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February, 2009.

''Naya Rivera?'' The raven haired girl looked up when her name was being called. Replying a soft 'here' and standing up, she followed the man into the screening room. Once the door was closed, she saw it was a pretty simple room. White walls, and a small desk at the end of it, with three men sitting on it. Naya walks over to them, shaking their hands politely.

''Hi, my name is Naya, and I'll be auditioning for the role of Santana Lopez.'' Naya says as confident as possible. A bold man looks at her, and gives her a warm smile.

''Welcome Naya, I'm Ryan Murphy, and these gentlemen are Brad Falchuck and Ian Brennan. So Santana huh? You certainly have the looks for her, exotic. But what is it about the character that fascinates you so much?'' Ryan asks.

''Hi mr Murphy, I'm a big fan, I love your work, and I'm very glad to be here. As for the role, her character fascinates me because she is such a potty mouth and a bitch, which is the complete opposite of what I am. It would be a fun challenge.'' Naya explains. Ryan smiles at her, and motions for her to take a seat, which is in sight of one camera.

''Okay so this is what we are going to do. You have received a script two weeks back, correct?'' Naya nods. ''Okay, so the scene you have prepared, is the one you are going to show us right now. Remember, show us how you feel the character is. Just do your own thing, okay?'' Naya nods, and stands up. With one last breath, she starts her scene.

5 minutes later.

''Okay, so that was the acting part, now on to the singing part. So what song are you going to sing for us?'' Ryan asks.

''Emotion. Originally by the BeeGee's, but I'll be singing the Destiny's Child version.'' Naya replies confidently. She has practiced this song 24/7 for the last past weeks. Plus, she loves Destiny's child, so the song should be no problem at all.

''Okay Naya, blow us away.'' Brad says. Naya nods and again, takes one deep breath before letting her angelic voice float across the room.

Another 5 minutes later.

''Okay, so that was it for you!'' Ryan exclaims happily. ''You will definitely be hearing from us.'' Ryan winks at her. With a huge smile on her face, Naya leaves the room, bumping into a slightly shorter girl than her.

''Oh I'm sorry!'' The shorter girl exclaims as she grabs Naya's bicep to steady herself.

''Nah it's okay. As long as you are not going to steal my part, it wasn't on purpose.'' Naya winks. The shorter girl chuckles, and extends her hand.

''Hi I'm Lea, nice to meet you. And I'm here for the role of Rachel Berry. You?''

''Hi Lea, I'm Naya nice to meet you. I'm here for Santana Lopez. Is it your turn yet?''

''Oh no, I went in like, fifteen minutes ago. The thing is, they are announcing the ones that got the parts at the end of the day. And since I still live in New York, I'll just wait here.''

''Oh okay, do you mind if I wait with you? I guess if I don't make it, might as well know it right this day right?'' Naya responds smiling at the dark haired girl. Lea smiles in one of the biggest smiles she has ever seen, showing her perfect white teeth.

''Yeah that would be awesome! Have you had lunch yet?'' Lea asks. Naya shakes her head. ''Okay cool, we can go look for a good place to have lunch then.'' Lea says while hooking her arm in Naya's.


Heather is currently sitting on the wooden floor of their new place, staring at the furniture, trying to imagine the perfect stand for them. After a couple of minutes of thinking, she stands up, and starts pushing the couches around. The TV is already in its place, up against the wall. Underneath that, is a glass cabinet with their cd's and dvd's in it. On top of that stands a framed picture of the both of them, the photo taken by Nickayla. It was at their last day at the park back in Chicago. They are sitting on a pick nick blanket, Heather's arm thrown lazily around Naya's shoulder, and they look at each other. At that moment, Nickayla had snapped a photo of them.

Heather sees the picture, and smiles. She can't believe where she is right now, a year ago she wouldn't have dreamt of all of this. But right now, she lives together with the hottest, sweetest, and most caring person in the world. She thinks about their trip, and how they did it all over again when they moved to L.A.

Heather is busy getting all their clothes out of the closet, and folds them neatly, so they fit in the moving boxes. This was day two of packing everything and wrapping everything up in toilet paper. The first moving truck was already on its way to L.A. Yes, they could have chosen for moving everything by plane, but this was the slightly cheaper option.

