The Price is Paid

By: Wilona Riva

Disclaimer: This little Easter bunny is mine, nothing else.

Author's Note: I was going to delete this one instead of transferring it over, but after reading it, thought it was a gem.

Yeshua swallowed nervously, studying the angry wounds still weeping a bit of plasma. They hurt.

"Crucifixion?" someone asked, Greek by his looks.

"Yes," he replied, scanning the room for someone, anyone familiar. He sighed.

"Get used to it," the man replied. "My name is Aris. Professional thief. Drowned in the baths."

"Yeshua," the Carpenter replied.

"Ah, a Hebrew then, awaiting judgment like us all."

"Adonai has not sent you on?"

"We were ushered in here a moment ago, from the nether realm," Aris told him. "We were told to wait for one more, then you came. What did they crucify you for?"

"Blasphemy and sedition," came the sour reply. "My trial was illegal and I had to practically get them to kill me."

Aris' dark eyebrows rose in reply. "I've never heard of that happening before."

Whispering came from the front of the throng, as the angels appeared from the lesser light surrounding the edges of the throne room. One of the angels did a double take when he saw Yeshua.


Aris chuckled. "First time, I've ever seen one of them shining winged creatures tongue-tied."

Yeshua chuckled as a memory came to the forefront. "They were the same way when Adonai made the world, then again when he made the first woman."

"I would imagine so, but how do you know this? A legend of your people, perhaps?"

Yeshua shook his head. "I'm not sure, but I remember being there."

"And well you should, My Son," came the voice of the Holy One as He took His throne. "Come forth, Yeshua of Nazareth."

Aris whistled in surprise. "I thought that was some old myth," he whispered to Yeshua as he moved out of the throng.

Yeshua shook his head. "No, I'm real as you are."

"Well?" the Father asked, looking down at His Son.

Yeshua showed forth the wound. "I will bear these forever," he said. "The price is paid, the world is freed."

The Father nodded, then rose from the dias. He embraced His Son in full view of the heavenly courts. "I've missed you, so much." Tears wet His cheeks.

"And I, You," Yeshua replied, equally in awe and shock that the Mighty God would stoop so low to embarrass Himself before all of Heaven.

"As I am, so you are," His Father reminded.

Yeshua nodded, his garments now glowing a blinding white. He took his place at his Father's side. "Aris, son of Neandar, come forth," he called.

Aris shook his head, as the angel came to guide him forth. "Will wonders never cease?"

"Not where those Three are concerned," the angel responded.