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Just Another School Year

~ Epilogue ~

He sighed to himself, frowning down at the man who lay unconscious at his feet. He was not a lean man by any means, not like himself, but then again, none of them were. He very rarely met anyone with a body type that could even come close to resembling his. But now was not the time to be reflecting upon the differences between himself and his victim. He had a job to do. He knelt down beside the man and pulled off his left glove, bringing his long, thin, blue fingers to the man's neck. There was a pulse. Good. He was still alive then.

Megamind made it a point never to kill his opponents, but he had no qualms about hurting them – or at least enough to knock them unconscious. It was a necessary evil in his line of work, especially when the men he faced tried to kill him rather than cooperating – which happened almost every time. He could only recall a few cases where they had given up without a fight and let him spray them with his specially formulated knockout spray… It was so much easier when they cooperated, but it didn't happen often. Usually he had to get his hands dirty. The humans always assumed he'd be an easy target, mistaking his thin frame to indicate an inherent frailty he certainly did not possess. Sure, if he was hit, he would stagger just like any of them… But his alien anatomy was tougher than it looked. He usually came away from these fights with little more than a bruise here and there at best. It was when they drew guns or knives on him he had to worry… And only then would he bring out his dehydration gun.

Megamind preferred to fight his battles in other ways, using methods more sophisticated than by simply pulling a trigger. Though he loved his dehydration gun and used it when necessary, it just seemed too easy. He supposed it was the years he'd spent preening to become a supervillain, but there was so much to be said for presentation. When he dropped off his victims, he preferred to do it with finesse… And besides, turning them into little blue cubes would be just too easy, and these men didn't deserve that. They deserved much worse.

Though he had certainly improved his hand to hand combat skills since his high shool days (not that he'd ever been bad at it to begin with; he was usually outnumbered then and was convinced that had been the reason he had lost so many fights, as he held his own pretty well when matched one on one), Megamind still preferred to win his fights through other means, often through technologically enhanced weaponry that would only stun, but never kill. He had a particular fondness for fencing, and was constantly experimenting with various forms of extendable swords, some of which were electrified for effect, others that had entirely different uses. One he was particularly fond of glowed a soft blue along its edges, a fact that seemed to easily distract and disorient his opponents long enough for him to tag them in multiple areas, the blade delivering a temporary numbing agent that passed straight through their clothing into their skin, freezing their muscle response until finally they were simply too numb to move at all. Then he would move in to finish the job…

Tonight, however, Megamind had used a new weapon he'd been developing, and this man had served as his unwitting test subject. He had created a glove that he wore on his right hand that delivered electrical shocks to anyone he touched when activated. It glowed blue in patterns all around it, the lines of light converging into a central circle on his palm where the shock would be discharged into its unsuspecting victim. All he'd had to do was reach out and grab hold of the fist that had been careening straight for his face and the man had stumbled back with a shriek, babying his stinging hand. A few more touches, and he was out cold. It had worked like a charm.

Now the man lay at his feet, unconscious but breathing, and Megamind deactivated his new glove. It stopped glowing as he frowned at the man. Now came the hard part. He pulled a coil of rope from his belt and moved to tie his hands, but paused when he suddenly heard a voice calling for him from his watch, the voice of his best friend. "Sir! Sir, are you all right?"

"I'm fine, Minion," Megamind responded back. "The Glove of Justice worked like a charm! It knocked the man out cold!"

"That's wonderful, Sir!" Minion congratulated him, though Megamind could detect an undertone of urgency in the fish's voice that wasn't usually there. "What did this one do?"

Megamind groaned into his watch. "He was one of the worst, Minion. A rapist. I caught the bastard in the act… She was screaming. She ran away during the fight, seemed convinced I was going to get her next." He sighed heavily. "I hate it when they think that… When will they learn I'm not the bad guy?"

"I don't know, Sir…" Minion replied as gently as he could, but he was rushing now, the urgency in his voice noticeable. "I'm sorry, Sir, but we can talk about this later. You need to return to the Lair now!"

