Sealand was positively fuming. Every step he took was a stomp. His face was bright red and his sailor cap was askew. His dirty blond hair was wild and sticking out in all directions. He rounded a corner and spotted a bench with cushions on the seat. He turned around, plopped himself down on the seat... and brought his knees to his chest and buried his face in his arms.

Once again he had attempted to join in a meeting of the nations. Also once again, he had been all but ignored by all of the other nations, despite his constant pestering of everyone to notice him. He had spent an especially long time poking and trying to get Britain's attention. However, today, things went from bad to worse for him.

"And so, in conclusion, if the literary skills of people were improved, then the world overall would be better. Any comments?" There were many murmurs of agreement among the nations. Sealand popped up next to Britain with his arms crossed over his chest.

"Don't be so proud of yourself. Anyone here could have thought of something like that you British jerk." Britain's large eyebrows contracted and his face formed into a frown.

"Ah, look, it's the fort that nobody cares about." Sealand's teasing smile turned into an angry expression.

"Hey! People do too care about me! I'm Sealand, the Shining Jewel of the Sea! Just you watch jerk Britain, I'll show you someday!" Britain now gained a condescending smile and he brought a cup of tea to his mouth to take a sip. "Just you wait! You're sitting there drinking tea today! One day I'm going to be drinking tea and laughing at you!"

"Ah, yes, quite. I do so believe you when you tell me that. A little hunk of metal like you, becoming a powerful nation, it's almost laughable." A few of the other nations winced at the harsh words being said to the micro-nation. "In fact, if it weren't for strong nations for me, you wouldn't even be here today. I'm sure you remember the fire that occurred in 2006, you needed my help and you know it." Sealand recoiled as if he had been hit. That one comment hit him harder than any blow ever could.

Some other nations tittered disapprovingly. It was an unspoken rule among the nations that they not bring up tragedies that happened to them in conversation, and especially to make a jab at one another. If a nation did this, well, it didn't exactly put them in a good light at that moment.

"Hey, lay off the poor kid Britain. That's just being mean!" Britain waved off America with a hand.

"What you call being 'mean', I call the truth. He is nothing more than a child who believes a pair of puppy eyes and a sailor suit can get him what he wants. Now Sealand, I suggest you get out of my face before I have to toss you out of the room. Again." He gave Sealand another wave of the hand to try and dismiss him, but the sailor-suit-wearing micro-nation could only take so much verbal abuse.

"Why do you pick on me all the time? America was small once too, and look how powerful he is now!" While the words about America didn't seem to affect England on the outside, they actually set off a domino effect that made him boiling mad on the inside.

"Well, let me tell you something mister." His voice had become harsh and he seemed to bite off every word after it came out of his mouth. "I will not allow myself to be yelled at and attempted to be put down by some twerp who can't even manage to put out a simple fire. Now if you don't mind," at this point he grabbed Sealand by the shoulders and turned him around roughly, "we real nations have business to attend to!" He gave Sealand what had meant to be a light nudge to get him going on his way, but he ended up making it a lot more forceful than he had intended.

The force of the push sent the micro-nation sprawling forward and hitting the floor face-first. When Britain realized how hard he had actually pushed the small nation, he tried to see if he was alright. Sealand got up on his hands and knees and looked back at Britain, his eyes shiny and tears threatening to spill out. He was thoroughly humiliated and embarrassed, but he never would admit it to that British jerk. Sealand closed his eyes and got himself off the ground before running out of the room, then stomping when he ran out of energy for that.

Then that brought him to here. Now that he was out of the sight and hearing of the other nations, he let the tears flow freely.

Ukraine held a harried expression on her face. Her hard-soled shoes made quiet 'clop' sounds and her massive cleavage bounced up and down as she ran to get to the meeting room. She had been late because her boss had made her take care of some things. That and she had been trying to finishing a scarf just as it was time to go. She never liked to be interrupted in these matters, so she simply took her knitting with her in the car. Then there was traffic and they had to stop to get gas, then there was the matter of paying for it. It all took too long for her to make it on time.

Just as she was a hallway away from the meeting room, she stopped dead in her tracks. What stopped her was a sound, the sound of somebody crying. All previous thoughts of getting to the meeting disappeared in the light of her motherly instincts. Caring for Russia and Belarus when they were all young had given her premature, and very strong, maternal instinctiveness, so she often stopped what she was doing if something happened to activate them. Following the crying to its' source, she found it was coming from a young boy.

