm perfectly well aware that, unlike some people," he glanced at Mike and Tina, "you two aren't attached at the hip. But you never sit that far apart; and it's obvious that you were trying to stop us suspecting that you'd slept together by staying away from each other."

Kurt barely restrained his jaw from dropping. "You are good."

Quinn smiled, looking more like her old self. "I know."

"So I was right?" Puck asked. "You did do it?"

Kurt and Blaine both nodded mutely.

"Yes! Pay up," Puck said, holding out his hand to Artie, who reluctantly shoved a crisp, twenty dollar bill towards him.

Fortunately, Kurt was distracted from the fact that they had bet on them by Finn asking, "Dude, I'm happy for you and all, but it wasn't…it wasn't on my…?"

"It was at my house, Finn, no need to worry," Blaine said, cutting in smoothly and earning a grateful look from hi boyfriend.

"I was talking to Kurt, Blaine, not to you," Finn said, turning his gaze on the shorter boy. "So how about you take a seat?"

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