Dear Journal

Madam Pomfrey is almost as evil and conniving as my mother, and now the two of them are working together. I have been trapped in the infirmary for three days, and my arm and my head wound and my ankle, everything I had gone to the infirmary for, was still hurting and it didn't look like she had done anything but use muggle supplies on me. That dreadful woman, and now, even though I was healed enough naturaly I could probably get around with a bit of aid from a pain potion, I got a letter from my mother, saying if I don't consent to see a mind healer the school was providing, then she would give Madam Pomfrey reason to keep me locked away in the dreadful infirmary.

Any attempt at negotiations was rendered moot when my mother revealed that Pansy had somehow acquired magical photographs of that horrible night. So I agreed to see this wonderful mind healer who had received remarkable reviews, and Madam Pomfrey finally gave me some decent pain killers as she patched my up one more time before sending me out into the cruel hall of the castle. When I came to the exit and discovered Pansy waiting for me, I glared at the traitorous wench and said, "Right now I'd rather play nice with the Golden Trio than see your face Pansy!"

Pansy looked at though I had just slapped her and then she said, "I'm sorry Draco, but I agree with your mother, I think you need to see a mind healer, and I'm here to take you to an appointment with the one here at Hogwarts."

I managed to convince her that I needed to get to my room and change out my clothes first, and then I wrote this in the hopes of getting rid of some of my anger, because I doubt hexing Pansy's face off will do me any good. Besides Pansy said I should bring this stupid journal and tell the mind healer about it, and get their impression. That is not going to happen though because I would rather get slashed!

Au Revoir