The Longest Highway To Love.

So this is my first fic! Took me a while to figure out a good storyline, but i think i have one! So this chapter is probably not so long, but as the story progresses, the chapters will be longer. Okay! Enjoy!

Chapter 1: You need a bike to ride one.

Heather's POV.

''Hey Hemo! Wait up!'' Ashley shouts at me while i walk towards the park. She catches up on me, and walks beside me, while patting me on the back.

''I saw you storming out of your house again. Fight with your mom?'' I smile a little. She knows me so well. I bet she even knows me better than me. Ashley and I have known each other probably our whole lives. When she was 4 years old, she moved here, to Arizona. From the moment we saw each other, we just clicked. She told me she moved here from Illinois, which is far away from here. She told me about this road they crossed. That it was the longest highway she has ever seen, and surrounded by some sort of desert.

''Yeah, it's about the Route 66 thing again. She just can't seem to understand that I'm a grown-up now. I'm 21 for fucks sake!'' i shout. I kick an empty coke can out of my way, take my Ray-Ban glasses out of my leather jacket, and put them on. Ashley doesn't have to know that I'm deeply hurt. My mother never let me do my own thing. That's probably the reason i started standing up against her.

You see, when i was about 14 i realized that i was different than most girls. They would come to school dressed in cute little dresses, with ballerina shoes, while i would wear just jeans, a shirt and sneakers. About a year later, i also started looking at them differently. I would notice their curves, their soft kissable lips, in a way a boy should be looking at them. But then i started to feel differently about them too. My first crush was this girl named Rebecca. She was gorgeous. Long black hair, Dark brown eyes, the most squeezable ass ever, and just a great body in general. Too bad she was a bitch, captain of the cheerleading squad, and all the boys in school would drool over her.

So, one night at a party at Brittany's house (who i will introduce to you guys later), Ashley and i were pretty drunk. So was Rebecca. Long story short, i lost my virginity that night. It was the best night of my life. However, the next morning when she woke up in my arms, she freaked the fuck out, called me a freak and a perv for taking advantage of her. She basically ruined my high school time.

Okay but I'm starting to lose focus here, so where were we? Oh yeah, my mom. Don't get me wrong, i love her to death, but she practically disowned me after i came out to her when i was 16. She is still trying to convince me that I'm just going through a phase. But hey, at least she didn't kick me out and cooks me a meal every night.

''Hey, she can't tell you what to do anymore hun, if you wanna buy a bike and travel across the country, who, besides me, is gonna stop you?'' she asks. She sounds a bit sad while she says that. I know it's gonna kill me to being that far away from her, but she understands that i need to live my own life.

''Awh but sweetheart, I wouldnever forget you! I would totally, like, send cards every week'' I say shrugging.

''You better, otherwise I may have to get my license, buy a bike and hunt your ass down'' she says laughing. I laugh along with her, but I know she's not kidding. She would actually do that.

We walk further in a comfortable silence, until we reach our spot in the park. Brittany already sits on our bench, clad in dark skinny jeans with bright red Vans on her feet, a white tank top, and her big Prada sunglasses on. She sees us and greets us both with a hug, while we all sit down.

''So B, any new sick routines in that crazy head of yours?'' I ask her. Brittany and I met through dance class. That's the biggest thing we have in common. Dance. Hip hop mostly. I used to use dance as an outlet when I was little, so I practically taught myself how to dance. Like I said, Hip hop is my favorite, but I'm also pretty good at Jazz, modern, and contemporary.

Oh! Almost forgot! Not trying to brag or anything, but I used to be Beyonce's back up dancer. Totally crazy right? It was the best experience of my life so far. That woman is such an inspiration. She told me like, that she was very proud of to come out at such a young age. She always looked out for me. I guess she was surprised to say that I quit the job she offered me. I went with her on the Single Ladies tour, and she asked me to go with her on the next one, but I declined. She asked me why, and I explained her my traveling dream. She was luckily really cool about it, and said I should follow my dreams, just like she always did.

''Yeah I got a couple in my mind'' Brittany says with a big grin. Brittany always comes up with the sickest dance routines. Usually we film ourselves while dancing, and then upload them on YouTube.

We talk a bit more about dance, about my traveling plans, my future bike, and a whole lot of other random stuff. I take my Blackberry out my pocket and look at the time. 5:45 pm. Almost dinner time.

''You guys, I better head home, before my dinner gets cold'' I say while hugging Ashley and peck her on her cheek. Same goes for Brittany, and I walk off. It's about a ten minute walk, so when I arrive home and open the front door, I am greeted by the delicious smell of homemade lasagna. As I walk in the kitchen, my mother just takes the lasagna out of the oven.