Megamind was on his feet in an instant, his voice worried as he demanded, "What is it, Minion?" He paused for a second, licking his lips anxiously. "Is it time?"

"Yes, Sir!" Minion's voice rang out loud and clear. "Mrs. Roxanne's water just broke. She's going into labor!"

Megamind fell to his knees, quickly hurrying to tie up the man's hands and feet as he assured him, "I'm on my way! I just need to take out the trash first." Lifting the man up into his arms with a strength seemingly born from out of nowhere, he quickly dragged him back to his jet-bike and strapped him on.

Five minutes later, the warden of the Metro City Prison for the Criminally Gifted found an unconscious man sitting by his gate, bound by ropes, with a letter pinned to his jacket that labeled him clearly as a rapist, and with a photo to prove it.

Megamind flew through the secret entrance to his formerly-Evil Lair, hurrying as fast as his legs could take him into the delivery room they had set up just for Roxanne. He was relieved to see he hadn't missed the birth, Metro Man and Roxanne's parents all present and preparing for the delivery. "Oh, thank God, I didn't miss it!" he sighed in relief, scrambling over to his laboring wife. No court in the city would marry them officially with his supposed status as a fugitive, but they'd held their own ceremony in the privacy of the lair only a few months prior and that was good enough for them. He smiled down at her as he took her hand in his, squeezing it tight as he assured her, "I'm here, Roxanne! I'm here."

"Oh, Megamind… I'm glad," Roxanne smiled back at him, then cringed and tried not to cry out as a contraction flooded her body with intense pain.

"It'll be OK," Megamind assured her, squeezing her hand tight. "Just breathe. Soon this will all be over, and we'll have our baby!" He smiled at her weakly, trying not to pale as he saw the pain she was in, then turned to smile at the others. "Thank you all for coming. It means a lot to us."

"We wouldn't miss it for the world," Evelyn smiled at her big-headed blue son-in-law, her husband nodding in agreement from his position at his daughter's feet as he prepared to deliver his grandchild. Richard may have specialized as a neurosurgeon, but this wasn't the first baby he'd delivered. He'd covered for his colleagues more than once before, and had jumped at the chance to be there for his daughter when the two had finally let them in on their secrets.

"Yeah, I'm not going to miss the birth of my two best friends' baby!" Metro Man added, clapping a friendly hand onto Megamind's shoulder as he shot him his most charming grin.

Megamind chuckled, smirking up at him, "You know, if you'd called me your best friend nine months ago, I'd have broken my fist on your jaw." Metro Man laughed with him, then he admitted modestly. "I'm glad I don't have to do that now."

"Do you have any regrets?" Metro Man asked him softly.

Megamind shook his head, smiling down at Roxanne as he caressed her hand between his, helping her through another contraction. "No. I am what I always wanted to be now. I have no regrets. I only wish I didn't have to operate in the shadows. It'd be nice to fight crime out in the open, like you do… To be able to show Metro City that we're partners rather than enemies."

Metro Man squeezed his thin shoulder gently, his eyes understanding as he agreed, "Yes, that would be nice… But don't give up hope yet, Megamind." Megamind blinked, his vivid green eyes meeting his, and the superhero smiled at him confidently. "Just give it time. The people of this city will see you for what you really are eventually; we just have to be patient in the meantime. Already I'm hearing some of them whisper uncertainty about the stories they hear about you… Many are beginning to sense the media has not been truthful about your real intentions. There is always hope. One of these days, you may be able to come out of the shadows and be recognized as the hero you truly are, and when that day comes, I will stand proudly beside you."

