Title: Before You Know It

Rating: T (Just in case)

Summary: This is an AU story about how Invader Zim came to be. So really in this alternate universe Invader Zim is a TV show. This is mostly Zim centric considering he's the main character. It goes from the day of his birth to the day the show was cancelled and depending on how popular this story gets it might go even further than that.

Warning: It's different material than you're probably use to reading. Also the Invader Zim cast members have real names which I will list below as a guide for you. Since the characters in this story are really just actors they will be OOC considering that's probably not how they would act if IZ really was just a TV show.

Another thing: If you ever watched the film, 'Who Framed Rodger Rabbit', then that's the kind of universe they are in, where toons and humans get along and live together.

Please note: This is my first Invader Zim story as well as the first story I ever typed on my iPad, so if it's out of format . . . Blame the iPad.

And one more thing, I thought it would make the s

So without further ado heres ... Our story tons more interesting if I put the main character and his family growing up in a different country. You know. Because I can!

Full name:

ZIM . . . Zeiden Izac Macale Jr. (Hint, hint, look at his initials!)

Red . . . Red Elias Macale

Dib . . . Dillon Eli Baker

Gaz . . . Gazelle Marie LeRoy

Purple . . . Peter Lee Kinley

Zee . . . Zannah Urdith Macale

Tenn . . . Tenn Harlee Macale

Membrane . . . Eli Baker

In case you haven't noticed, Red, Zee, Tenn, and ZIM are related. And Dib and Gaz are not but Professor Membrane (Mr. Baker) and Dillon are.

The students name will remain the same (or at least most of them will) just so their is less confusion. But you folks are smart. You'll catch on quick. I will have little to no OCs in the future chapters. (cause personally I hate OCs, they always take over the story.)

Now bare with me here as we embark on the crazy adventure of a life called ZIM's life!

Disclaimer: I'm pretty sure you already know that I do not own the series nor will I ever.


Darwin, Australia January 31, 1988

"But I have no idea how to raise a smeet!" Red wiped away his tears as he looked down at his dying mother. Her belly was huge! Obviously pregnant. Obviously in labor.

"You have to be strong, Red. For your sisters, for your brother." The dying woman said calmly. Red shook.

"I can't do it mom! I'm only 19!"

"You can do it, Red. And you will. Once this smeet gets cut out of me I want you to make me a promise."

"Anything mother,"

"Raise him like we raised you. Love him like we loved you." Red's mother put a weak hand on his shoulder. "Name him after your father. In honor of him." Red nodded and sobbed.

"Miss. Macale?" A man in a white lab coat stood in the door way of the hospital room. "It's time for the caesarean section." The man said sadly. She nodded and looked back at her first born.

"The smeet inside me should be healthy. Doctors said he had a 95 percent chance of making it. The only problem is he is gonna be small. Very small. But that's what happens to premature smeets." She said.

"I don't want you to go, mum!" Red wailed. "Why did cancer have to overcome you!"

"Life throws many curve balls, hon. We just have to be prepared to catch them. I love you, Red. Here," she pulled off her wedding ring and handed it to the red-eyed Irken toon. "I probably won't even make it through the C-section. If your father ever returns home give him this. If he doesn't return then keep it's a memento." Red nodded again. He bent down and gave his mom one last kiss on the forehead. "Promise me you'll be the best big brother known to this world."

"I promise mom. I won't let you down." And with that, the doctors wheeled her away for the birth of a new life and a new story.

Wow What an incredibly short first chapter.

I promise the next chapters will be longer!

So Folks! What ya think so far?