Batman watch over Gotham during night. He hears police srens. "There is CRIME!" Batman say! He get on batplane and fly towards the sound of the srens. He must stop crime! The sound come from bank where Killer Croc was getting way with money! "STOP KILLER CROC YOU NOT GET WAY WITH MONEY!" Batman yell. Killer Croc had launcher of rockets and shoot rocket at Batman.

Batman ducked fast so rocket not hit him! Then he use Batarang to hit Killer Croc. But then Joker attack with flame thrower! "You die!" say Joker. "No I don't die!" Batman say. "That's what you think" say Joker. Batman was defeting Joker but then Harley Quin join fight! "SHIT!" Batman say. Batman was get his ass handed to him until Batgirl and Robin join fight! But then Bane Poison Ivy and Mr. Froze attack and good guys outnumbered. "What we do?" Robin ask. "We fight!" Batman say.

Batman use Batgernade on Bane but Bane to strong! Bane break Batgirl back! "FUCK!" say Robin "We must abandon fight!" "No! Fight continue!" Batman say. "What about Batgirl?" Robin ask. "Batgirl is fine!" Batman say as Batgirl get in batplane and fly away. Batman and Robin defet Joker but Bane attack Robin. "USE BATARANG!" Batman yell and Robin knock out Bane with Batarang!

Mr. Froze try freeze Batman but Batman ducks. But then building they on explode! Everyone but Batman and Joker die! "I WILL FIND MAN WHO DID THIS AND MAKE THEM PPAAAYYY!" Batman yell. But little did know that the man who did this was not far away. It was Crazy Quilt the evilest villain ever! "I take over Gotham! And Batman not stop me!" Crazy Quilt say!