Chapter4: Callum

I was blatantly aware of Sephy cowering behind me. There was no way in hell that I was going to let him hurt her, or my baby.

He tossed me the shotgun. I had a choice to make. The who forces the choice or the one who would risk herself for a few moments with me?

I knew immediately who had my favour, but what would I have to resort to to keep her? I knew the answer. But I was unsure of myself. Whether I'd be able to do it. Jude is my brother, but sometimes being family just isn't enough. I have hurt and killed more people than I can count during my time with the LM. But I was afraid this was too much for me.

I dropped my gaze from his momentarily but quickly returned it to his eyes, afraid he would get the wrong idea.

"She did it on purpose you know. She left me a note, explaining everything. She killed herself, Jude. Just think about the amount of Lynette's you've come across. Think about the amount of people you've hurt just because they love crosses. They are replicas' of our beloved sister, Jude. You could be the reason that so many people like us anguish."

i knew it was unlikely to work, but it was worth a try. It's better than my alternative.

"Shut up, little brother. How can you possible know this? I think you're lying."

"If you make me choose, Jude, you are no longer my brother," I spoke clearly, defining every word, slowly raising the pistol. I aimed it at Sephy. I saw the fear in her eyes and it pained me to know she saw anger in mine. "If you were I couldnt do this!"

I adjusted my aim to my brother's chest and shot before i could think any more about it...