Megamind could feel his smile growing as he tried to remain in control of his emotions. Only nine months ago, this man had been his mortal enemy, a man he had sworn he would destroy by any means necessary… He had been the biggest bully he had ever faced in his life, the man who had given him the biggest push to set him on the path to becoming a supervillain… He had hated him, despised him… He had spent his nights in prison dreaming up so many ways to crush and humiliate him, but now everything was different. Now when he looked at Metro Man he saw not a rival, but a partner… He had become his closest friend aside from Minion, a man he had learned he could trust with his life. They worked together in secret, Metro Man shielding Megamind's whereabouts from the public eye and the secret service and diverting attention from his activities while Megamind did his best to reciprocate, providing the city's newest hero with intelligence garnered from his many sources as he stalked the city streets by night, hunting down the worst of its criminals in his own fight against crime. They watched each other's backs outside of the public eye, protecting each other and the city as they worked towards a common goal. Sometimes he still wished he could have just an ounce of the super-powered hero's good luck; after all, Metro Man didn't have to worry about being hauled away in a white van by scientists eager to dissect him. His wealth, superhuman abilities, and impenetrable hide made sure of that, while Megamind's vastly superior intelligence, technological prowess, and knack for getting out of tough scrapes while narrowly avoiding capture were the only things protecting him and his family. Regardless of Fate's seeming favoritism, however, he held no resentment towards the brawny alien. Not anymore. Megamind often found it hard to believe that the man he once detested had become his greatest ally and supporter. He was about to respond when Roxanne suddenly spoke up from beside him, her voice strangled with pain and irritation, "You know, I'm really glad you two worked out your differences and have grown so close, but Megamind, I really need you to be my hero right now!"

"Right! Of course! Of course!" Megamind nodded, refocusing his attention on the screaming woman lying on the bed beside him. Metro Man smiled and moved away to give them distance as the blue alien caressed and kissed his wife's hand. "I'm here for you, Roxanne! I love you."

Roxanne didn't respond, screaming instead, but Richard's head popped up suddenly as he announced, "All right, she's fully dilated! Roxanne, it's time! Minion, get everyone out of here. Megamind, you stay."

"Right away, Mr. Ritchi!" Minion beamed, hurriedly ushering Evelyn and Metro Man from the room as they anxiously wished the two soon-to-be parents good luck.

As soon as everyone had left the room, Megamind squeezed Roxanne's hand tight as her father insisted, "All right, Roxanne. Push!" Roxanne screamed loudly, and Megamind shrieked as he felt the bones in his hands being crushed by the force of her grip. Who could have guessed human women had so much power when in pain?

The birth seemed to be taking forever as Megamind squeezed back tears. He doubted his hand would ever function again. Roxanne had been screaming almost non-stop, her grip only tightening as he did his best to try to ignore the pain and remind her to breathe. It hurt so bad, worse than being punched in the face, but he wasn't about to complain. His alien anatomy could handle it, and his discomfort was nothing compared to what she was going through. Her face was bright red, her body covered in sweat from her exertion. He tried not to show her how frightened he was, but his heart was racing. He felt as though it could burst from his chest at any moment, it was thumping so hard, but the scientist in him reminded him that such a thing was not possible. Even so, he couldn't help but feel anxious. He'd done as much research on this whole process as Roxanne had, and probably even more. He'd looked into every aspect of human pregnancy, studied every statistic. He knew how dangerous childbirth could be if anything went wrong, and this was not a normal human childbirth by any means. The ultrasounds had already revealed the child took after its father, inheriting his enormous cranium… As though pushing a normal human skull through the birth canal wasn't bad enough, Roxanne had to endure the pain of one at least twice as large as the human body was designed to handle. He swallowed hard and reminded himself to breathe as well as Roxanne. He tried to remember that Mr. Ritchi was a skilled surgeon, that all the tools were there, prepped and ready should he have to remove the infant surgically. He was fully prepared to help with the process himself, and had even programmed his brainbots to recognize and hand them the necessary tools as needed. He had no intentions of losing his beloved Roxanne. One way or another, this half-alien, half-human miracle would be born without taking the life of its mother. He only wondered how long Roxanne had to suffer before surgery became necessary…

"Keep pushing, Roxanne… That a girl!" her father's voice rang out loud and clear, and Megamind cast him a questioning look full of uncertainty and anxiety. Richard Ritchi met his eyes for a moment, then as if to answer the question burning in his mind, called out, "You're almost there! I can see the head!"