''Hi mom'' I breathe out.

''Hi'' she greets back softly.

''Smells great'' I say pointing at the lasagna.

''Thanks. I thought I made your favorite. It's been a while.''

''Yeah I know.'' My mom knows she was wrong by saying I'm not allowed to buy a bike and travel. She always makes my favorite dish when I'm upset and she knows it's her fault.

''I was thinking'', she begins. ''After dinner we should have a good talk. I don't like seeing you like this. I'm still your mother Heather.''

''I know mom. Look, I'll talk with you after dinner okay?'' I say while I take place at the dinner table. She nods, takes my plate, and fills it with lasagna. While I eat, I see her watching me.

''Is there something wrong? I ask with my mouth still half full. She just smiles at me sadly.

''You just remind me of your father dear. You guys are so much alike, it scares me. He used to eat like that all the time. Stuffing himself till his stomach would ache the rest of the night.'' A single tear slips from her left eye, and suddenly, I'm not that hungry anymore.

My father past away when I was 14. I think that is also the reason I am who I am today. My mother and I barely talk about my father, so for her to bring him up like this, means a lot to me. She sees the look on my face, and realized she was talking about him.

''Go eat your dinner sweetheart, it gets cold.'' She picks up her fork and starts eating. Ohman…I gently reach over the table and grab her hand. She looks up at me and I see that she is silently crying.

''It's okay to talk about him mom. Its okay to miss him'' I say with a trembling voice. I can't cry right now in front of her. I need to be strong for her.

''I know, I know, it's just that you are all I have left, Heather. What will I do once you are gone also?''

''You are gonna be just fine mom, I know that. You are the strongest woman I know. Besides, you have your friends here, your cooking-club. You belong here mom. I don't. This town only reminds me of all things bad, besides you, dad, Ashley and Brittany. They understand that I haveto do this. To find myself. To find love maybe'' I end with a sigh. I look up from my plate to see my mom smiling at me. She wipes her tears away and squeezes my hand, before standing up and take our plates to the kitchen.

We spend the whole night talking about everything that has been bothering us lately. We laughed, cried, and hugged. And then cried some more. As I lay in bed that evening, I lay with my hands folded beneath my head, staring up the sealing. I am happy things worked out with my mom. Tomorrow I am gonna start looking for my dream bike. I sigh, close my eyes, and pray silently I find it tomorrow. I can't wait to get the fuck out of here.

The next morning I wake up excited. I all but jump out of bed, do my daily morning routine. 10 pushups, 15 sit-ups, 15, pushups, 20 sit-ups, 10 pushups, and 15 sit-ups. Gotta keep my guns and abs in shape. I take a quick shower, and then throw on some comfortable clothes. Dark-grey sweatpants with a white tank top and my worn out black leather combat boots, without tying the shoe-strings. What? I think it looks cool, don't judge. I walk downstairs and grab a bowl, milk and cereal. After I ate, I grab my keys, say goodbye to my mom and head out the door. Time to get me that bike.

After picking up Ashley, we walked to one of the 2 bike shops in town. Of course I've been there before, but the last time I went there was about 6 months ago. Too fucking long ago. As we are about to enter the store, I stop dead in my tracks. I walk over to the window of the shop. Above the shop hangs a sign: Harley's Harley's. Underneath the sign stands the most beautiful bike I've ever seen. A 2010 Harley Davidson Sportster 48. In all its glory. Almost all Vivit Black, a light grey gas tank with Sports painted on it, and 2 silver chrome tailpipes on the right side. I think I'm in love. This is the one. The bike. I have to have it. I look at the price tag, and if possible, my grin gets even wider. $10,449. My parents have been saving for me since I was born, but when I got a job of my own, I managed to save a whole lot of my own. And, when my grandma past away, she left us a whole lot of money as well.

''Ash, this is the one'' I manage to choke out.

She laughs at the expression on my face, grabs my arm, and drags me into the shop. ''Well then let's go get it then, dumbass! If you keep staring like that it might be sold already!''

When we enter the shop, we notice that we are the only costumers. Behind a small desk there is a man, a bit overweight, grey hair, a thick mustache, and small reading glasses. He hears the doorbell ringing, and looks up. Once he sees me, I can see his mustache curl upwards.

''Heather! Long time no see my child!'' he walks up to me and wraps me in his big arms.

