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Duckburg 1939

As World War II broke out in Europe, theKingdom ofThembria with Japine; Usland, the rest of the North American continent, and free islands of the world were still conducting free enterprising business and trying to stay out of it by being as neutral as possible. President Rosevelt kept the moral up in his fireside chats on the radio and told how they wouldn't get involved.

A younger Scroodge McDuck, multi-billionaire, was pacing in his Money Bin Office, which was the biggest thing in Duckburg.

"Damn that young scallywag Shere Khan! Always meddling in my affairs and buying up the factories that I was going to buy before I get to them! He's becoming way too profitable as the competition is getting tight these days. What is he doing that I'm not?" Scroodge ranted in his Scottish accent.

A young Mrs. Featherby walks in with his coffee.

"Mrs. Featherby, what do you think I'm doing wrong?" The duck asked.

"Well sir, Mr. Khan does have a private air force to ship products while you're still relying on old steam ships from the Great War and railroads to deliver your products." The secretary explained.

"Did you say private air force Mrs. Featherby?"

"Yes sir"

"Mrs. Featherby you're a genius! I could kiss you." Scroodge said while he was dancing with his secretary.

"First thing in the morning we will start hiring pilots to get me in the 20th century and making me more money." He-he

Meanwhile at Cape Suzette Kahn tower

Mrs. Snarly walks into Shere Kahn's penthouse office while he was viewing theCapeSuzette metropolis.

"Your afternoon tea sir."

Mrs. Snarly do you know what bothers me more than this second world war that we may get into?" As the billionaire tiger turns to his secretary.

"What's that sir?"

"Competition Mrs. Snarly. That fool Scroodge McDuck is putting together his own private air force by hiring independents to do his work." Kahn slams his desk.

"But McDuck will see that I may step up his competition." As Khan smiles and releases his claws.

Meanwhile at Higher for Higher

Rebecca Cunningham was swamped with paper work and on the telephone as she was waiting for her lazy pilot to come back from one of his deliveries.

"Yes Mr. Glomgold I'm sure we can deliver your shipment of 50,000 Staplers to you as soon as my pilot gets back.

Just then the Sea duck gracefully flies in to land. Inside the cockpit, a big, grey sloth bear had a nervous look on his face as his 13 year old brown bear navigator was sitting in the co pilots' seat drinking a orange soda.

"What's the matter Papa bear?" Kit Cloudkicker asked his sort of adopted father.

"Well you know little Britches I've been seeing Rebecca for a year now and I've been wanting to propose to her, but I don't have the backbone to do it."

"Cheer up Papa bear I know you can do it today."

"Thanks little britches. I'll try." Baloo said with a smile.

As the two bears exited the cargo plane Molly Rebecca's seven year old daughter came out to great them.

"Baloo, Kit you're back finally! Bring me anything special?"

"Not today button nose." Baloo says

As the three bears walked into the office/home of Baloo, Rebecca got off the phone with Mr. Glomgold. As she saw the bears, she instantly started staring daggers at Baloo.

"Baloo I don't want to here another excuse on why you're late this time." The female Bear scowled at the big pilot.

"Bekers please listen to me there is something I want to tell you." Baloo stated.

"Not now flyboy I have a very important shipment for you in Duckburg" Please deliver these 50,000 Staplers to Mr. Glomgold immediately and come straight back.

And no stopping at Louie's or you're fired for real this time."

"But Becky please I really..."

"No buts Mr. 7:30 P.M sharp!" Rebecca interrupted and was pushing Baloo out the door.

Baloo and Kit loaded the cargo onto the Duck and flew off.

"Cheer up Papa bear. There is always next time." Kit said as they were flying to Duckburg.

Meanwhile at the Duckburg airport, Scrooge was interviewing pilots and watching how they flew.

"Ugh, none of these pilots have enough skill for me to trust them with this job." Scrooge said to himself. He needed a pilot whose abilities were exemplary since the cargo he needed to transport was extremely valuable. Meanwhile, the Sea Duck was almost there when air pirates flew out of nowhere and started shooting at Baloo.

"Man this gets old!" Baloo yelled as he was evading bullets.

Scroodge heard the shooting and looked to the east where he saw the Sea Duck outrunning and doing fancy maneuvers to evade the air pirates.

"Bust my bagpipes!" cried Scrooge as he saw what was happening. Baloo pulled his famous near death maneuvers as the air pirates crashed while his plane pulled up just in time as it was the better plane. Then the Sea duck turned around and did a soft landing at theDuckburgAirport.

Just then Glomgold CO. employees came up in trucks to unload the cargo. Baloo and kit emerged from the yellow and orange airplane to unload and get gasoline for the trip back. As that was taking place Scrooge went up to the big, grey bear as he was shocked by his flying skills.

"Excuse me sir. I happen to notice you're the owner of this hear plane. Scroodge said.

"No sir re I'm just the pilot of this baby, I don't have enough moola to afford the Sea Duck." Baloo glumly said.

"I see Mr…" Baloo Von Bruinwald Baloo interrupted Scroodge. But you can call me Baloo. As he slaps Scroodge on the back.

"I see Baloo, my name is Scroodge McDuck, but you can call me Mr. McDuck."

"Ok Mr. McDuck. Oh don't let me forget this is my ace navigator Kit Cloudkicker."

"Hi Ya Mr. McDuck the boy said Shaking his hand.

"So what can we do for you Mcducky?" Baloo said

"That's McDuck. What ever Baloo said "Anyway, I saw your amazing flying skills and I was wondering if you would do some deliveries for me. I would pay you in advance not just for the deliveries, but for you to buy the plane from it's owner. That way you can be more independent." Scrooge laughed.

"How much we talking and what's the cargo. Baloo asked"

"The cargo is an experimental device called television. I have $65,000.00 in
cash here for you to deliver this to my secret testing facility in Woshingtan UC and extra so you can own this airplane." Scroodge explained. And an extra 2 grand if you made the trip successfully."

Baloo lit up. "Did you say 65 grand in cash?"

"You heard right Mr. Von Bruinwald"

"Well in that case we have a deal Mr. McDuck." Baloo shook Scroodge really hard as the duck was being lifted up and down by his powerful handshake. But little did McDuck and Baloo know that one of Glomgold's employees was a spy for Shere Kahn.