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Symptoms of Deception

These days, waking up was like being dragged through thick, clingy mud for Ichigo. Falling asleep, on the other hand, was like slipping through silk – way too easy.


Ichigo blinked and raised bleary eyes, feeling like he would really like to go back to bed. Except he wasn't in bed. He was in class and apparently he had fallen asleep. Again.

Ochi-sensei twitched. "Are you finally awake Kurosaki-kun?" She asked, a twitch developing in her left eye. This was starting to become a habit, a trend these days – both the twitching and Ichigo sleeping in class.

"Yes, sensei."


"...Can I go back to sleep now?"

Ochi-sensei lost it. "That's it. Go to the office or nurse or whatever. Just get out of my classroom!" She growled-slash-barked at him.

Ichigo blinked and slowly stood up, idly packing his bag. He swayed momentarily as vertigo hit him, then slowly trudged out of the class.

He wondered if he would be able to make home in time to fall asleep in his bed for once.

-line break-

Things had been weird for Ichigo ever since Aizen had been defeated. Or, well, weird for him as before his "normal" life would have been classified as abnormal by most of the population of World, much less Japan. But the price for helping take down Aizen had been the lost of his powers. He wasn't that unhappy about it – he had always wanted to be normal. At the same time, he worried as he couldn't protect his family from supernatural threats anymore. He had friends who gladly take that task up though, so he could relax a little.

Unfortunately, he wasn't really relaxing properly.

He was so damn tired these days. He fell asleep at the drop of the hat. A hat that dropped on the other side of the world. He was also very dizzy in various amounts as standing up, sitting down or bending over causing him to either have to brace himself or fall over and clutch the ground tightly until the world stopped spinning madly, depending how strong the reaction was.

And then there was the other things. Like the fact smelling meat cooking had him racing to the nearest toilet or bin so he could vomit. He suddenly hated chocolate* with a passion, as it made him nauseous for hours afterwards just by smelling it. He could barely stomach Yuzu's cooking at certain occasions, while he once absently ate all of Orihime's lunch. Inoue's lunch for crying out loud!

There was another symptom but Ichigo refused to believe in it. He was completely sane and he wasn't more short-tempered than usual or emotionally weepy – or even cuddly. Honestly, his father deserved the attempt at decapitation for all the years he had been bothering him. Dust had gotten into his eyes that was all when Ishida had first made the offer to help with his homework catch up. And he wasn't cuddly dammit! He did not snuggle with Chad no way! And if he actually snapped at Inoue, that was a fluke brought on by his changed circumstances. Nothing more.

Frankly, everyone was getting worried, and were alternatively asking Urahara or Isshin for more information about the loss of power and possible side effects. Unfortunately they were no help, as both of the only really knew about Isshin's loss of power, and all he could say was that he was really tired and dizzy for awhile, which were symptoms that they knew Ichigo had as well. Everything else had been brushed aside as a variation unique to Ichigo.

Too bad that wasn't so.

-line break-

Ichigo managed to get to his bed and just dropped down to sleep immediately. He was glad no idiot tried to fight him, because he probably would have just ignored them in favour of a nap.

He slept deeply, as was the usual this time.

But something unusual happened.

This time, his sleep brought him to what he remembered was his inner world.

-line break-

Ichigo blinked, as he stood on one of the many poles that dotted his inner world. The place didn't really look damaged, just...foggy?

Ichigo blinked and looked around more. A thick heavy pea-soup mist of light blue covered his world, making it very difficult to see. The mist also spun and weaved its way around poles and buildings, making a humming like sound as it went. It was hypnotic and almost dizzying.

"Ah. It is about time you came here." A familiar voice came from behind.

Ichigo froze at that familiar voice. It couldn't be.

A low chuckle filled the air. "What? Too afraid to turn around, Ichigo-kun?"

Ichigo whirled and stared, horrified. "No...you...you're locked up!"

Aizen Sōsuke smiled lightly at him, standing on the building just behind Ichigo like it was the most natural thing in the world. "Ah, yes. My body is definitely locked up tight in the Maggot's Nest. No way to escape at all."

Ichigo continued staring, eyes fearful. Was he going insane?

"No. You are not insane." Suddenly he was on top of another building, along with Aizen. Aizen hummed and carefully touched Ichigo's chest. "You just finally have come in contact with one of my backup plans."

Ichigo swallowed. "Backup plans...?" He choked out. He was under no delusions that he wasn't outmatched. Aizen was definitely still in his original Hueco Mundo outfit, and pulsing reiatsu lightly and strongly.

