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Surprise! This epilogue was always roughly outlined from the start and when I saw the WitFit prompt yesterday (Oct. 30) after posting the final chapter, the epi pretty much wrote itself. I did this in the traditional WitFit style because that's where this story was born - Oct. 2011 WitFits, prompt: Notice.

A year ago was my first time writing and I feel a bit sentimental towards the WitFit program. My last chapter haunted me for 6 months and I had no plans to write the epilogue but I couldn't ignore the "sign" in the prompt and knew I had to close this out where I started.

No pre-read or beta (yikes!) because that's how WitFits roll.

Word Prompt: Drain

Plot generator: Trick or treat...


I sucked lazily at the gashed flesh, letting the honeyed blood slide down my throat. My tongue probed deeper to open the wound. Blood gushed into my mouth and I groaned as my knees buckled and our bodies slid down the brick wall.

Edward clicked his tongue and I rolled my eyes because I knew what was next.

"You and your men," he muttered.

I twisted our bodies so I could stare at Edward standing guard at the opening of the alleyway. He smirked back at me and bit his lower lip, knowing how wild that made me. I got a high taking down the vile criminals of society with Edward's help but he liked to taunt me with phony jealousy when I was feeding. He knew it sparked the animal in me that wanted to reclaim what's mine.

I needed to drain this human quickly. I could savor another time.

"Don't rush on my account. We've got all the time in the world." He winked at me and turned to leave.

Oh, he was going to get it.

The blood had turned to a trickle and I emptied the man's body a few seconds later. I tossed him in the opened dumpster and grabbed the shovel to cover his body with sloshy snow piled nearby. I moved fast and wound up creating a flurry. I hated getting my clothes damp in this weather because they froze against my icy skin but that didn't concern me since I had more pressing matters to attend to. I kicked the dumpster against the wall when I finished and shred the shovel to splinters and metal shards, tossing it all in as the lid slammed shut. I wiped the wet hair off my forehead and scooped up my ivory ushanka that had fallen off in my haste. Adjusting the rest of my clothing, I joined Edward on the vacant street.

He was leaning against the iron gates across from the alley, arms and legs crossed, shrouded in his black furs. His auburn locks, peeking out of his ushanka, looked fiery against his moonlit face. The light made his skin iridescent and he seemed to glow like some kind of dark angel. I suppose we were a kind of dark angel if I thought about it but I didn't want to think about it. I was well fed and wanted to satisfy my more urgent desire.

"How long are you going to stand there looking at me like you want to eat me?"

"As long as I want. We've got all the time in the world," I baited, repeating his earlier words.

He was in front of me then, fastening my charcoal grey fur. Since we needed to wear the pointless garb while we lived in the region, I insisted we wear the fur colors of those dumb beasts that tried to separate us. It was petty of me but I didn't care. I would work on those anger issues in a decade or so.

"Why darling, you're going to catch a cold if you don't button up in this weather. And how did you come to be so wet?"

I giggled into his chest. He was adorable when he played so formally yet still snuck in the naughty. He wrapped his arms around me, pulling me in tightly. I looked up into his bright gold eyes and kissed him full on the mouth. He lifted me up to my toes and coaxed my lips open. I knew what he wanted and gave it to him. Our tongues twined together and his guttural sound made me want to shed all these cumbersome furs between us and take him right against a lamppost. He must have felt his coat straining against my grip because he pulled away suddenly and set me back on the ground.

"Home. We need to get home."


Bella knew her fixed pout during the walk back through the crowded square near our flat only served to entice me more but I'd gotten into the habit of making love to her in our bed. I liked the simplicity of it since our lives were full of the extraordinary. Although, sex with Bella could hardly be classified as simple. She was a tangle of untamed lust and limitless love against my body but draping us in blankets afterwards lingered that feeling. She called me a snuggler but I didn't care as long as she was wrapping herself back around me.

We were free of those furs and our naked bodies were curled together when I felt her thoughts tickle in my mind. Her finger was tracing my lips when she let her thoughts grow louder. I knew this was a concern of hers and I couldn't stress it enough.

"Your eyes are beautiful, Bella. Just like every part of you. I don't care what color they are so long as they're looking back at me with the love that is always there. Do my eyes bother you?"

Her brow scrunched up and she spoke aloud. "No, of course not. You know I love your eyes."

"I do know. They're a reminder of the gift you gave me. How your blood saved me."

She snorted lightly. "Some gift. You seem to love sucking on my tongue after I feed."

That wouldn't do.

I moved my hand between her legs and eased two fingers between her slick folds. She gasped when my thumb grazed over her clit and my fingers pushed inside. I wanted to hear her sounds so I nipped at her neck as I pumped in and out slowly. I increased the flicks from my thumb and started curling my fingers up when they were buried deep. I was going to make her come quickly because I had a point to prove.

Her back arched and a short cry escaped from her. I felt her walls spasm and her wetness soaked my fingers. I rubbed her clit in light circles as she came down, heavy-eyed and panting. I slid my fingers out of her and pushed each one into my mouth, dragging them out. My hooded eyes nearly shut from tasting her concentrated essence. I sucked my lips clean once I was done with my fingers and snuggled back into Bella's side. I hitched her leg over me and lined us up.

"I love sucking on anything that's from you..."

I pushed in.

"Whether that's the blood on your tongue…"

I pulled out to my tip.

"Or the scent on your skin…"

I moved her on top of me as I pushed back in.

"Or the come from your body."

She fell against me as I shifted her hips up, barely holding me in.

"Anything from you."

Her hips dropped down and I raised my knees for leverage to take her her hard and fast. My base instincts took over as I pounded relentlessly. She started coming immediately from the leftover sensitivity and triggered my own quick release. I flipped us over and thrusted us into a prolonged orgasm. I was addicted to the euphoric state Bella and I found ourselves in when we were like this. Never sated but drugged senseless from our love making.

"Fuck," Bella mumbled.

Or our fucking.

"Just when I think I couldn't possibly love you more, you turn me inside out and make my skin explode."

I kept rocking into her. "You're so morbid, Bella," I tease.

"Alright, you made your point," she said, swatting my chest and rolling me back over. I smirked at her tightening to hold me inside her. "We ravish each other by the hour so you can show me how you're eternally grateful. What about your family? They're not in love with me like you are."

Bella and I had finally felt ready to see my family and formally introduce them to my mate but insecurities had been getting the best of her. She knew they didn't hunt humans and since the last human I fed from was her, she was feeling more and more outcasted. It didn't matter how many times I told her that they would worship the ground she walked on for being my antidote to human blood, she still felt displaced and frustrated. She wanted her power to strengthen faster so she could control her thirst for humans. She thought our difference made her weak but she didn't see how she was my pillar of strength. She saved me from myself and made me a stronger man to love her. I wasn't consumed by bloodlust. I was consumed by love. My family knew of my change from Alice but when they saw it with their own eyes, I knew they wouldn't be able to contain the outpouring of love they would have for Bella. I had told her this and Alice always confirmed it but it was time for Bella to see it.

I kissed her sweetly and brushed her hair away from her face. "You're right. No one will ever love you the way that I love you but that doesn't matter."

"Why?" she asked quizzically.

"I promise you, love," I said as I held her close, cocooning us in our blankets. "They'll be taken."

the end

A/N I adore vampfics and want to rec the three that influenced this story greatly. Their Edward and Bella characterizations are strong, passionate and inspirational. If you haven't read them already, please do. All three are unique, well written, creative AUs.

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