Chapter 1: Callum

"I love you Sephy!" I screamed at the top of my voice.

"Don't be such a wuss, little brother," I heard in my ear, to my amazement. It was Jude. I didn't think he'd be listening yet.

One of his men from the LM came to visit me yesterday with a tiny ear piece and a skin-coloured kind of metal thing that you put around your neck that prevents the effects of hanging. He told me I was valuable to the Liberation Militia and that if I didn't co-operate with them after this my head would be straight back up on that noose. I figured I'd need to anyway, with the fact that almost every Cross in the country knows my name and face and would turn me in before I could blink taken into consideration.

"You just hang in there 'till I come for you in a couple of hours," followed by the course laughter of my older brother, obviously laughing at the pun.

"Just don't take too long to swing by," I replied, to which his laughter faded, fear taking it's place.