Ichigo had nothing.

"You know, you normally would have gained back your powers by now. That isn't normal, but since when do you follow normal guidelines, Ichigo-kun? You, who after only a few months as a Shinigami gained both shikai and bankai?" Aizen said conversationally, lightly rubbing Ichigo's chest, as he ignored Ichigo's question.

Ichigo swallowed. "Then why haven't I gained them back – my powers?" He managed to ask, shivering as Aizen touched him, even through his school uniform jacket and shirt. It felt like a violation.

Aizen smiled, and pointed with his free hand towards the section that Ichigo intuitively knew was his spiritual centre. Ichigo automatically looked towards it.

There was a pulsing orb of light there, shifting colours happily. Without thinking he reached out mentally and was greeted by it.

It was happy and warm and safe and sent pulsing of soothing warmth and pure unadorned love at him.

He staggered at the feelings sent at him, and was braced by Aizen's free hand as it gripped his shoulder. "Wha...what is that?" He stared overwhelmed and a little bit awed.

Aizen hummed happily, sending his own greeting towards the orb, which swirled happily at him, though not as happily as it did for Ichigo. "My second backup plan." He said casually, moving his hand from Ichigo's chest to his stomach.

He gathered reiryoku, in a loose swirl, and released a pulse of heat into him. Involuntarily Ichigo moaned as heat and arousal over took him. He then realize what he did and his eyes widened with shock as he blushed.

"Wha..." He began then froze. Something in his mind burst.

And he remembered...

-line break-

Nel Tu, who apparently was really Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck the once Tercera Espada and a fully grown Arrancar woman, was fighting Nnoitra Gilga, the Quinto Espada, and apparently winning. Ichigo had woken up after a bit, having passed out due to Nelliel's continued exuberance and enhanced strength, and was watching in awe as Orihime finished healing him.

The attention the battle called for plus the shifting and rising reiatsu that filled the air made him fail to realize Gin's approach. Before he knew it, Orihime had been knocked out with a weird Kidō, and Gin had him bound by another, hosting him up and carrying him away.

"Dammit, let me go!" Ichigo yelled, trying to overpower the damn Kidō. Gin continued smiling that stupid fake smile and lightly scolded him. "Now, now, Ichigo-kun. I can't have you making such a fuss. Aizen-taichō wishes to see you after all."

"Ah hell no!" Was his response, as he continued his struggles. Gin sighed and knocked him out with another Kidō, with Ichigo hearing him mutter something about him being more trouble than he was worth.

Ichigo woke up on something soft, with someone running their hand through his hair. He shifted and opened his eyes in a daze...

To be faced with a smiling Aizen. "Ah. I'm glad that Gin-kun didn't damage you too badly. And you are in much better condition as well. I should thank Inoue Orihime."

Ichigo started into action and tried to get up, but was casually pushed back down by Aizen. "What the hell do you want, bastard?"

Aizen raised an eyebrow. "Such a foul mouth you have Ichigo-kun. Perhaps I should silence it, but it won't be as fun if you can't make sounds."

Ichigo's brow furrowed in confusion. "What the hell are you going on about?"

Aizen hummed a noncommittal response and began to caress the skin of Ichigo's toned stomach. Ichigo goosebumped in response, with him shuddering as he realized his kosode had been removed. "The fuck are you doing?" He managed to get out, trying to break away from Aizen's reach without him noticing.

Aizen merely continued smiling and gathered reiryoku into the hand and slowly released a pulse.

Ichigo moaned as heat and arousal overtook him, his penis immediately stiffening in response. He then blushed and tried to yell at Aizen, but was stopped as he continued making that hot pulse into his body.

Ichigo squirmed, whined and moaned as he slowly became more and more aroused, until all he could think of was that he needed release and needed it now! His face flushed, and his pupils dilated with his strong arousal.

Aizen chuckled at how responsive Ichigo was becoming, releasing a few more pulses before subsiding in return for reaching underneath Ichigo's hakama. He untucked his fundoshi and gently curled his hand around Ichigo's head and was rewarded with a buck of the hips and more moaning as he carefully stroked it. Aizen's smile widened and he was swift in the removal of Ichigo's hakama and fundoshi. Ichigo was bared to him and Aizen took the moment to admire the view. Ichigo was still young and forming, but his beauty was still evident, from head to toe, within his toned, muscular body.

He briefly contemplated continuing the teasing, as Ichigo was so responsive, but he didn't have the time right now. Instead, he lifted up Ichigo's legs and bared him to him. He placed his feet on his shoulders and adjusted his position slightly for better access. He then reached for the bottle on the side table.