As Heather is busy folding her clothes, and is standing with her back to the door, she doesn't notice a beautiful Latina making her way over to her. She walks as quiet as possible, tiptoeing over the carpet, making sure her toes don't make that cracking sound they always do when she walks barefoot. She stands behind Heather for a couple of seconds, before putting her hands on her shoulder.

''BOO!'' Naya shouts, as Heather jumps, drops the clothes, and screams of fear. Once she's calmed down, she turns around, and sees her girlfriend clutching her stomach with laughter.

''Oh no miss Rivera, no you didn't!'' Heather exclaims as she grabs the shorter girl, and throws her on the bed. Naya lands flat on her back, and in a matter of seconds, the tall blonde is hovering over her.

''So you thought you could scare me, huh?'' Heather says with a devious smirk, as she starts tickling Naya everywhere she can get her hands on. Naya shrieks as she tightens her abs. After a couple of seconds, it really starts to hurt, and tears start streaming down her face, still of laughter that is.

''H-hemo ss-stop! I can't b-breathe!'' Naya manages to get out. Finally Heather gives in, and drops her dead weight on top of the Latina. Naya pushes her off of her, but cuddles into her on the other side.

''So, this is it huh? We're really doing this?'' Naya asks as she catches her breath.

''Yep. We are really moving to L.A.'' Heather sighs. She combs her fingers through raven black hair, and looks at her girl, who has her forehead scrunched, which means that she is thinking about something. With a single finger she runs it softly across her forehead, causing the wrinkles to disappear.

''What are you thinking about?'' Heather asks. Naya turns around, so that she is lying fully on top of the tall dancer.

''Do you remember how we met?'' she asks.

''Of course baby, how can I ever forget that? It was love at first sight.'' Heather says softly.

''Well, I was thinking that since our love blossomed through the road trip, maybe we could re-do it. Like, back to L.A, me and you on your bike. Two duffel bags, and all that stuff, all the motels.'' Heather's smile grows by the second.

''Oh my God baby, I would love that! Can't believe I haven't thought about that one! You are so smart, you know that right?'' Heather says sweetly. Naya nods happily, and leans in to peck her lips. The kiss however, doesn't stay as innocent, as Heather's hands creep up under Naya's shirt.

After that they had awesome, out of this world, mindblowing –worshipping Naya cause she is so smart- sex. And a week later, they were back on the road. And now, she is here, putting their new home together, their safe haven. Suddenly, Heather reminds something that Naya must know. Now.

She grabs her phone, and types furiously away on her phone.

To Naya: Babe! Whatever you do at your audition, don't say to anyone you are gay! It'll ruin your chances! Xx


Naya walks down the streets of L.A, talking about everything and nothing when she feels her phone vibrating. Opening the new message, she sees the text Heather send her. She smiles, while shaking her head. Lea, who was in the middle of a rant about being on Broadway when she was little, notices that Naya isn't agreeing with her anymore. She looks to her right, and sees Naya with a loving smile typing on her phone.

''Okay, so who is your knight in shining armor?'' She asks. Oh crap. Naya looks up with wide eyes, and she stuffs her phone back into her pocket. She looks straight ahead, but can't help it when her lips curve upward and form a little grin.

''Oh come on spill! Who is he? You are so in love!'' Lea says laughing. At the word he, Naya's smile fades. Damn, could she trust his girl she just met an hour ago enough to tell her?

''I'll tell you, if you promise to keep your mouth shut, nobody can know about this.'' Naya tells her seriously. Lea looks likes she is about to discover a way to rob a bank and get away with it.

''Okay well, this person, is my soulmate. We've already been living together for a year, and maybe fought one or two times. And even the fighting isn't that bad, cause the make up sex after that… Yeah well, that's not for your ears.'' Naya winks at the shorter brunette.

''So why can nobody know about this then? It's sounds pretty romantic, kind of a forbidden love.''

''Well, it's definitely not forbidden, but if it ever came out, it wouldn't be so good for my future career. Or hers.'' Oh shit.

''Hers?'' Lea gasps. ''You are gay? No way! Seriously, that was the last thing I would have thought about you!'' While Lea is ranting about gays and what not, Naya is internally freaking the fuck out. She said it. She told it. Shit.

''Naya!'' Said girl was brought back to earth when she felt Lea tugging at her sleeve. ''Why do you look so worried?'' She asks. Naya shakes her head, and cracks out a small smile.

''So you don't think it's wrong?'' Naya asks a little insecure. Lea looks at her like she's grown a second head.

