"Where the hell are Reid and Garcia?" asked Morgan, after the team had been waiting for them for half an hour to get started.

"Out of town, Garcia told me they were going out today, she didn't tell me why," said Prentiss with a shrug. They waited for another ten minutes when the duo came in, dressed a bit oddly.

Reid was dressed in black jeans, boots, a light pink shirt with suspenders, a tweed jacket, and for god knows what reason, a bowtie.

Garcia had gotten hair impossibly curly and wore a long-sleeved white button up with a brown belt around it, dark brown pants and brown boots. She also had a holster with a toy gun.

"Do I even want to know?" questioned Morgan with a raise of his eyebrow.

"Oh, can it," said Garcia "Me and Reid were having a bit of fun,"

"Now I really don't want to know,"

Reid rolled his eyes, "Not like that,"

"Alright, so what's up with the outfits?" he asked with an amused look.

"They're River Song and the eleventh Doctor from Doctor Who, It's the 48th anniversary today,"said Rossi. The entire team, including Reid and Garcia stared at him.

"What? "

"Nothing, sir. You just don't seem like the type to watch it…But yeah. We were at a convention. We were called to leave before we got to meet Matt Smith," she pouted

"Garcia's got an unhealthy obsession with him," Reid added. Then they started arguing, doing a rather admirable impression of the characters they were dressed as.

"Do not,"

"Do too,"

"I hate you."

"No you don't," said Reid smugly.

And the rest of the team just shook their heads.

A/N:Written to honor the 48th anniversary of the wonderful show that is Doctor Who :) Because in all honesty, Reid and Garcia probably WOULD do something like that. And in my twisted imagination Rossi's a Whovian.