She vaguely remembered seeing him hanging around Britain a few times. The Brit always seemed annoyed whenever the kid was around. Ukraine had mentioned once to Russia how cute that boy was and what was his name? Russia replied that he was kind of cute, something that Belarus had glared at the boy for, and said that he believed the boy's name to be Sea-something.

Oh right, Sealand, his name is Sealand. She looked at the boy who was crying quietly into his arms. Her maternal instincts leading her, she went over and sat next to him, though he didn't notice. She tentatively reached out a hand and touched his shoulder, causing him to jerk away violently in response. His sea-colored eyes were wide and teary, he quickly sniffed so as not to reveal that he had been crying.

"Um, dobroho ranku, are you okay?" Sealand sniffed once again and looked away from her.

"Yeah, I'b fide." His voice had a stuffed up sound to it, probably from his runny nose.

"Vell, you don't look okay. Vhy vere you crying Sealand?" Sealand looked back at her when she said his name.

"...You know my name Miss Ukraine?"

"Vell, yes. My little brother, Russia, told me." Sealand looked downcast once more and looked to the ground.

"Yeah, I guess he should know me. He's asked me to 'become one' with him at least five times by now." Ukrained couldn't help but giggle at this.

"Yes, he's always been like that. He's a bit clumsy vith new people, but he's really very sveet vunce you get to know him." Sealand shrugged.

"I guess so Miss Ukraine. I really don't know him, so I wouldn't know." Ukrained patted him on the shoulder once more, only this time he didn't move away. He didn't know why, but he felt comfortable around this woman. It was almost like she emitted an aura of warmth and comfort that drew him to her. Sensing this, Ukraine put an arm around his shoulders and gently pulled him so he was leaning against her chest. Sealand had to admit, it was soft there, warm too, and he wasn't made uncomfortable by her gentle, motherly touch.

"Zo, vhy vere you crying just zen?" Sealand closed his eyes.

"I wasn't crying, I just had something in my eye." He sighed and leaned a bit more on Ukraine, his head sinking into her voluminous chest. "Well, if you really must know, that jerk Britain was being a jerk to me once again. Saying that I'm not and never will be a county no matter what I do. Well, he doesn't know jack-squat. I'll show him someday." Ukraine patted his back sympathetically, rubbing soothing circles with her hand. "I just wish that I could be stronger, or that I at least had an ally behind me."

"How about me?" Ukraine surprised even herself with these three simple words. She didn't know what it was, but this boy reminded him of Russia when he was little. Small, confused, innocent, wanting friends so badly. She knew very well that she could hardly take care of herself, but she also knew that she needed to help him.

"What about you?"

"I could help you. You could join my forces, then you'd have a large army to protect you and a good source of food and everything. You could become one with Ukraine." Sealand immediately pulled away from her when he heard this.

"Miss Ukraine, I do wish to be strong and have allies, but I don't think I would be very comfortable doing that. Besides, Mr. Russia always makes it sound scary." Ukraine laughed, something that she rarely did.

"Oh no, don't be scared or anything. 'Becoming one' with another country isn't nearly as bad as what my brat makes people think by the way he talks. All we need to do is have our superiors converse and, if it seems mutually beneficial for both, then they go into an alliance of sorts with the smaller country merging their land with the more powerful country. You'd keep your name for your part, you'd just be under my jurisdiction. How does that sound?"

Sealand considered this deeply. It did sound like a good offer, and it would be nice to have a nation that really recognized him. Not to mention that he really needed help when it came to military...

"You know, that actually sounds quite smashing. Yes, I'd like that very much Miss Ukraine." Ukraine smiled and suddenly pulled him into a hug, her massive assets squashing into his face.

"That's just great. I'm happy you want to join me." She let go of him, allowing Sealand to get some oxygen into his lungs. "I've been so lonely ever since I left little Russia's house, but my boss wouldn't let me go back. Now I've got a little friend with me. Here, I vant you to have zis. I vas knitting it for myself, but now I vant you to have it." She reached inside her bag and pulled out the knit scarf she had been making. The top was sunshine yellow and the bottom was sea-blue, the colors of the Ukrainian flag. She wrapped it around his neck and stepped back to admire it. "Vell, how is it?"

Sealand smiled under the warm accessory and fingered the edges. "It's very warm, I like it." Ukraine smiled happily once more.