''What, are you kidding me? it's 2009 for God's sake! People should be way more accepting about the gays and lesbians.'' That reaction calms Naya. At least she has someone who is accepting. Not everyone in the business is that accepting.

''So, you're okay with it? Not mad or something?'' Naya asks one last time.

''No of course not! You know, I've made out with girls too. One of them even made it online, it was during spin the bottle, so I was drunk and didn't notice it until the next morning.'' Lea laughs. ''So, who is this girl who has you blushing like that? She hot?'' Lea asks casually. Naya's eyes widen and she slaps Lea's arm.

''Hey! No macking on my girl! And yes, she is smoking.'' Naya says while showing Lea a picture of Heather and Naya together, smiling.

''Oh wow. You two look beautiful together. It's a shame you have to keep it a secret.'' Naya nods, puts her phone away. Together they walk down the streets of L.A, in search of a good restaurant.

Eventually they find a cute little café, and order a couple of sandwiches, and both coffee. Naya decides to text Heather back, in case her girl is freaking out.

To Hemo: Hey babe, a new sorta friend of mine knows. She is totally accepting tho, and she promised she wouldn't tell. How is the house coming together? Love you!

After some casual talking, Naya receives a new text back.

From Hemo: Oh okay babe, I thought ya know, since you can't keep your mouth shut ;) Anyways, almost ready with the furniture. When you will know if you got the part? Xoxo

Naya smiles at Heather's text. Heather knows her too well. Luckily she said it to the right person.

In about an hour. So nervous and excited! We just had lunch, going back to the studio's now, and then we will know… See you in about an hour and a half babe. Xoxo


Naya and Lea are sitting together, talking about the show and what it might mean for them in the future, when a pretty blonde girl walks up to them.

''Hey, sorry to bother you guys, but I was wondering if one of you has an aspirin? I feel a major headache coming up.'' Naya, always prepared with her huge purses where probably a little dog could live in, rummages around before pulling out a strip of aspirins.

''Sure, here you go. Must be the nerves huh?'' Naya asks as she hands the girl a small bottle of water and the strip of aspirins. The pretty blonde nods, and sits down next to them.

''Yeah, it's just that I gave up a lot for this you know? I really hope I get the part.'' The girl sighs after she downed the aspirins, and takes a couple of gulps, before giving the bottle and the strip back to Naya.

Yeah, we know how you feel. I'm Naya by the way.'' Naya says as she shakes the girl's hand. ''And the little one over here is Lea.'' Naya laughs after being playfully shoved by the shorter girl. Lea extends her hand while smiling at the blonde.

''Don't pay attention to her, I'm Lea, nice to meet you.'' She says while shaking her hand.

''Hi I'm Dianna, nice to meet you too. So, what parts are you guys here for?'' Dianna asks.

''I'm here for Rachel Berry, and this one here is for Santana Lopez.'' Lea answers. Dianna sighs deeply, feeling relieved.

''Okay so no competition, that's cool. I'm here for Quinn Fabray.'' The blonde explains. After some small talk, Ryan and his posse walk in. In his hand is a paper, probably with the names on them.

''Okay guys, everyone's attention please!'' Ryan says. Everyone gets quiet, and looks at him. ''Okay, so I want to thank everyone for coming in today, some of you have some serious potential, so if you didn't make it, don't give up okay? So, I'm going to post this list here, and I expect the new cast in the recording room in fifteen minutes okay? '' With that, he puts up the list, and leaves the room again. Lea, Naya and Dianna shoot up, and run up to the list. Naya, who makes it there first, scans quickly over the list, looking for her name.

Will Shuester - Matthew Morisson.

Sue Sylvester – Jane Lynch.

Rachel Berry – Lea Michele.

Finn Hudson – Cory Monteith.

Quinn Fabray – Dianna Agron.

Noah Puckerman – Mark Salling.

Santana Lopez – Naya Rivera.

She makes it this far in the list, when she sees her own name. She turns around to find Dianna and Lea already jumping and screaming. Almost in slow motion, she makes her way over to the two celebrating girls, and jumps in with them, laughing and jumping around, while screaming 'WE MADE IT!' over and over and over again.

