Disclaimer: All Twilight related characters belong to S. Meyer.

Summary: Taken ~ A taken life. A conflicted nature. A twisted courtship.


"Edward, I can't do this."

"Then allow me."

Edward's white teeth gleamed as his lips pulled back across his gums. He sank them deep into the man's carotid artery. The life source pouring into Edward's desiccated throat buckled my knees. The smell. The sound. So sensational. I could feel the sucking across my skin. It pulsated as if his strong, wet mouth was drawing me into him instead of the blood. The venom pooled in my mouth as the lust consumed me and blackness filled my eyes. I had no time or desire to process what was happening. My desire rested in the neck currently being drained.

I was at Edward's back in a blink and with a frenzied hiss, I ripped him from the artery. Ignoring his snapping teeth, I hurled his intoxicated body into a cluster of pine. I didn't stop to see where he landed. My hungry mouth planted over the bloody, gaping holes and pulled. I felt my jaw lock around the man's neck and my fingers clawed at his body as my mouth was flooded with thick heat.

I sucked furiously and quickly. I could feel my body grow more rigid around the dead man, caging him in my frame. Edward was barreling my way but I wouldn't let go. I couldn't let go. Not until every drop was inside me.

A/N: Well here we go. This story was developed from the WitFit challenge prompts Notice, Rush, and Tick. If you'd like, you can preview those in my profile. The story is about 14 chapters (including the prologue and epilogue).

Thank you rinabina for being my beta and going on this ride with me. Should be interesting. ;)