This story is my version of The Alchemist {The Immortal Secrets of Nicholas Flamel} by Michael Scott.I hope you enjoy it. :}

~ Chapter One ~

Elizabeth, who was dressed in a snow white silk dress laced with strands of her pure violet aura, was only fourteen, and Skyler, who was wearing a pair of snow white jeans with a silk shirt made up of the exact color of his pure violet aura, was fifteen. The two siblings, although Skyler was a year older, looked exactly alike as if they were identical twins. Elizabeth, her flowing long blonde hair was pulled back by a long violet ribbon, and Skyler, his shaggy blonde hair was touched with streaks of violet, were using their auras to make them selves seem as young and beautiful as they were when they were teenagers.

"Today feels just like the day we met death him self, nine hundred-fifty years ago," Elizabeth said in a soothing whisper, "the day we became immortal and were given the task to destroy the seven dimensions of elements except for this one." Skyler countered his sister with,

"For nine hundred-fifty years now we have learned to control and shape our auras in any way we would like, and we have mastered six of the seven elements of magic," he continued, "we have never been separated ever since death gave us both a visit," he paused and finished, "now we must split up and learn the final elements of magic we need on our own." The two siblings ran down a grassy hill, with a cool sea salt breeze coming in from the bay, and every step they took a purple foot print appeared in the grass they touched. Elizabeth started to slow, as did Skyler, and they rested were they stood. Together they sat on the grass. Elizabeth sat back and looked up at the summer's sun. Skyler looked her way, and she quickly looked down. Skyler could see big purple tears streaming down her face staining the grass she was staring at.

"Don't cry," he said to his little sister, "we won't be apart for ever." She replied with a touch of sadness in her voice,

"I know," she kept speaking, "it's just that I don't won't to worry if it is forever, but if we must," she finished and wiped her tears away from her face, "you will take the dimensions to the east and I will take the ones to the west." Skyler said firmly,

"It's a deal then."

"What, that's it, that's all you have to say of the matter," she asked, then suddenly said, "then I am going to Alcatraz to learn the magic of shadow and you?" He replied, "I'm going to Egypt, by transporter, to learn the magic of spirit." She said "Well then, see you later alligator." They both stood up and Skyler hugged her then whispered,

"After while crocodile." She turned her head away from her brother and looked out towards the island prison of Alcatraz, then turned back towards her brother and said with a smile,

"I love you."

"I love you, too" he replied, and before he could say any more she walked forwards to Alcatraz. Skyler stood and watched for a second, then turned and walked onto the play ground near him. He sat on a swing and disappeared. Then Elizabeth turned and looked back for the last time. She saw he was gone; smiled and kept on walking until she was on a blue green boat to Alcatraz that said California Shore tours only five dollars.