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"Magic mirror?" Merlin asked, still trying to find a magic item to experiment with.

Item checked out to a 'Malificent'.

"Dang. Chain bracelet that turns into a shield?"

Item checked out to a 'Thalia Grace'.

Merlin gave up.

The knights decided to turn their focus from dancing to rapping.

They decided to try Sexy and I Know It by LMFAO.

Gwaine, being stereotypical Gwaine, rocked it.

Percival did the 'I work out' part with so much energy, everyone backed off.

He started sobbing and ran away.

Morgana arrived at Camelot, only to see Arthur in deep discussion with a wall.

She came to the conclusion that Camelot had gone waaaay downhill since Uther.

"…They don't even have an Elder Wand!" Merlin ranted to Gaius.

"It was probably taken by a power-hungry man with a Michael Jackson nose." Gaius said.

"Michael Jackson?" Merlin asked.

"Nothing, never mind."

"Alright… Also, there was no TARDIS!"

"That I have no explanation for." Gaius said.

Merlin gave an angry 'enh!' and decided to settle with insane magical powers.

Vivian was lying in wait.

Her pray was talking to a wall about cheese.

She jumped behind him and said, "It is destiny, my love! Destiny without chicken!"

Arthur got a deer-in-headlights look, and tried to run away.

Vivian stopped him. She wouldn't let him escape this time.

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