Chapter Thirty Seven- The Fields of Trenzalore

The TARDIS shuddered as it landed. The Doctor threw open the doors, expecting the vast empty space before him, all greenery. A field. How dull.

"Amy! It's a field!" The Doctor called.

"Wow!" Amy called back mockingly as she, Jack and James walked down the stairs, Amy straightening her leather jacket.

"We could park somewhere else?" The Doctor grinned playfully. They all knew the answer to that. The Doctor swung the doors shut, looping his arm with Amy's. All of them walked towards the horizon, through the fields.

"Tick Tock Goes the Clock

And what now shall we play

Tick Tock Goes the Clock

Now Summer's gone away?"

"Doctor, can you hear that?" Amy asked.

"Yes." The Doctor replied warily. It sounded like another crackpot person who was going to try to kill him. Then, he remembered.

The FIELDS of Trenzalore. They were on Trenzalore.

Several Silents surrounded them, and the Doctor, Amy, Jack and James stared at them.

"Keep your eyes fixed on them." The Doctor hissed.

"There's really no need." All of them turned to a tall woman clad in black and an eyepatch. She had brown hair, and there was a large scar on her right cheek. "We only want to kill the Doctor. Just once."

"Why? That wouldn't kill me?" The Doctor frowned.

"Oh, but when it's a Silent…" The woman grinned, and she teleported away as several of the Silents fired at his chest.

"No!" Amy gasped as she drew her eyes away from the Silent and held onto him. "Don't die! Not now, not ever!"

"I'm sorry, my Amelia Pond. James, Jack, go back to the TARDIS…" The Doctor croaked, and reluctantly, they left. The Silents vanished, and all that was left was a dying Doctor. "I might regenerate." He smiled weakly. "I dunno. It's different this time… But there's always a glimmer of hope." Then, a small orange flame danced along his tongue and shot out of his mouth. "It's time." He decided. "But I'll live. Now I know that for sure. Amy."

"Yes?" She sniffed.

"Goodbye." The Doctor whispered as his arms pointed skywards and orange flames erupted from his hands and head. Amy immediately noticed that his height was growing, and his hair began to curl. His baby face quickly vanished and was replaced with a slightly more muscular one. His hands grew slightly, and the flames vanished as quickly as they had came.

The Doctor still had brown hair, but it was curly. His eyes… still had the same look, but looked more irresistible to Amy. The Doctor somehow looked more like the Doctor. If that was possible.

The Doctor walked over to her, and clasped her hands. "Am I ginger?" He pleaded.

"No." Amy replied.

"Damn it!" The Doctor rubbed his curly mane, then grinned. "Ooh, it feels nice. Warm. I love my hair. Aah, mirror!" The Doctor reached into his tattered tweed jacket and removed a mirror, and grinned in delight as he saw his face. "Hello handsome. I do still look handsome?" He turned to Amy. "Actually, forget that, of course I am. Now… I don't suit these clothes anymore. And for some reason, I don't have the craving for bow-ties anymore. New incarnation, of course it is. But bow-ties still look a bit cool, but not that cool. I need to replace it with… a scarf! Yes! Maybe buy a suit… Big long coat. I'd like that. Like Jack's! Oh, I'm going to love this incarnation. Do you like this incarnation?"


"We'll talk in the TARDIS." The Doctor picked her up bridal style, and Amy chuckled at his impatience and fast talking. "Call me… Sexy. No, the TARDIS is sexy. Call me Doctor."

And the Doctor, Amy, Jack and James flew off to adventures old and new.

And Amy was always, for all eternity…

His Amelia Pond