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Just a one-shot I originally posted as a plot-tribble over at Space Battles.

I have no intention of ever continuing this, so don't bother asking

When A God-Emperor Goes To War

Darkness filled the Sanctum Imperialis, the only light coming from a few displays built into a massive golden machine that is part throne, part life-support machine and part sarcophagus. Inside lay the remains of a man, a hero without equal who had warred with gods and monsters, only to be brought low by his own flesh and blood turned traitor. There he had sat, neither dead nor truly alive, for over the thousand years, holding the empire he had forged together through sheer force of will.

Out of the darkness stepped a man dressed in archaic cloths, complete with a strange red hat on his head. The Adeptus Custodes honour guard moved to intercept him, but he pointed a strange buzzing device at them and their armour locked up, holding them frozen in place.

"Sorry about that: but I'm not that fond of people pointing guns at me." He smiled at them apologetically as he waved the same device over the Golden Throne and looked at it intently, "I can see what he was trying to do, but it's not set up right. In fact, if I didn't know any better, I'd say that someone deliberately messed with it to keep him alive but out of the picture." He pulled out one of the millennia old circuits, blew the dust off, turned it around and pushed it back in. "There, that should do it."

There was a click, then a bright light filled the air, ribbons of energy arcing out in almost every direction as a howling wind filled the massive room. Then, just as suddenly as it had started, the light-show ended the machine snapped open with a lock crack.

"Wow, what a rush!" the Emperor of Mankind stepped forward, somewhat shakily but otherwise apparently unharmed, the wounds he had received fighting his wayward son miraculously heeled, his golden armour almost glowing as if lit by some inner light, "Let's do that again"

"Glad you enjoyed it." The stranger looked at him with a warm smile, "Wish I could say this was a social visit, but then I'd by lying."

"You're here to call in that favour I owe you, aren't you, Doctor?" The Emperor sighed heavily.

"I'm so sorry, my old friend," The Time Lord nodded solemnly, "but I'm afraid I am."

"Somehow I always knew this day would come." the once and future leader of the Imperium shrugged as he stepped down from the Golden Throne, sword resting over his shoulder as he stretched to his full, imposing hight, "So, what's up? Still fighting that Time War?"

"No, ended that a while back." The Doctor put his arm around the other man and led him towards a strange blue box that had appeared, "A friend of mine has been kidnapped, and I need the help of the only person to ever capture Demons Run."

"Sounds like fun." The Emperor laughed as he walked passed his astonished, and still frozen, guards without a second thought, "But why are you wearing that stupid hat?"

"Its a Fez, I wear a Fez now." The Doctor sounded taken aback, "Fez' are cool..."

The End