It had only been one solar cycle since Starscream had been captured by the Autobot scum and already his room was being raided. If I could roll my optics, I would. He never remembered to lock the doors, it was the reason Will had always gotten into so many enclosed spaces around the base instead of being in his room.

Why had I just thought of Will then? He was dead, being gone so long that it had become a very real possibility. I had mourned in my own way, and got over it; Starscream, eventually, got over it too. Though he had taken it much harder since he and Will had always been close.

Whenever he needed help, he went to his Carrier.

Whenever he needed someone to speak to, he went to his Carrier.

He never came to see me or even spoke to me unless he had too. Starscream had said that since I was never around Will, he just gave up trying, and was happy enough being around the one Creator that wanted him.

Superficially, I had just wanted an heir to be prepared in case one of my mate's schemes actually worked. Not that I ever saw that happening now. On a deeper level I had always wanted a sparkling of my own, and when Starscream had come to me carrying a small being in his servo, I had carefully concealed my reaction to seeing Will for the first time.

It did explain though where Starscream had disappeared to just after the meeting earlier that cycle. When I had told him I was going to claim Will to be Allspark born, he had looked so incensed that it actually reminded me of why I had found him attractive in the first place.

I was interrupted from my thoughts when Soundwave walked over carrying a datapad. "What is it, Soundwave?"

His recording spoke in a voice that had everyone else in the room freezing up. "What is it, Soundwave?"

Though the irony was not lost on me, the voice threatened to bring up emotions I had long kept buried. It was my son's voice after all. "You had better have a good reason for using that voice." I growled.

Soundwave silently handed me the datapad and I gave it a cursory glance, wondering why I was looking at thi-

In conclusion and the overwhelming evidence, I have determined that my sparkling is on this mudball planet. In an organic form no less. Ha! I have finally been able to do something Megatron never had, I had been able to find Will.

Will was here.

Will was here and Starscream knew.

All this time, Starscream knew, and he didn't tell me!


I didn't care so much for the fact I was causes random mayhem, all I wanted was the Autobots attention. I had of my officers stay put as I wanted to handle this alone, that and none of them must know that Will is actually here.

All this timeā€¦

Again I cursed Starscream for his treachery. He knew, he knew, and he said nothing.

I could bet credits that he was always laughing at me behind my back, and whenever he looked at me, he always seemed a little too smug. Now though I knew why. Yes, we have our differences, but didn't I deserve to know that the sparkling we made was still functioning?

Then again, if what was written down was true, then it meant Will had taken on an organic mate and had a techno-organic daughter, somehow. Never before have I thought that was possible.

While I would never accept the human, the child of my child was still part me. And that merited some sliver of acceptance, and for some unfathomable reason it was written down that Will was actually happy here.

Here, on this primitive planet, pretending to be one of these primitive earthlings.

If he's still anything like before though, Will wouldn't depart from this planet without a fight.