Ichigo felt something poke at his hole and gave a whine of confused fear. Aizen silenced him and his fear with a deep possessive kiss that Ichigo returned before he knew it. The thing poking him proved to be a lubricated digit, and Aizen carefully eased it into him, shifting and stretching the hole. A second one was slowly and gently added, as Aizen used his free hand to sooth the pain by inviting pleasure via his pre-cum dripping cock. Ichigo moaned loudly into the now much more sloppy kiss.

The third finger was quicker to enter and even in his heat like daze, Ichigo winced and pulled back from the kiss, panting heavily, face still flushed with a touch of drool leaking from his mouth. Aizen felt his own arousal rise at the way Ichigo looked like that, so hot, and searched with the fingers until...

"OH GOD!" Ichigo shrieked, clawing at the blankets and trying to invite him subconsciously to do it again with his undulations. "Please...more..." He moaned.

Aizen obliged and continued to caress that one spot, memorizing it, as Ichigo thrashed and howled out his pleasure.

Ichigo gave a deprived scream as Aizen wrapped his hand around his dick, keeping him from cumming, soon slipping out the fingers.

"This will still hurt a bit." He said lightly, and then s-l-o-w-l-y entered Ichigo. Ichigo bit his lip, trying to push through the pain. Aizen on the meanwhile closed his eyes on the tightness and heat that surrounded him. It was almost like no stretching had been involved, he was so tight and hot.

After a few moments, Ichigo bucked his hips in silent entreaty. Aizen obliged, carefully backing out until he reached his tip...and slamming back in, managing to hit Ichigo's prostate immediately.

Ichigo screamed and his eyes glowed brightly as his reiatsu flared. Aizen flared his in response, the two different reiatsu rising and battling, one light blue, the other violet*. The pace picked up, as the scent of sex, sweat and reiatsu filled the room.

The violet won in the end, intertwining, piercing and subduing the light blue as Ichigo lost his breath and went eerily silent as he came in great gouts, squeezing hard on Aizen, which caused him to follow through.

His reiatsu sinked into Ichigo's form, as the younger boy let out a moan and a dry spurt at the feeling of it entering him deeply. It caused a reaction deep inside, as something acknowledged it inside and started to merge with it, swirling to form a tight orb of energy.

There was a pause as they caught their breaths, before Aizen pulled out and moved away from Ichigo, who's eyes were clearing from the induced lust and widening in horror at what had happened.

Aizen then brought his hands over Ichigo's tired body, resting on his temples, and began casting a complex Kidō spell.

Ichigo was going in and out of consciousness at that time, so he didn't really catch the spell incantation or name. He did catch the golden glow as the Kidō settled over him and then the short incantation of a final Kidō that knocked him out completely.

When he woke up, to him and Orihime it was as if nothing had happened. The memories of the incident had been suppressed.

But now they all came back.

-line break-

Ichigo backed away from Aizen, falling over and skittering away in a crab walk style away from him in desperation. Aizen raised an eyebrow. "I see you remember again. Useful. It makes things easier to explain."

Ichigo swallowed in terror. "Explain what?"

Aizen looked over at the orb of light. "You really should calm down. All of this fuss isn't good for the baby."

Ichigo froze. "Ba...baby?" He squeaked.

Aizen smiled, this time condescendingly. "Yes. Isn't it obvious that is what it is?"

Ichigo shook his head and then paused. It was obvious, now that his memory was back. "How...how?" Guys couldn't get pregnant, according to his knowledge.

"Simple enough. Souls and Shinigami have children differently from Humans. In this case, because we are spiritual beings, what we really are doing is creating more spiritual energy, and thus there are not that many physical cues. Which means that one's reiatsu must overcome the partner's to have a baby." He said, calmly walking forwards and pulling up Ichigo. "That is what I did. I won the reiatsu...wrestling match and thus we have a child on the way. Obviously, it has to be the one on the bottom for it to work, as the process still needs reishi based sperm implanted to work. Not to mention there must be enough reiryoku in both partners." He said calmly, lightly walking Ichigo backwards.

Ichigo shuddered as Aizen pressed him against the wall of a nearby building.

"That doesn't explain why you are here!" He managed to snap.

Aizen tilted his head. "That is easy to explain. After I finished that, I set in motion a very rare and hard to find Kidō spell. It is one I spent finding and learning as soon as you were born, as I saw a way free if things went wrong."