''How's it going Harley'' I laugh as he grabs me tighter. After a few seconds he lets go of me and goes to hug Ashley. ''And you pretty girl, how have you been?'' ''Hey Harley, I've been good, and you?''. He lets Ashley and looks at us both.

''Good, good. So, what can I do for you ladies?''

''Actually Harley,'' I begin. ''I would like to buy that Harley in your window'' I say with a grin.

An hour later, I'm sitting on my front porch with Ashley and Brittany beside me. In front of us stands my bike. My baby. After I took it for a test drive, I was sold. Harley, the generous man that he is, gave me the $499 discount. We are just sitting there, admiring the view.

''Wow'' Brittany breaths out. ''That is what I call a mean bike'' she says in awe.

I can't help but smile. No, grin. ''I know right? Guys, do you think it's possible to be in love with a motorcycle?'' I ask laughing.

''No I'm serious Britt'' Ashley cuts in. ''I wasn't even allowed to ride on the back. We walked all the way home with that heavy thing next to her!'' Britt and I bursting out in laughter, while Ashley just looks irritated. After the laughter died down however, the mood changes a bit.

''So when are you leaving Hemo?'' Britt asks.

''In two days'' I reply. ''I already start packing the important things, like clothes and stuff.'' They both look sad. ''Oh come on you guys! You know I'm gonna miss you!''

''We know Hemo. We are gonna miss you too. So much'' Ashley says softly as she rest her head on my left shoulder. I wrap my arm around her and pull Brittany into my other side. We stay like that for God knows how long, and finally say our goodbyes.

As I lay in bed that night, I fall asleep with a smile on my face. And since a really long time, I sleep like a rock.

2 days later, 7 am.

Oh man I hate this! My mom, Ashley, and Brittany are all crying, which almost makes me cry. Almost. I'm a badass. Badasses don't cry. I'm already in my black and blue motor suit. As I hug Ashley and Brittany one last time, I walk over to my mom, who's waiting by my bike. She wraps her arms around me, and I lean into her embrace.

''I love you so much baby, don't ever forget that'' she whispers. Oh goddamnit here come the waterworks. I look up to her with tears streaming down my cheeks. She takes my face between her hands and wipes the tears away.

''I love you too mom. So much.''

''Promise me you will email me from time to time okay?''

''Yeah of course mom'' I promise her. With one final hug I put on my bright blue helmet, and straddle my bike. I turn to Ashley and Brittany.

''You bitches take care of my mom okay?'' I ask them.

''Of course dumbass, who else has to eat your mom's lasagna weekly?'' Brittany says to me with a smile on her face.

''Yeah you better take care of my girls Britt, otherwise I might have to come back!'' I laugh. I start my bike, wave to them one last time, before driving away.

World, watch out, Heather fucking Morris is coming your way.

Naya's POV.

Oh my fucking God, what the hell am I doing here? I question myself for the third time this day. Here I am, working in the middle of fucking nowhere, in an abandoned gas station where no one ever shows up, besides the creepy motorcycle riders. All creepy men though. Imagine a western movie where like, hay or some shot rolls across the road. That kinda feels like this.

I know, you must be thinking, if you hate this job so much, why don't you quit already? Well, life isn't all rainbows and unicorns. I am saving almost all of my salary to eventually one day move to something bigger and better. I don't even care where, as long as it's not here.

Bzzz, bzzz, bzzz. I feel my phone vibrate against my thigh, and get it out before looking at my screen. There is a picture of my younger sister, Nickayla.

''What up baby sis?'' I answer my phone.

''Hey sis! How is my favorite lesbian?''

''She needs to get laid'' I tell her chuckling.

''Ewh oh my god, Nay, you seriously have no filter at all, do you?'' she says half laughing, half shocked.

''No, I don't, you should know that by now.'' I answer. ''But why did you call Nick? I kinda am at work, and if Tom catches me again doing nothing else then calling and texting, he's gonna freak.''

''He won't freak! You got him totally wrapped around your finger. And you shouldn't be worried that he's gonna take your shed away.'' She finishes sarcastically.

''Hey! Don't insult my cute little house would ya? It's not a shed! Okay, maybe it is but so what? Anything is better than living at home.''

''Yeah, I know'' she sighs. ''But I had no particular reason to call you, just checkin' up on you. You know, we should talk more. You should come visit me sometimes.''

''How would I do that though? Hitch-hiking?'' I ask laughing.

''Yeah, Naya Rivera, the big badass that she is. Hitch-hiking? Yeah right. You are afraid of the dark and horror movies, and you planning on hitch-hiking? Good luck with that!''