After a couple of minutes of hugging each other and jumping around, they move it to the recording room, where they auditioned earlier today. They are not the only ones who are really happy. The rest of the cast is there also, and all with huge smiles on their faces. After introducing themselves to the rest of the cast, the three girls make their way over to their chairs, and listen to Ryan, who tells them that the script will be send to their e mails, and that they will begin with shooting next week. After the little 'meeting' is over, the girls leave the building, still unable to wipe their smiles off their faces.

Naya immediately calls her girlfriend to tell the good news.


''Baby! I made it! I am Santana Lopez!'' Naya exclaims. She hears Heather wooing on the other side of the line.

''Yeah! That's my girl! Good job baby, I'm so proud of you! So you want to celebrate by me taking you out to dinner?'' Heather asks. Naya looks over to the other two girls, who are also calling their family and friends.

''Actually babe, how about we make this a dinner with two more people? You know that girl I just told you about? Yeah, and a new friend of ours, they both got into the show as well!'' Naya says happily.

''Okay hun, you guys come here first or what?'' Heather asks. They make a deal to come over first, wait there for Heather, and then go out to eat. After saying goodbye and I love you's, Naya makes her way over to Lea and Dianna.

''So, you guys up for a celebration dinner?''


Heather was busy getting dressed and getting their apartment ready. The furniture stands where it's supposed to stand, the cupboards are full and organized, and everything is in its place. After she took a quick shower, she puts on a dark red lingerie set. A little surprise for her girl when they are finally alone. She smiles to herself. Celebrating sex is awesome. They always try new things when they have something to celebrate. Last week, when it was Heather's birthday, Naya made her bend her body in angles which she never thought was possible. Especially when she was on all fours and.. No wait, don't think about that, you just showered. Heather stands in front of her closet, trying to figure out what to wear. She is still thinking of she should go for a dress or pants, when the bedroom door swings open, and three girls walk in. Unable to cover up, Heather just stands there in her lingerie set, a deep red color quickly appearing on her cheeks and ears.

''Uhm, hi.'' Heather says uncomfortably when she sees the two girls she don't know shamelessly checking her out. Naya walks up to her and gives her a sweet kiss on her lips.

''Sorry for interrupting babe, we will be in the living room, okay?'' Heather just nods dumbly, and shakes it off. She settles eventually on a red strapless dress, and black heels. After fixing her hair, she puts on her eyeliner and her mascara, and she is ready to go. Heather is someone who doesn't need make up to look good, but she likes to make her eyes pop. Now properly dressed, she walks into the living room. The three girls are sitting on the couch, chatting about everything and nothing.

''So, I'm ready, you girls too?'' Heather asks. Naya nods and stands up, introducing the short brunette and the pretty blonde.

''Babe, this is Lea, she will be playing Rachel Berry.'' Naya says as the smaller girl steps forward and gives her a big smile.

''Nice to meet you.'' Heather says politely.

''Nice to meet you too! And you have to tell me what kind of workout you do, because your body is flawless!'' Lea says way too enthusiastically. Heather laughs and nods her head. She already likes this girl.

''And this is Dianna babe. She will be playing Quinn Fabray.'' After shaking her hand, and smiling warmly at her, Heather feels at ease. This could mean two new good friendships with two girls she already likes. The four girls head out to downtown L.A, and enter the restaurant Heather has made reservations for. After they all take a seat, Heather next to Lea, and Naya next do Dianna, and order drinks, Heather speaks up.

''So I just want to say congratulations to all three of you for making it on the show, I really hope it gets big.'' Heather says with a smile while lifting her glass of red wine. ''And of course to awesome new friendships.'' They agree with that, and clink their glasses together. As Heather takes a sip of her drink, she keeps her eyes trained on Naya, who is across from her. Naya does the same, and they share a knowing grin. Yep, Heather is getting laid tonight.


After dinner, the girls make their way back to Heather and Naya's apartment to drink a little more, and talk about jobs and careers.

''So Heather, what do you do for a living?'' Lea asks as she makes herself comfortable next to Dianna on the couch. Naya does the same thing, and cuddles into Heather, still holding onto her glass of red wine.

''Uhm, nothing at the moment. But I really want to dance. Back in Chicago I was a dance choreographer for teenagers at a pretty good dance school, so that would be awesome if I can get a similar job here.'' Heather says with a small smile. Lea smiles back and nods. Suddenly, she looks like she has just discovered a cure for cancer, and squeals in happiness.

