Batman Mastar Chief and Wolverine entar third batcave. "What we do now?" say Wolverine. "We is plan make!" say Batman. "BRUCE! YOU HAVE FAILURED ME!" a voice say. Batman turn round and see ghost of Batman father!

"BUT YOU IS DIE!" Batman say "I is ghost now and I is dispoint in you! You is discrace to Wayne family!" ghost say. Batman is start cry. "GHOST NOT EXIST! YOU IS IMPOSTERER!" say Wolverine. Wolverine run to fight ghost. But ghost float in air. "YOU NOT ABLE FIGHT GHOST!" ghost say.

"I know you are not ghost!" say Wolverine. Wolverine tacke ghost and take of mask. He is gasp. Ghost is realy Dick Dasterdly! "How you find batcave?" say Wolverine. "I is folow you in car!" say Dick Dasterdly. "NOW YOU IS DIE!" say Wolverine but Dick Dasterdly pooke Wolverine with needle.

"WHAT NEEDLE DO?" say Wolverine. "YOU HEALING POWERS REMOVE!" say Dick Dasterdly. "FUCK!" say Wolverine. Muttley bit Wolverine head off! Wolverine is die! "NOES!" say Mastar Chief. Mastar Chief try shot Dick Dasterdly Muttley but they has force feild.

"YYYOOOUUU SSSHHHAAALLL PPPAAAYYY!" say Batman. "You stop us not! This place is trap!" say Muttley. Lazors apear round Batman and Mastar Chief. "If touch lazor you is die!" say Dick Dasterdly. Batman not know what to do. "WE IS DOOM!" say Mastar Chief. "We never safe earth now!" say Batman.

"HAVE FUN DIE!" Dick Dasterdly say. "FUCK YOU!" say Batman. Dick Dastardly and Muttley get way. Lazors is get closer! Superman burst in. "I STOP LAZORS!" say Superman. "Hurry! Dick Dasterdly is get way!" say Mastar Chief. Superman stop lazors with heat vision. But Zod attack!

"I HAS KYPTONITE!" Zod say. He punch Superman with kryptonite. "OW!" say Superman. "I IS RULE WORLD!" Zod say. Mastar Chief try whack Zod with hammer but hammer break. Zod takes venem and turn to ZodBane! "HE TOO POWERFUL!" say Mastar Chief. ZodBane break Superman back! "KNEEL!" ZodBane say.

"We need think fast!" say Superman. Batman has plan. Batman fill batplane with bomb. "Someone must fly plane!" Batman say. Mastar Chief enter plane. "For great justce!" Mastar Chief say. "NO!" say Zod. The plane crash on him cause explode. Mastar Chief and ZodBane die!

"Master Chief was true hero!" say Batman. But he hear noise! "What that?" he say. "IT YOUR DOOM!" say voice. A cage fall on Batman and Superman. "We trapped!" say Superman.