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Wheel of Fortune

"It's over!" Ash snarled as he gripped Ciel's throat and brought the sword down, Ciel's eyes widening.

"CIEL!" Red blood sprayed in the air and Ciel's eyes opened slowly and he gasped in horror. Sebastian hung limply before him, blade thrust through his chest as some blood trickled from the corner of his mouth.

"S-Sebastian." He coughed a little and sighed slightly to himself as his half-lidded gaze met Ciel's wide one.

"Hard to believe…how far I've actually fallen..."

"Hmph, stupid demon." Ash retracted his blade and Sebastian fell to the ground. "You messed up my aim."

"Sebastian!" Ciel cried, but Ash kicked him, knocking him back. Ciel snarled and snapped like a tiny animal and Ash loomed over him.

"Now, to finish you," he said, raising his sword.

"Like hell you will!" Ciel growled, his anger slowly consuming him. He wanted to kill him. He wanted to watch him suffer. Make him pay for what he'd done.

This sensation, this burning; it was so familiar but so much more powerful than what he'd felt before as a human. As a demon, he writhed in this burning feeling. This rage…this hatred…this lust for revenge.

Claws reached up to grip Ash's throat, digging into the flesh and causing more rotten blood to run down his arms. Ash howled in agony and dug the sword into Ciel's arm, but he ignored it as his grip tightened.

"I'm going to kill you," he said. But his tone was not harsh or deep or even angry. It was almost childish and had a slight sing-song tone and an untold amount of pleasure within it. Ash's eyes widened slightly. "I am going to rip you apart and make sure you survive enough to feel it. I'm going to make you suffer, like you made me suffer as a human…and I'm going to make it even worse."

Ash tried to move back, but Ciel's claws were too deep into the bone to allow him to move away. Thunder rumbled and Ciel hissed and tackled Ash to the ground, ripping his claws free. He threw Ash's swords aside as the rotten angel tried desperately to escape from the rabid demon.

"Now, now, how rude of you to try and leave before the games can begin…"

Ciel's voice was hollow and devious. It was damn frightening to hear the sick pleasure twisting his words as if the murder he was prepared to commit was an innocent game for him to enjoy.

It began with the fingers. Each one mutilated and ripped off forcibly, the bones bursting from the muscle and littering the soaking ground as Ash's screams were drowned by the pouring rain. The rest of the hand followed.

Then, the elbows were snapped. The rest of the arm was ripped from the shoulders. It was easier than expected, but the flesh was half rotten and the muscles were decaying at well. Even the bones felt brittle in some areas, but the pain and the suffering were completely satisfying.

"Are you suffering, yet?" Ciel asked slowly. "Do you regret your sins?" Ash was losing himself to the anguish and could not form a sane answer, to which Ciel only found more sick pleasure.

"My, my, Bocchan." His eyes averted up to see Sebastian watching, but his eyes were glowing. "I must say…I never imagined such a glorious sense of sadism existed within your heart. However…" He knelt down and twisted Ash's neck, ripping his head from the body and he stopped twitched. "I did have to fulfill your order."

Ciel panted slightly, his eyes slowly losing their madness. He stared at the mutilated limbs that were scattered around him and raised his hands, the blood washing away with the rain.

"I…I never imagined my hatred could ever be stronger than what it was before…I became a monster."

"No, Bocchan, you became a demon. You are becoming a full-fledged demon in place of a young fledgling." The thunder boomed and Ciel stood slowly.

"I thought…he had killed you." The child's voice was growing more and more apathetic. Sebastian bowed his head slightly.

"I would never allow myself to be killed by such a lowly creature, Bocchan. There was never any danger of that."

"It's over now…" he sighed. Sebastian looked up at him and nodded slowly, his eyes glowing pink as he stood as well.

"Yes Bocchan."

"You look awful…" Ciel said, his butler a bloody mess – literally. Various sections of his clothes were ripped and stained with blood, but he had all of his limbs intact. There was a bloody hole in his chest from where the sword had plunged into him. Sebastian let out a soft laugh at the comment.

"I suppose I do. Forgive me, my lord, for presenting myself to you in such a fashion." He bowed at the waist to his young lord and Ciel shook his head slightly. It was comforting to play this role of Butler and Master for their last moments together, despite the battle they had just struggled through. Despite Ciel's temporary madness.

"I won't hold it against you." Ciel approached him, his heeled shoes splashing slightly in the splattered puddles of blood; stained feathers scattered everywhere like rotten leaves. Ash's body was already almost completely rotted away. Sebastian remained still, his chest still heaving slightly as the rain fell around them, beginning to wash away the mess. Even covered in blood and soaked from the rain, he was beautiful.

Ciel stood before him, looking up to meet the glowing gaze before reaching into his pocket and holding out the soul.

"This is yours." Sebastian reached down slowly, grasping the small gem from Ciel's tiny palm. Ciel temporarily held his breath at his touch and Sebastian observed its brilliant sheen. "What are you waiting for? Consume it! This is what you wanted, right?" Ciel said, a mixture of emotions building in his gut. He could not keep the frustration from leaking in his voice. Sebastian was only torturing him by taking his sweet time. He wanted nothing more than Sebastian to end it all right there.