''I have the perfect idea Heather! You should come work at Glee as a choreographer! We actually have our first dance rehearsal next week! I am definitely asking the choreographer if he could use some help!'' Lea exclaims happily. Heather's face lights up like it's Christmas morning. She seems to like this idea.

''Yeah that would be really cool! Maybe I can come to set some time? Watch you guys a little bit, do some networking.'' Heather says while winking at Naya, who smiles back. The four girls talk until it's late at night, and eventually Lea and Dianna decide to head home. They do however, make a deal to get a girls night like this more often.

Naya and Heather get ready for bed, in their usual playful manner. Heather is tickling Naya's sides, making her girlfriend squeak and run away. Heather chases Naya until the Latina runs to the other side of the bedroom, locking herself in, no escaping route possible. Heather grabs Naya by her waist, and swirls her around in circles. Like in the movies, they slow down, and Heather places her girl carefully back on the floor. Hands entwined by now, Naya leans forward, canting her head to the right, waiting patiently for Heather to do her thing.

As their lips touch, fireworks explode in Naya's stomach. She gets it every time she kisses Heather. The blonde carefully moves them to the bed, where she turns around and sit in the bed, Naya straddling her, lips molding together again. That night, they didn't get much sleep. But that's nothing out of the ordinary.

Early May, 2009.

Naya walks in her apartment, exhausted. She loved working on Glee, but she makes long days, and there is a lot of dancing, back up singing, and looking her absolute best all the time. But, it's all worth it, cause in two weeks, the first episode is airing on Fox. They just finished filming episode 3. One and two were already done, and being edited at the moment. Naya plops down on the couch after another dance rehearsal. Damn you Zach Woodlee for being so brilliant and making up the most awesome pieces.

As she settles on the couch to close her eyes for a couple of hours, she hears the front door opening. Heather walks in with grocery bags, big smile on her face, wearing her authentic dark grey sweatpants and a baggy white shirt.

''Hey babe. How was your day?'' Heather asks as she sets down the groceries and makes her way over to the tired Latina laying on the couch. She crawls on top of her, pecking her lips.

''Mhmm, hey sweetie. Busy day.'' Naya responds yawning.

''Okay babe, you sleep for a little bit, I'm making us dinner in the meantime, okay?'' Heather says. Naya mumbles something Heather can't understand, and nods. Heather smiles, and softly kisses Naya's forehead. Naya turns around, and falls asleep almost instantly. As Heather walks to the kitchen to start on dinner, her phone rings. Walking over to the kitchen counter and picking up her phone, she looks at her screen.

Incoming call – Unknown.

Thinking it might be another company trying to get her to buy stuff, she answers in annoyance.


''Heather? Hi this is Zach! Remember me?''

''Hi Zach! Of course I remember you dork! It hasn't been that long, has it?'' Heather jokes.

''Nah, I just like overreacting. Hey I have a proposition for you if you're interested.''

''A dance job? I'll take it!'' Heather says excited. This is the perfect timing that her old friend Zach calls. Zach Woodlee is a choreographer and is trying to get well known in America. He and Heather have a few things in common. Like the fact that they both started dancing at a young age. Or that they have both been back up dancers for big stars, Heather for Beyonce and Zach for Madonna. They have worked together on pieces a couple of times, so that's how they know each other.

''Yeah, it's a dance job. I would like you to come teach the Single Ladies dance to the cast of Glee.''

''Uhh..'' Oh my God! Glee! That means she's going to see Naya a lot more! But, they have to act like they don't know each other, which will probably kill her. But on the other side, it usually gets paid pretty well.

''Okay that sounds awesome! When do you need me there?'' Heather asks.

''Monday. So you have three more days to perfection it, but knowing you, you can dream that dance.'' Zach chuckled.

''You know it. Okay, so I'll see you on Monday!'' After hanging up, Heather couldn't wipe the smile off her face. She has to tell Naya when she wakes up. She would probably be very happy for her. And, maybe if she shows her best side, they'll keep her as one of the choreographers! That would mean that she gets to spend even more time with Naya.


''Naya? Baby, wake up. Dinner is ready.'' Heather says softly as she tries to wake her girlfriend up, who is still soundlessly asleep. After placing soft kisses on her cheeks, lips and nose, Naya finally opens her eyes, and stretches wide.

''Hey sleepyhead. Dinner's ready.'' Heather says softly before giving her another sweet kiss. After a couple of minutes of cuddling and trying to wake Naya up, they are sitting on the couch, plates on their laps, watching some TV.

