Everyone run way. Pearl get hit by lazor! "WHY KILL PEARL?" Mr. Crabs say. "BECAUSE SHE INSULT SPONGEBOB AT PARTY!" Patrick say. A newsvan arrives and reporter get out of van. "I'm here in..." reporter say before Patrick shoot her. "NO CAMRA!" Patrick yell before exploding the newsvan killing anyone inside it or near it.

"THIS STOP NOW!" Squidward say as he aim gun at Patrick. But then Patrick clone appear! "HOW YOU GET CLONE?" Squidward ask. "I MADE CLONE WITH SANDY CLONING MACHINE!" Patrick say. "SANDY TRAITOR!" Mr. Crabs say.

"I DIDNT KNOW HE USE MACHINE FOR THIS!" Sandy say but Squidward shoot Sandy killing her. Army arrive and see Squidward shoot Sandy and assume he work with Patrick! They shoot at him. "SQUIDWARD NOT BAD GUY!" Mr. Crabs yell but army shoot him. Everyone run from army!

"ARMY IS EVIL!" Spongebob new snail say as new snail can talk. Army bomb new snail. "FUCK YOU!" Mr. Crabs say as he shoot army with gun. But Mr. Crabs is bombed! Everyone attack army. Army send in giant robots. But Bikini Bottom has giant robots to!

There is battle of giant robots. Army loses but get atomic bomb. "SSSHHHHIIITTT!" Squidward say "THIS IS YOU FUALT PATRICK!" "ITS YOU FUALT! YOU CAUSE SPONGEBOB TO SUICIDE!" Patrick yell. "I DEFUSE BOMB!" Mr. Crabs say "RUN WAY!" Everyone in Bikini Bottom run way and hope Mr. Crabs defuse bomb in time!