"I'm glad." She took him by the hand and led him to the entrance where she had previously come from. She was too excited to wait to talk to her boss, and she could surely miss one meeting, especially with such big, at least to her, things on the horizon. "Come on, let's go get our bosses to converse.

"What's the matter Russia? Something wrong?" The large albino nation nodded with a tense expression on his face.

"As a matter of fact, yes. I don't know vhy, but somezing feels off today. Like somezing has happened zat I should know about." His hand was compressing Latvia as he said this, his feeling making him unconsciously press down harder on the poor nation than usual. Lithuania and Estonia worried over the short nation, but they did nothing to try to stop him for fear of themselves. The door opened and a familiar voice sounded.

"Hello everyvun, I'm here." Russia's face cleared and he smiled at his big sister.

"Ah, dobroe utro sestra. How are you today?"

"Just fine thank you. I have someone I'd like you to meet today." She turned to someone they couldn't see and spoke to them. "Come on now, don't be shy. Come and say hello to everyone." She entered the room, and right behind her was Sealand. Only, he didn't look quite like Sealand. He was dressed in a long-sleeved cotton shirt and overalls like the ones Ukraine was wearing, though they were colored like his old sailor suit. Around his neck was the yellow and blue scarf Ukraine had given him the day before. However, he still wore his sailor cap. Russia's eyes were wide with shock, he was so surprised that he released Latvia from under his heavy hand, allowing the small nation to run and hide behind Estonia and Lithuania.

"Sealand! What are you doing here again?" Britain shouted. Sealand's face began to contort, but Ukraine placed a calming hand on his head.

"It's fine krykhitka , pay no mind to him. Vhy don't you go and play vith Latvia vhile I have a vord vith him?" Sealand nodded energetically and ran off to join up with Latvia. After seeing him off with a smile, Ukraine turned to Britain and turned serious. "Now, is zere something I can help you vith Pan Britain?"

"Why yes, there bloody well is! Why is that brat Sealand here with you, why is he wearing the same clothes as you, and why are you acting like he's your bloody kid?" Ukraine shrugged at him, smile still on her face.

"I guess you could say he sort of is now. He had become vun vith me, so I must care for him, da?" Russia was gaping at her, which was certainly not an everyday sight.

"He has become vun vith you? But why didn't you tell me sis?" Ukraine shrugged once again.

"I guess I vanted it to be my own little surprise. You know, a new adopted member to join ze family." As she spoke, her fond gaze wandered to the small sea-borne nation.

"That little git! I'll show him for doing this! I'll cut him off from the mainland and blockade him! I won't allow his president to live in my country anymore! I'll-" His rant was stopped cold when he heard and looked at Ukraine.

Ukraine was giving Britain a death-glare no one, not even Russia, would have thought possible from her. A dark aura, not too unlike Belarus's or Russia's, surrounded her and a dark shadow dripped over her eyes. All the while, she was uttering a low, menacing chant that had the same dark tone and rhythm of Russia's 'kolkolkol'. "..." Even Russia seemed freaked out by her sudden change. Belarus, who had been with Russia the whole time, hid behind her older brother and shivered in fear of their big sister.

"Argh! What has come over you Ukraine?" Ukraine didn't respond, but kept up her dark, menacing chant. "Alright, I get it! I'll leave him alone! Are you satisfied?" It seemed so, as her evil chant slowly faded and the blissful expression returned to her face.

"Very good, I just don't vant you hurting my little Sealand." With this, she turned and began to happily saunter over to the new addition to her land. Britain was still shivering and Belarus was clutching the back of her brother's coat.

"I don't zink I've ever seen big sis mad like zat," Belarus whispered. "Have you big brother?"

"Only vunce, vhen ve vere little and being attacked by a fully grown bear. She killed it vith her bare hands and made soup out of it for us to eat." Belarus gulped.

Meanwhile, Ukraine smiled at seeing her little Sealand playing happily with Latvia. It feels good to be a mother, she thought.

dobroho ranku – Good Morning; Ukranian

brat – brother

dobroe utro – good morning; Russian

sestra – sister

krykhitka – Little one

pan – mister

da – yes

dardardar – This is a little thing I made up. It's based off of the Ukrainian word that means 'stab' – 'udar'. I wanted to have her do something like Russia's kolkolkol chant.

So, how did you all like it? Despite this being written at about midnight, I like how it turned out. I was actually just going to make it a one-shot, but now I'm considering making this into a multi-chapter. Should I or shouldn't I? Please review if you'd like me to continue. The other chapters, if I do write them, will be better, I swear!