"What I've wanted…" Sebastian mused, the light reflecting in his crimson eyes. He was truly glorious… At last he was finally returning to the demon he once was. "Very well, my lord. At your command, I shall act on what it is I truly want." He lifted his arm and brought it down again, flinging the crystal to the ground. Ciel squeezed his eyes shut at the shattering sound of the crystal.

He could sense the essence of his soul seeping up around them, thickening the air with its rich scent. It felt like a cloud that almost whispered around them, enveloping them both in its enticement. Sebastian would only have a minute t-

His eyes flew open as he was jerked forward and Sebastian pressed his mouth to Ciel's, thunder rumbling around them as the soul hung in the air. Ciel's small hands clutched at Sebastian's chest as he felt torn between pulling away and leaning in. Unlike Ash's kiss, Sebastian's was just…incredible. Sebastian must have sensed his hesitation and pulled back so their lips were as close as possible without actually touching.

Ciel's face really was glorious. Alabaster cheeks were stained the prettiest red. His lips were slightly swollen and moist. His eyes were clouded with one of Sebastian's personal favorite sins. Just looking at the boy sent a pleasant chill along his spine.

"B-but…what about…?"

"It will cause us less trouble if it is out of our reach," Sebastian said, smirking as the essence seemed to spread and move away from them, the scent of it completely gone in a matter of seconds.

"I don't understand…"

"Oh, come now, Bocchan. You are much smarter than that, aren't you?" Sebastian rested his forehead to Ciel's, the rain running in rivulets down their faces. "I would rather not have to see my young lord as a doll…your soul is precious…which is why it should exist. No angel deserves it, no reaper will hunt it, and I am the only demon meant to consume it, and I choose not to…"


"You…" He sighed but smirked, "you have me wrapped completely around your little finger, it would seem. I am yours forever, my lord. Never in my entire life as a demon did I imagine I'd be so addicted to another being, let alone a human turned demon." Ciel's hands shook slightly as he reached up to cup Sebastian's face.

The rain ran along the older demon's soft, plump lips – making them look all the more inviting. With a forceful yet careful tug, Sebastian's mouth met Ciel's again and he smirked, greedily delving his tongue to taste the sweetness that was his young master. Ciel's soft moan only urged Sebastian to draw him closer, burying his marked hand into Ciel's soaking hair, the other arm looping around his waist.

The cold rain mixing with the hot sensations of Sebastian's mouth and tongue… The contrast made Ciel's body ache for more.

"Sebastian…" he half moaned, half sighed. The teasing smirk spread across the man's lips as he bent down, picking up the petite demon with ease and staring up into his vast eyes. The beautiful red and the purple contract that bound them together forever. Suddenly, that idea didn't sound so bad. He certainly would not be bored again for all eternity.

"Shall we return to the townhouse, my lord?" Sebastian asked. "I'm sure you're more than ready to…get out of those soaking wet clothes." While some might take this statement as a simple, courteous remark from a butler to his master, Ciel immediately caught the hidden meaning and the promise behind those words, which earned Sebastian a rather cat-like smirk.

"Yes, you're quite right. Let's go." Sebastian turned and carried his small master through the rain and away from the small lake of blood and scattered feathers and to their newfound future.

"And the last card, the outcome. The wheel of fortune…"

His eyes fluttered shut as the gloves fell to the floor and the bare hands ran along his flesh. His gaze fell to the contract and he placed his hand over it, pressing his mouth to the back of it. A chuckled escaped the older man as he gripped the smaller one's chin, tilting his head up.

Jasper flipped the card a chuckled, stroking it with his long nails and throwing back his hood.

Kisses engulfed his lips as he reached up, burying a hand in smooth, ebony locks. Tongues tangled as soaking wet clothing was discarded into piles on the floor without pattern or purpose.

"So it is turning again, Lord Phantomhive. So it is turning again…" Undertaker sat across from him, chuckling.

His back hit the cool silk sheets as he tossed his head back, gasping and moaning as the demon planted kisses along his skin, following the path of his wandering hands.

"S-Sebastian!"He gave a groan as response, his lips and hands never wavering from the enticing form beneath him.

"I never imagined it would turn out like this…to think he actually let the soul go again." Jasper smirked and returned the cards to his deck and shuffled it as the Undertaker leaned forward slighty. "I'll never understand demons…" he finally sighed, leaning back in his seat, running a hand in his long, silver lock. Jasper grinned a little at his brother.

Their bodies rocked together and Ciel was letting out various noises of ecstasy as Sebastian continued to snap his hips back and forth. He panted and grunted in pleasure, limbs trembling slightly.

"Wrap your legs around me, Bocchan," came the gruff order to which Ciel happily obliged, causing the volume of his moans to escalate.

"Well…now the future is in their hands and it will be whatever they make of it."

"Very true."

"By the way, brother, how were you able to bring that angel's corpse back to life?" Undertaker cackled, wagging his finger.

"That, my brother, is my own little secret." Jasper eyed him with a slight frown.

His fingers laced with that of his demon, their nails both elongated for they temporarily broke from the confines of their human facades as they indulged in the most beautiful sin together.

It came to an end, but they both lay close and knew that this was only the beginning.

The last candle flew out and the darkness settled in the tent.

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