When first they met, they shared no introductions. They needed none. In that first moment, they summed each other up. They were enemies, fighting for opposing sides. They meant nothing to each other; they merely stood in the way of progress.

He was the imposter, wearing the cloak he had stolen from their order to hide in the shadows and strike them down from beneath their very feet.

She was the fourteenth of the thirteen, just one more faceless opponent to defeat, one more nobody who was never meant to be.

Neither wanted to admit how alike they truly were.

Author: Once again, I was greatly inspired by the 100-challenge done by Amatus called "One Hundred Suns". It inspired me to start writing my own 100-drabble fic "Fragments: Another Side, Another Story." But where Fragments is scattered over many ideas, bound together by common themes... I wanted to do something more like One Hundred Suns, which was purely focused on RikuShi.

Well, that idea has become "Two Hearts." The title is from a novelette I read a while back, and I think it fits this story as well.

Also, what makes this story different is that I'm double-posting it here and on deviantArt. And on dA, I'm giving each drabble a corresponding image. The link to my dA is on my profile here, so if you're interested I'll be making a folder in my gallery for this challenge. You can view it there.

So, without further delay... Here's the first drabble of "Two Hearts."