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Prey. It was a thought that every member of the thousand, Homba, Lendri, Owl, Stoat, Weasel, Dog, Cat, Hawk, Eagle, will have at most times in their life. However, there was one animal in the Homba's mind as she watched it slowly decayed: Rabbit. She had pounced on the Rabbit (who unknown to her was an Efrafan called Aspen) and had enjoyed him. However, he had said something about a warren full of rabbits that was ripe for picking. It hadn't worked, yet she was curious, she had a pack to lead and she was going to see if this warren was true. Redtrail raised her head to the air and issued a call to her pack. It was dinner time.


Virthful was blushing and so was Fiver as they were snuggling up. It was a cold night for a summer day and reluctantly the two of them had to sleep together as Clover was about to have kittens. A very shameful Hawkbit had been ribbed endlessly by Dandelion, Blackaver and Strawberry as he was the father. Anyway he had had to put Clover in Fiver's burrow as she was getting a little bit ill.

And Virthrul had kindly given Fiver place in her burrow for a little bit. And the two of them were getting along quite well. In fact, it was almost getting to the point of mating.

Fiver had fallen asleep and then was suddenly awoken by Virthrul's strange prophecy again. She was in a trance, almost like Fiver himself:

"Our Enemies and Friends are soon to unite, to get to peace, we must prepare to fight!" Fiver looked at her as she returned to normal "I'm sorry, that's the second time that's happened".

Fiver looked confused and was about to respond when suddenly Bigwig came racing down the tunnel to the burrow, "Foxes, there's a whole pack of them out side! Quick, get everybody to the furthest and biggest burrow!"


Redtrail stared at the warren, which looked deserted. It was the fault of one of her daughters, Bounder, a cheeky little fox who had none of her mate's brute strength or her intelligence of herself. "Well, what have you got to say? Eh?" Bounder looked down at the ground, knowing the price of her idiotic blunder "Well then, time to see your father then. He will not be happy". She barked out an order to her three sons "Skreech, Claw and Russet! Head around the tree, there may be another opening." The foxes ran off around the warren.

"I'll find you rabbits. I'll find you.

Meanwhile, in the largest burrow (which happened to be Hannah's for some strange reason) the rabbits were talking and making plans to escape. Clover was having to be helped by both Blackberry and Dandelion. As Blackberry had pointed out, the tunnel was leading out through the downs to the foot of the hill, as the Slack Run had done back at Sandleford. As the night fell and the group took a rest, Dandelion decided to tell a story to cheer them up.

"Lovely idea, I can't listen though. The run is going to need to be widened for all of us and I think Clover is about to give birth". Hawkbit started running round in circles as he panicked. Bigwig calmly cuffed him.

"Blackberry, you need to take a rest. You've been digging all night" Blackaver was soon backed up by Hazel as he ordered Blackberry to have a rest. While Hawkbit and Strawberry (the latter trying not to giggle at the thought of millions of little Hawkbits running around the warren) went on digging duty and Primrose decided to help Clover, Blackberry collasped having a bit of peace at last with Blackaver. She was getting more and more closer to him. Fiver and Virthrul also snuggled up as Dandelion started to tell the story of El-ahrairrah and the Promised Friend...

Once, when El-ahrairrah was still very ill after his visit to the Black Rabbit of Inle, there was trouble with his people. The Eli was often attacking, despite the knowledge of holes in the ground. So hrair rabbits, lead by Rabscuttle, went to ask Frith for help and advice. However, 3 days after they left, Rabscuttle staggered in, with a long gash on his hind leg. The Eli had gotten all of his companians.

Now although Frith wished that El-ahrairah's people would not cover the world, he did not wish them to all die out. So, among a select eli, he gave a gift and a curse. They would assist the rabbits, not wanting to eat or slay them, but with that would come loneliness from their fellow Eli. They would always be helessi, never having a proper family, unless it was with one like themselves.

So they went out among the others: saving the rabbits from their comarades and allies. One even helped the Prince of a Thousand Enemies out of a snare. And since then, there has always been a promised friend, helping the rabbits through thick and thin.

Bounder, although she knew it not, was in fact a promised friend. That fact was slowly making it clear in Fiver's mind, as another prophecy came bursting out. "There's- there's one among the enemy who may be a friend. She will help us to avoid the end!" Only Hazel noticed, as he had more muttered it and after a conference, decided to hold a meeting after the group had a rest. Clover's kits had been born, leaving Hawkbit to start singing loudly the praises of Frith, that is until a tired Bigwig cuffed him.

At last they got out of the foot of the hill, "It's okay, we're out!" cried Holly. Just as he got out, he was lept on by Bounder, her eyes wild... And hungry...


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