End of Innocence v2.0

By Dixxy


Sae stood in the doorway of the small seaside cottage that she and her small family called home. She looked out onto the waves, blonde hair moving softly with the fresh, salty air as the sun rose over the mighty Atlantic, shining brightly for all to see. Her eyes moved down to watch the sea foam crashing into the shoreline, brining clam shells and the occasional piece of garbage to the shore with it. Sae really wanted to change into her swimsuit and go for a swim, but there wouldn't be time for that today.


"What do you want, shrimp?" she asked, looking down at her twelve year old brother. Cye looked up at his sister, large, sea green eyes shining brightly. "Well? Out with it already."

"Mum's not up yet," he said. He smiled, looked to his sister for attention. "I just wanted to spend some time with you before I leave."

Sae snorted. "Yeah, right, why would you even care about me? I'm always teasing you and being mean to you like any other self righteous sibling should be."

Cye frowned. "Because I'll be gone for a LONG time. It's not like I'm going on a short holiday- I'll be gone until at LEAST college, but it could be even longer than that! I'm not even going to be coming home for the summer!"

Thank the Lord you aren't, she thought to herself. "Yeah, I know. You haven't shut up about it since you got accepted for this exchange program of yours."

"Sae, Japan is going to be exciting!" said Cye, clasping his hands together in excitement. "I'm going to be in a whole different country! A whole different continent! I'll be speaking A WHOLE NEW LANGUAGE!"

"Which is the language you've been choosing to speak in since you finished that crash course on the Japanese language," she said. "I swear, if I hear you say 'Moshi, moshi' over the phone one more time I'm going to pop that puny little head off of your scrawny little body and send you to China."

"But, I'm going to Japan."

"Oh whatever!" said Sae, throwing her hands up. She glared at her younger brother. "I am fifteen years old, Cye. I care about my friends, boys- NOT like you-, clothes, and school. Without you around, I can throw more parties, and, I won't have to baby-sit you anymore. I'll be going out with my friends instead of staying home with YOU. This is good for me, because while you're stuck in some culture that worships girls in sailor costumes controlling giant flying robots, I'LL be doing something USEFUL with my time."

Cye bit his bottom lip, his eyes quivering. Her brother finally ran back into the house, crying hysterically. Sae watched him run back inside. "Just a few more hours, Sae. A few more hours and you won't have to deal with the little dork for a whole six years."

Later that day, Sae sat at the airport with her mother and brother, Cye clutching his stuffed whale as he looked nervously at the gate. They hadn't called his flight number for boarding yet, so there was still time for the small family to talk in person. Like Sae cared. Once the little brat was gone, she was throwing a party. Well, maybe she'd throw one in a few days. AFTER he was gone. That would work out better. If she did it that night, she'd get grounded until he came back. Which would really stink.

Hell, it would suck royally.

Cye stood up and walked over to Sae. "Sae?" he asked, sitting next to her. Sae didn't say anything (Dixxy's note: That sounds almost as weird as "Cye sighed"). "Why do you hate me?"

Sae stopped. She hadn't expected him to say THAT. He thought that she hated him? "I, I don't hate you," she said.

"Then why can't you wait for me to leave the country, then? Why did you say all that stuff you said this morning if you don't hate me?" he asked.

The older sibling took in a deep breath and slowly let it out. "Well, we're siblings. Brother and sister, right?"

"Right," said Cye. "I know that!"

"I'm the older of us. So I'm more interested in things older kids like and you're still a little into toys and kid stuff. Since I'm not into that kind of stuff anymore, it seems immature and annoying to me at times. Trust me, Cye, you can be a major league pain sometimes."

Cye looked at her through his huge, sea green eyes. "Why?"

"Well, whenever you pester me about things you don't understand or try to tag along with me and my friends. My friends tease me about my little brother always wanting to do everything that I do," said Sae. She sighed heavily. "I guess that sometimes you embarrass me, especially when you ramble off some sort of a fact I couldn't have ever known on my own time."

"The fact that I like you is an embarrassment?" he said.

"It's hard to explain," said Sae. "When you get older and little kids start wanting to hang around you, you might understand."

"We're younger than Mum and she doesn't get annoyed with us," he said.

"That's different," said Sae. "She's our mother. I guarantee you there are times she wants to strangle you and/or me, sometimes both of us, but she loves us both very much. And I guess I love you, too, Squirt. You do know that if anyone tried to pound you I'd pound them tenfold, right?"

"You would?"

"Yup. Pounding you is MY job," she said. In response, she hooked her arm around his neck and gave him a noogie. Cye protested, trying to pull away as her knuckles bore down on top of his skull. Sae laughed, grinning as he slipped out of her headlock. "You make sure you call and write, you here me?"

Cye's eyes widened in wonder. "Do you mean it?"

Sae nodded. "Of course I do. Bring me back a kimono, why don't you?"

Her younger brother squealed and hugged her, happy to have his sister's approval. Sae held him tightly, suddenly not wanting Cye to go.

"Flight 568 London to Tokyo is now boarding. Flight 568 London to Tokyo is now boarding," called the intercom.

Cye looked up at Sae. "I have to go now," he said.

Sae sniffled. "Maybe I'll come visit you sometime," she said. "When I get out of school, you know?" Cye nodded, picking up his belongings. He started off towards the gate, his ticket in hand. Sae watched, a deep pit in her stomach as she watched one of the flight attendants put a hand on his shoulder and lead him down to the plane. Cye looked over his shoulder and smiled, waving. Sae nodded, standing next to her mother.

"Stay safe, shrimp!" she said.

Cye laughed. "I will!" he said. "Bye, Sae!" With that, he disappeared amongst a crowd of people. Sae bit her lip, fighting tears. But it was no use, and she broke down into her mother's shoulder.

"I'm gonna miss the little pain," said Sae, sobbing.

Sae's mother placed a hand on her daughter's shoulder. "He'll be back, Sae. Someday, he'll come back. . ."