''Hey babe?'' Heather begins.

''Hmm?'' Naya answers while she's chewing on her vegetables.

''I got a job for a couple of days.'' Heather says happily. Naya turns to watch her girl, swallows her food, and leans in to kiss her.

''Yay babe, I'm happy for you.'' Naya says as she pecks her lips one more time. ''What kind of job?'' She asks.

''I have to teach the single ladies dance to the cast of the show called Glee.'' Heather says nonchalantly. Naya's eyes almost bulges out of her head when she hears this. She puts her plate down on the coffee table, grabs Heather's plate too, and jumps on her, engulfing Heather in a big hug.

''Really! Oh my God I'm so happy!'' Naya exclaims as she climbs on top of her girlfriend.

''Hmm thought so. We have to be careful though. Nobody can know that we are dating. It can ruin both of our careers. Naya pouts, and lays her head on Heather's chest. Heather's fingers immediately find their way in raven black hair, combing it softly.

''It sucks you know? Not being able to show that we love each other in public.'' Naya mumbles into Heather's shirt. Heather nods, and looks up at the ceiling. One day, they will be able to show it to the rest of the world. The world will know then, That she and Naya are soulmates.


After going to the studio's separately, Heather is currently being introduced to the cast. Lea and Dianna are playing along with the whole 'I've never seen you before' thing. Cory, Mark, Dijon, Harry, Chris, Amber, Jenna, and Matt have been all very nice to her. However, when Zach dragged her over to meet Naya Rivera, she really had a hard time to keep her face straight.

''So Heather, and last but certainly not least, meet Naya Rivera.'' Heather looks to her left to see her girlfriend in the most sinfully short skirt ever. A red, white and black cheerleading costume is what her girl is wearing currently, and all she wants to do is rip it off her body. She extends her hand towards the Latina, and takes her hand.

''Hi, nice to meet you.'' Heather says breathlessly. Naya looks flushed, but keeps her pokerface in place.

''Hi, I'm Naya, nice to meet you too. Are you a new cast member?'' She asks. Heather can't help but smirk at this. Her girl was a really good actress.

''Uhm no, I'm going to help you guys with the Single Ladies dance. I used to be Beyonce's background dancer, so I know the dance by heart.'' Heather 'explains.' Naya almost can't help but smirk at her girlfriend. But, the professional that she is, she keeps a straight face.

''Okay, well I'll be seeing you around then.'' Naya says. Heather nods and smiles, and when no one is looking she winks quickly at her girl before walking off again with Zach.

That same afternoon.

''Okay so you bow your head, and pump your fists down like this.'' Heather explains to Jenna and Chris. Chris, the big gay character on the show, is supposed to do the dance as a try out for the school's football team. So far, Heather is really getting along with everyone. Ryan Murphy even walked up to her to make some small talk with her, and saying that she is doing a great job so far. Happy with the compliments, she works even harder. After a couple of hours, the routine is almost perfect, as Zach walks up to Heather, who is sipping her bottle of water.

''Oh my God Heather, you are not going to believe this.'' Heather wipes her mouth with the back of her hand.

''What?'' She asks as she begins lurking at the bottle again.

''Ryan offered you a role as the third cheerleader on the show.'' Zach says. Heather spits her water out, and coughs loudly, almost chocking on the liquid.

''Say what!'' Heather shrieks.

''You are going to be on the show! Ryan loves you already, and your funny comments. I mean, the part is yours if you are up for it.'' Heather can't contain her happiness and starts bouncing around the studio.

''OF COURSE I'LL TAKE IT!'' Heather yells. After a couple of minutes of celebrating with Zach, he tells her that she is expected in Ryan's office in five minutes. After composing herself, she walks over to his office, and knocks on the door. When she hears a muffled 'come in' she opens the door, to find Ryan working on his computer.

''Hi Heather! Come in, come in, take a seat.'' Ryan says while pointing at the chair in front of his desk. She takes a seat, and folds her hands neatly in her lap.

''So Heather, I guess Zach gave you the good news huh?'' He asks. Heather nods, and Ryan continues. ''So I was thinking. We were already thinking about hiring a third cheerleader, but I guess we already found her huh? So, you'll be playing Brittany, a ditzy cheerleader. We didn't quite figured out a last name, but that will come as times goes on. It's not a big role though, but it'll pay well enough. You will be most used as a dancer, and back-up singer. I was thinking about making you best friends with either Quinn or Santana, played by Dianna and Naya. Have you met them already?'' the boss asks her. Heather, trying not to smirk, nods.