He lifted his hand and lightly touched Ichigo's cheek, as he stared fearfully at him. "I set up a link. It is very complex and needs time to set in place. Time, and for it to not be interfered with. Time that I got during your fight with Ulquiorra."

A quirk of the lips and he continued. "With that in place, though my spiritual body cannot move, and is trapped quite thoroughly, my mind and some of my reiryoku isn't. I can easily access..." He caressed Ichigo's cheek and moved down to his throat, rubbing his pulse point with his thumb. "..And manipulate your mind."

Ichigo froze. He didn't mean...

"I can gain control over your body at anytime, taking your place. With that, you become the enemy of all those who once were your friends." He smirked as Ichigo seemed to cave under that image. "I can even, with effort, use your abilities."

He sighed. "As of now though, being this early in your pregnancy means your powers are in a lock down as it feeds and protects our child." His brown eyes sharpened. "Then again, I don't want to take control over you."

Ichigo stared at him. "Why not? As soon as the kid..."

"The baby must be removed from your spiritual body. Any effects you exhibit are leaks between your body and soul. Meaning you must leave your body to have the child. That shouldn't be that hard, as at approximately three months mark you will be able to access your powers without hurting the baby." A strangely soft smile crossed Aizen's face. "Besides, I want the child. I have been able to spend some time with it and it..." He trailed off.

Ichigo was shocked. Aizen looked...tender. Soft. Human. "Why do you want the child?" He whispered, mouth dry as he wondered and worried about the answer.

"Because it is ours." The blunt, honest reply took Ichigo by shock, practically rocking him back physically. He shook himself mentally and pressed for answers again. "Then...you aren't going to take over me...?"

"Oh, the threat is very present. I can and will at times take over. I just prefer to use a different method for the long run." Aizen said, like he was talking about a change in the weather.

"What method?"

Aizen looked at him. A look that seemed to dive into him. "This one."

And he kissed him, as his hand sent more of that hot energy into him. Ichigo gasped in shock and Aizen took advantage of the opened mouth to plunder him thoroughly.

He then pulled away, a string of saliva still connecting them slightly. "I will seduce you and make my goals yours. My views will be yours." He said, wiping the saliva away. "I will be nothing but honest."

A smile crossed his face. "That is all I need to be. A little of your power can be given back. The one that allows you to sense and interact with the spirit world. I suggest you listen to what I could hear before through you."

Ichigo panted in the silence that followed. "You...will just use your Zanpakutō's powers on me."

Aizen shook his head. "Kyōka Suigetsu is lost to me currently. I had to seal her away to protect that power from the Maggot's Nest procedure. I can only use a little of my normal abilities, without damaging the baby. I can not make you see or hear things that are not there, aside from myself. I might be able to take over, but either you see what happens or I block you. That is all."

Ichigo stared at him. It...everything pointed to him telling the truth. He honestly hadn't know him well, but it was the same as when he told him how involved he had been in his life. It rang true. Aizen sighed once again. "I have found that you react best to honesty and truth. Keep your face straight and pretend not to see or hear. You will see the truth."

Aizen kissed him again, this time softer. "Now. Wake up."

-line break-

Ichigo gasped. He sat up in bed, and realized that someone must have come in while he slept and got him tucked in properly. It probably was Yuzu. He glanced at the clock. It was a little after 3 o'clock am.

He looked around and then chuckled. "What a dream." The stress must have gotten to him to have such a dream. Really, as powerful as Aizen was, none of that was truly possible.

"Really?" A voice questioned, sounding amused.

Ichigo started and looked over, to see Aizen "sitting" in his desk chair. "Really, Ichigo-kun. You should know better."

Ichigo stared horrified. He shook his head and looked again. He then flinched back. Aizen had moved closer, now sitting on the floor by the bed, hand propping up his head as he looked at Ichigo.

"Now. How shall I begin?" He said with a sinister smile.

-line break-

Far away, in a place of white sand, dull rock, crystal trees and endless night, green eyes opened.


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I'm also using a rather blunt reference book for this. It's called The Girlfriends' Guide To Pregnancy by Vicki Iovine. It's written by a four pregnancy veteran and compiled with help from all her Girlfriends that also went through it. It allows me a back piece to base things off, especially since medical stuff isn't that important in this fic – most of them will definitely not apply. Written in the 90's but still valid. Glad I picked it up at that used book sale, so cheaply too – my Dad's reaction was just the icing on the cake. No, I'm not pregnant Daddy, last I checked I'm still a virgin...it's just research. Really. I'm serious. Stop looking at me like that!

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