''Oh haha make fun of me miss 'I'm all tough, but I crawl under the blankets with my sister when it thunders outside.' I reply with a smirk. I might be a coward and totally scared of a lot of things, but I can be pretty persuasive and a bit of a bitch sometimes.

'' Okay, okay. Touché.'' She laughs.

''Hey Nick it's been really nice hearing from you again, but I really have to go okay? I'll call you some other time this week, okay?'' I ask her.

''Yeah, it's been great talking to you again sis.''

''Okay Nick, gotta go, love you, bye!''

''Love you too Nay, bye'' she ends. I sigh. It has really been too long since I last talked to her.

I moved out of my parents' house a couple of months ago. My boss, Tom let me stay in his shed, attached to his house. I just really wanted a place for myself, and now I finally have it. I'm not planning on staying very long though. You see, ever since I was little I've been into acting. I was featured in a couple of sitcoms. I was hoping to get some kind of break when I was 17. I played a victim in CSI Miami, but no. Clearly the director not knows what hotness means.

Although I do think it has to do with something else. Probably because I'm very, very gay.

Stupid judge mental world. I am Naya fucking Rivera and I'm gonna something with my live.

As I'm just minding my own things, I suddenly hear a very heavy engine roaring. When I look outside my jaw dropped. There is a figure on an almost all black bike, which looks brand new. As the stranger fills up his gas tank, parks his bike, and takes his helmet of, I'm nearly having a heart attack. He is an incredible sexy woman. Beautiful blonde hair whips around her gorgeous face. She looks hot. Like, smokin'. As she walks towards the shop/bar it's like it's going in slow motion. You know those Baywatch scenes where they used to run really slowly? Yeah, that's this for me right now. I'm like legit drooling. Damn, I seriously need to get laid. Hmm.. who knows maybe Blondie is up for it. Dirty images start to pop up in my head, and I just stand there with a foolish grin. As she enters the bar, she opens her leather motor suit, which reveals a black tank top underneath. Well dayum! Hello ripped arms and abs! She walks right over to me, and sits down at a barstool.

''Hi. Can i have a coke please?'' she asks.

''Uhm yeah sure. Do you want a glass or a bottle?'' I ask as normal as I can.

''Whatever suits you best gorgeous'' she says with a wink.

Wow, or this girl has amazing gaydar and knows I'm gay, or she just flirts with everyone. Well sexy, I can do that too.

''One bottle of coke, coming right up sexy'' I say with a wink while I bite my bottom lip. As I grab the bottle, open it, and hand it to her, it's time for some hardcore flirting.

''Here you go'' I say as I handle her the bottle, making sure my fingertips graze hers. ''So, what does a pretty girl like you doing here all by herself, driving a beast of a bike?'' As our fingertips touch, a smirk appears on her face.

''Well I could ask you the same thing miss….''

''Naya. Naya Rivera'' I say. ''But you still didn't answer my question.''

''Nice to meet you Naya. I'm Heather Morris. And what am I doing here? If I only knew. I'm travelling the route 66. Don't know where it will take me, though. So, I answer my question, you answer yours'' she says.

''Well, I'm working this crappy job, cause I'm saving up. I wanna move to Chicago eventually. My sister lives there. Haven't seen her in too long'' I end with a sigh.

''Wow. So there is another woman on this world who may looks like you?'' she asks with the biggest grin. Oh, she is good!

''No, sweetheart, there is only one of this'' I say as I run my hands down my body.

''Hmm, too bad. All women should be this gorgeous'', she says as she is full on checking me out. Oh my god. She actually manages to make me blush.

''Well, someone equally gorgeous is standing right in front of me as we speak'' I say as I play with a string of my hair. She chuckles. Wait, how can she be so sexy when she walks and talks, and yet so damn adorable?

''So I have another question'' She says with a serious face.

''Shoot'' I say.

''I kinda need a place to stay, since it's getting late and dark outside'' she says while pointing outside. I look outside, and see that is indeed getting dark. I glance over at the clock. 6:13 pm. Wow, time flies when you are having fun.

''Well, what are you asking ms Morris?'' I already know what she is gonna ask, and of course I'm gonna say yes, but I just want to hear her ask me.

But suddenly, she becomes all nervous and red. She is so cute! ''I uhh.. w-was wondering if uhh.. maybe I could.. ah.. stay at y-your place?'' she asks me while scratching her neck.

''Thought you'd never ask, stud.''

Author's note: So? Hate it? Love it? Have mercy tho, it's my first fic! See you guys next chapter! Btw, sorry for the cliffhanger, but y'all know what's coming next right? ^^