The Black Bird


disclaimer- I don't own Zoids, cause if I did I would so make Van and Raven a couple.

The dramatic conclusion to our story, after many delays due to ISP problems.

"stuff"- a person talking out loud

'stuff' – an inner voice speaking ( like a conscience)

"stuff" – a person's thoughts

"What the hell happened back there?!" Raven spoke aloud. He was confused, more confused

than he had ever been. No one had ever kissed him before. He was the feared pilot of the Genobreaker,

the boy that could destroy entire armies in a few minutes, the master of the black Organoid.

'Actually, it looked like you kissed him first.'

"Shut up." Raven felt like screaming. Nothing seemed to make sense anymore. He was Van's rival, he

had come so close to defeating him for once, and yet he saved him. It just wasn't like him to do something like that.

And then Van was nice to Raven, and Raven had tolerated him and put up with having him around.

And then they kissed.

'You should go back and talk to him. You just left him there.'  The voice had been eavesdropping on his

thoughts and decided to make its opinion heard.

"Didn't I tell you to shut up?"

But Raven couldn't help wondering what the Liger pilot thought of him now.


Van hadn't moved from where he had been unceremoniously dumped on the ground. For a while,

a blank expression stayed on his face and the only clue as to his registering of the previous events

was a faint crimson color spreading across his cheeks.

"I kissed back," Van said. What did this mean? Was he in love with Raven?


Okay. One question answered, many more left to puzzle over.

"Why did he leave?" (Apparently situations like these make Van talk to himself.)

Van was hurt. And not just from suddenly being dropped. He slowly picked himself up from the ground,

trying to collect a jumbled mess of thoughts. The only reason Raven would have for leaving like this was

 because he realized the mistake he made in kissing Van.

"He doesn't love me." After all they had been through, they were actually becoming friends.

But maybe, deep down, Van had wanted it to become more.

Van started walking back to camp.

"I'll get my things and leave."


Meanwhile, Raven was still have a heated debate with the voice that just wouldn't leave him alone.

'You love him. That's why you helped him. That's why you kissed him. That's why you're blushing.'

It was then that Raven noticed a heat had spread to his face.

"I really hate you."

Raven decided there was only one thing to do. Go back and talk to Van about it.

"Otherwise you're going to drive me insane, aren't you?" Raven mentally grumbled.

'Yeah. That's why I'm here.'


Van had been at camp for a little while now. For some reason, he didn't want to leave.

Shadow had been giving him curious glances while he packed. Van, however, hardly showed any

interest at the black metal lizard.

"I just need to know where we are and where I'm going to." Van thought. He knew that

the fear of getting lost was a lousy excuse for staying around, but he couldn't help it. A part of him wanted

to stay and talk to Raven, but another part wanted to get the hell out of the general area.

" I really need to get going before Raven comes back, 'cause it would make things

awkward and-"  Too late. The dark haired Zoid pilot stepped into the clearing.

"Van… we need to talk." Raven mumbled. He turned to his Organoid and said, "Shadow,

could you leave us for a while." It was more of a command than it was a question. The black

Organoid uncurled itself from its comfy position by the fire and tromped off somewhere.

Great. Alone with Raven. Again.

There were several long stretches of silence before Van cleared his throat.

"Uh, look Raven, we don't really need to talk about anything. I was just going to leave anyway…"

"Leave?" Raven raised an eyebrow. "What for?"

"You probably don't want me around any more."

"Why do you think that?" Raven stepped closer. A little closer than Van really preferred at the time.

"Because you don't love me…" Van managed to squeak out the answer. Raven was a little

surprised. Van had interpreted that from what Raven had done back there?

Silence reigned again as Raven thought some more and Van started to feel trapped.

"Van," Raven began, "I do… like you. A lot."  "Great, Raven. You 'like' him."

The Genobreaker pilot mentally kicked himself. Really hard.

"…Why are you making such funny faces?" Van's voice cut through Raven's thoughts.

"Was I?" Raven inquired.

"Yeah," came Van's quiet response. "… … … You know, Raven, I really

like you too." Van mumbled. If Raven hadn't been paying attention he wouldn't

have heard it.

Van leaned up and pressed his lips against Raven's. Raven looked surprised for a moment

before closing his eyes and deepening the kiss.

When they finally broke apart, Raven was panting and Van had turned the cutest crimson color.

"Still thinking of leaving?" Raven murmured.

"Not anymore." Van curled up against Raven and sighed. "But I'll have to go back and let

everyone know I'm alright. They're probably worried about me by now."

They sat there for several moments before Raven spoke again.


"Hmm?" Van sleepily mumbled. Raven hesitated.

"I love you."

"I love you, too, Raven. I love you too.


Hurray! I finally got off my lazy behind and finished the story. I think the ending could've used a little more work

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