''Yeah I've just met them today.'' She lies. ''They are both very nice to me, so I don't mind who is going to be my best friend.'' Ryan seems satisfied by that.

''Okay well then. I guess it'll be Santana then, since you're quiet ying and yang, and putting two blondes together as two best friends is kind of cliché. However, the three of you are both cheerleaders, but Quinn is the head cheerleader, you two are her followers, kind of.'' Ryan laughs. Heather just laughs, and agrees with everything he says. She is already over the moon by getting such a great job. ''And we want to re shoot a couple of scenes with you in it, so it seems like you are just there from the beginning. I guess you first appearance will be in the second episode.'' Ryan explains.

''Okay but I have one question. I've never acted before, so I don't really know what I'm doing.'' Heather tells him honestly.

''Hmm, that may be a problem. You still have a small part though, so you'll probably don't have a lot of lines. But how about we see how it goes, and otherwise we'll pay for your acting classes.'' Ryan says with a smile.


After her conversation with Ryan, Heather is walking on cloud nine. First she gets offered a job, and then she hears she will probably working closely with Naya! Seriously, this day can't get any better. When she feels a pinch in her side, she turns around to see Naya looking away, whistling.

''Hey Nay. What are you doing here?'' Heather asks. She looks around to see that they are alone in the studio.

''Hey babe, I thought I'd pay you a visit when the rest of the cast is outside getting lunch.'' Naya says while walking over to Heather, and drapes her arms around her neck. Heather's hands come to rest on Naya's hips, and their lips meet in a sweet kiss. However, the kiss doesn't stay sweet as Naya's head turns to the left and opens her mouth to let her tongue play with Heather's.

''BUSTED!'' They hear someone yell as they quickly tear their lips apart. They look to the door to see Lea and Dianna standing in the doorway, each holding two bagels and a couple of bottles of water.

''Ha, we almost had you guys there. But you have to be more careful, anyone could have walked in.'' Lea says while handing Naya and Heather a bagel with cream cheese and a bottle of water.

''Sorry, we got a bit carried away.'' Naya explains. Lea and Dianna nod understanding.

''So guys, now we are all together, I have something to announce.'' Heather says. The three girls turn their head to the dancer and wait for her to speak up.

''Okay so I spoke with Ryan today, and he offered me a job. I'll be playing the role of Brittany, third cheerleader and best friend of Santana Lopez.''


January 31st, 2012.

''Okay so Heather, Naya, you two come up here, next to the stage, and start swaying, and just do your thing okay?'' Brad says. They nod, as the music starts playing again.

You don't know how many times I wish that I had told you

You don't know how many times I wish that I could hold you

You don't know how many times I wish that I could mold you into someone who could cherish the thought, of always having you, here by side.

Heather grabs Naya closer, and leans their cheeks together.

Cherish the thought… ooohh.

Heather looks into Naya's eyes, and mouths 'that was so sweet. Thank you.' Naya leans in, tilting her head to the right, and waits for Heather to do the rest. Heather's nose nuzzles Naya's upper lip, before catching it between her own lips. She can't help but smile into the kiss. 3 years of pretending, people on set finding out about them, getting an own storyline based on their chemistry. Gay panicking from Naya's character. Having a 'boyfriend' for almost a whole season for Heather's character. Naya's character random hook ups. Real life that gets in the way sometimes, and how they have to pretend to just be friends. Also, a growing fandom by each day that doesn't allow them to show their affection in public.

But all of that doesn't matter right now. Right now, she kisses her girlfriend with passion and love. She doesn't even hear the 'cut' when it's being called. She just wants to keep kissing Naya. Eventually Dianna playfully pulls Naya away by her waist, and Heather blushes.

''So, that was quite the kiss huh? And only the first take!'' Brad laughs. After six more takes, and six more passionate kisses, it's a wrap. They're done for today, and they finished filming this episode. Then all they have left is filming the regionals episode, before the seven week hiatus. Heather and Naya deserve some rest if she may say so herself. After all the weeks of hectic filming and rehearsing, Heather thinks that maybe they should go on a nice vacation. Maybe to some place nice and warm. Mexico or something.


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