Megamind heaved a heavy breath of relief he hadn't even realized he was holding, and this time he was the one squeezing Roxanne's hand tight. It was almost here… His son or daughter, they didn't know which. They had wanted to be surprised, so had refused to learn the baby's gender when Richard had offered to tell them. Well, they would know in only a few minutes' time now… "You're all right, Roxanne!" he assured her excitedly. "The baby's almost through! Keep pushing! And breathe! You're about to be a mother!"

A few more loud screams and intense pushes later, and a baby's cry met Megamind's ears. "Congratulations," Richard smiled up at him, his hands working to clean off the baby after he'd cut the umbilical cord. "You have a healthy baby boy!"

"A boy…" Megamind breathed in awe, straining to see the baby from his position by Roxanne's head, but he couldn't see past the sheet draped over Roxanne's lower half.

He was still gazing in her father's direction when he heard Roxanne whisper weakly as she released his aching hand, "Go on… Go see your son."

Megamind glanced to Roxanne for a moment, but his attention was focused on the new sounds ushering from beneath the sheet. The child wasn't crying now that he was breathing, but Megamind knew he wouldn't be. He knew from his own memories his kind rarely cried at birth, their extreme intelligence already working to absorb and understand the world around them. The ache in his hand all but forgotten, he slowly made his way to Roxanne's feet and gazed awestruck at the new life Richard Ritchi was wrapping in a soft, warm, blue blanket. "Oh, God… He's beautiful…" he breathed in awe as the boy's bright teal eyes met his for the first time – and locked on him, as though he knew instinctively that this was the man who had fathered him. Richard placed the boy gently in his arms and he choked up, feeling tears rising to his eyes as he held him close. He couldn't stop smiling… "Welcome, my son," he spoke to the infant in his native tongue, remembering the words his father had spoken to him at his own birth. He knew Richard couldn't understand him, but he didn't care. He'd been trying to teach Roxanne his language and she'd picked up quite a bit of it. He wanted his son to speak it too. "Welcome to this world. It can be frightening at times, but do not be afraid… We love you, and we always will." Switching back to English as his grin suddenly grew excited, he darted over to Roxanne, his baby boy in his arms and gently transferred him into hers. "Roxanne! We have a son! Isn't he beautiful? He looks just like you!"

Roxanne giggled even as she sniffled, the mess of hormones surging through her body and her exhaustion making it difficult for her to control her emotions, but they were tears of joy she shed as she insisted breathlessly, "No, he looks just like his father. He even has your blue skin. He's gorgeous…"

Megamind kissed her forehead before running his hand affectionately over the baby's bald scalp. "He has your eyes. Such beautiful blue eyes…"

"Tinged with your vivid green and still an unearthly intensity," Roxanne giggled. He smiled and she rested her head against his shoulder as he wrapped his arms around her, holding her close as she held their son. "He's so beautiful… I can't believe he's actually here…"

"Do you have a name for him?" Richard Ritchi smiled proudly at the two as he watched the two new parents cradle their newborn child.

Roxanne smiled and looked to Megamind. The proud new father smiled down to his son as he spoke his name for the first time. "His name will be Fetu. Fetu Thanh." Fetu smiled up at him as he heard it, as though he already understood the meaning of his name. Megamind had spent what felt like an eternity researching names until he had found the perfect ones for both a girl and a boy, and the two he had chosen for his son meant "god of the night; star" and "bright, clear blue, elegant," respectively. Now as he gazed down at his son and into those vivid teal blue eyes that reflected his own intelligence, he knew the name had fit, and it suddenly hit him: he was a father. He had been Metrocity's nighttime defender for the past nine months, but now he was also a proud and loving parent. His life would never be the same.

Megamind wouldn't have it any other way.