Chapter One: Last Night

The Doctor breathed in heavily. He was under the TARDIS console, just thinking. Thinking about how Amy had come onto him. The Doctor's head was under the console so that the cold air could flap out at him, so he could be relaxed. Because that was a belter of a night.

"You're getting married in the morning!"

"But the morning's a long time away."

The Doctor sighed. He had to either gain the affections of a companion, or they would gain his. However, the Doctor was sure this a two way feeling. He had grown affectionate for the girl, ever since she had waited for him. But the Doctor couldn't stop thinking "Just a month ago, I knew her as a little child."

"I'm 907. You understand what that means?"

"It's been awhile?"

Exactly. Aswell as Rory getting in the way, he was a bit nervous about going back into that… area…

"Doctor, you really are sweet but I wasn't suggesting anything quite so… Long term."

But he knew she was. She'd wait for her Doctor, no matter how long. And… He'd seen her dreams. A physic residue from the TARDIS had always allowed him to see his friends' dreams so he knew if a. The Mara had taken them over b. They were having a terrible nightmare or c. To help the Doctor himself sleep. But Amy's particular dreams kept him wide awake, not knowing what to do with himself. Admittedly, he had similar dreams. Sometimes. But when it actually happened, he felt as vulnerable as a newborn baby.

"G'Morning." A voice said behind him.

"Ow!" The Doctor yelped as he hit his head on the console in shock. He slid out from the bottom of the console.

Amy chuckled. "G'Morning." She repeated.

"Is it? It seems like a regular morning." The Doctor gestured for Amy to look around her, as the Doctor stood up and started to push levers and turn dials.

"Something wrong?" She asked, noticing the metaphorical elephant in the room.

"Nothing's wrong." He smiled at her weakly.

Amy watched him as he continued to flick switches she was sure didn't even work. "Is this about our kiss?"The Doctor looked over at her, not answering. "Is this about our kiss?" She repeated. When she still didn't have an answer, she slumped down into the Control Room's sofa chair. "Did you enjoy it?" She asked after a moment.

"Enjoy what?"

"The kiss."

"It was the best kiss I've had for a long time. It made me forget about my troubles and feel giddy, and I honestly felt like jumping for joy." He blurted out, before he could register what he was saying or how it sounded.

Amy grinned. "Good. Because that's how I felt."

"But it was wrong of us, Amelia."

"Why?" She moaned.


"Oh yeah." She had completely forgotten about her fiancée. "I'm glad you enjoyed it." She said after a beat. "Better than your other girls, am I?" She laughed.

"Maybe that's just because I'm better than your boys." He flirted, before snapping back to reality and pushing down more levers.

Amy smirked. "Alright then, prove it to me." She smiled, her hands on her hips.

"I-I can't."

"What's there to lose? I mean, Rory isn't even in the TARDIS, or this galaxy." Without warning, the Doctor raced over to her and smothered her lips with his, her eyes wide in surprise. His arms covered the length of her back, and Amy's eyes closed as she took in what was happening. Finally. A sign of love. The Doctor broke from the kiss gently, and he continued to flick switches on the console.

"What happened there?" Amy gasped.

"I'm sorry. I got carried away."

"What happened there?" She repeated.

"That was what I'd love to do. But I can't."

"You just did." Amy smirked.

"What I'd love to do every day, Amelia." He stared at her, and she stared back. The two of them seemed to look into eachothers souls, desperate to know the other's views. Then, the Doctor broke away from the gaze and ran up the stairs towards the library. He needed a read. Or, more likely, a distraction.