A/N: This is me trying to parody Merlin. It may suck, but it may be hilarious. Take your pick. Spoilers for season 4! I don't own Merlin.

Arthur had a sudden revelation.

"Gaius isn't the traitor! No, it was Percival. Definitely Percival. I mean, he barely speaks, he's obviously into Gwaine, he's the one…"

The wall listened sympathetically.

Morgana was bored.

All her green eyeshadow had run out, her neck snakes were dead, and Emrys had destroyed her hairbrush. She knew it was him…

She decided to turn herself into an old lady so she could get into Camelot without being known.

On her way she passed a young girl with black hair singing to deer.

"What's your name, child?" Morgana asked.

"Snow White." the girl said, giggling.

"Bloody useless." Morgana muttered.

Walking away from the girl, she passed an old woman with a basket of apples and though nothing of it.

Merlin was angsting.

He walked past the knights, who were dancing to Rihanna. (The sad thing is that this was common)

He walked all the way to Freya's lake.

He sat for a bit.

"Hello? I need a magical sword that makes undead stuff blow up…"

A message floated to the surface of the water.

Item already checked out.

Merlin shook his head.

"Seriously?" he asked.

Gwaine was being stereotypical Gwaine.

After the knights were done with their epic dancing, Percival randomly started singing Don't Stop Believing.

Everyone backed away very slowly.

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