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Chapter One – Welcome to a Weekend in Luxury

Tony had decided to invite Ziva to come along with him for Thanksgiving this year. Tony's father had actually insisted that both of them come up to New York City to spend the weekend with him. As a result of them both agreeing, Tony's father had rented a room in a top-of-the-line hotel for them to spend the weekend in when they weren't at his house.

Tony unlocked their room and both Tony and Ziva's jaw dropped as their elegant room was revealed to them. The entire living room and kitchen area was bigger than the squadroom. They both decided to walk around a bit and get used to this luxurious suite.

"This is one of those couple suites, Ziva." Tony said with a tone that Ziva detected that she hadn't heard in years.

"How do you know?" Ziva asked setting down her bag on the white kitchen table. Tony turned on a plasma television in the living room, and walked into the master bedroom. There was a California king bed that was neatly made, as well as an oversized television hanging on the wall of the opposite side of the room.

"Nice bed." Tony laughed as he set his bag down on one end of the long bed. Ziva walked in and rolled her eyes.

"I never understood the point of these." Ziva's voice trailed off as she went to explore the master bathroom. Tony held back a laugh. She opened the fogged glass bathroom door and it revealed a long hallway-type bathroom. On one side of the hallway was a walk-through shower with jets and led lights, and on the other side of the room were two sinks that were lit up with the same lights that changed colors with a touch of a button. The long mirror above the sinks was lit and reflected off the chrome cabinets. Everything else was behind another fogged glass door at the end of the hall.

"Tony-" Ziva's voice trailed off. "Your father must have paid a fortune for this room." Tony walked through the door and his eyes widened.

"Ziva, this is amazing." Tony's voice echoed. He and Ziva walked back out of the bedroom and into the main living area. Tony saw behind the thick red curtains, there was a balcony door, and he slid it open. Outside on the massive balcony, there was a hot tub that was lit up underneath with lights hanging from above. Tony laughed with disbelief.

"No way!" Tony laughed as she closed the door. Ziva raised an eyebrow and looked at him with curiosity.

"What is it?" Ziva asked.

"There's a hot tub on our balcony." Tony explained.

"Oh. I did not bring my bathing suit." Ziva said disappointed. Tony grinned.

"You don't really need one, do you?" Tony asked.

"Oh my god, Tony!" Ziva rolled her eyes and made a disgusted face. There was an awkward silence between the two.

"What should I wear to dinner with your father?" Ziva asked breaking the silence.

"I don't know. Anything looks nice I guess." Tony chuckled. "I do not even know what to wear." Ziva grabbed her bag off the table and walked into the master bedroom. Tony followed. She placed her bag on the other side of the bed that Tony was on, and she began to sort through it. Eventually, she pulled out a short yet elegant dress that was navy blue, and silk. She also pulled out her cosmetic bag and walked to the bathroom.

"I'm going to get dressed now." Ziva announced walking in, but not closing the door all the way. Tony watched as she began to undress, but she knew she was being watched, and she stopped. Tony quickly turned his head and began to get dressed. After Tony finished putting on a nice suit, with a tie that almost matched Ziva's dress, he walked over to the bathroom door with his hand over his eyes.

"I'm looking for my comb." Tony said patting the doorway and walls. Ziva pulled her sleeve over her one arm and smirked.

"You can look now, Tony." Ziva said adjusting her dress. Tony uncovered his eyes and he was surprised that Ziva looked that wonderful in what she was wearing.

"You look nice, Ziva." Tony said walking through the bathroom. Ziva felt the blood rush to her face.

"Thank you." She managed to say. She grabbed her brush and began to brush out her hair which started to curl around her shoulders. Ziva finished, and walked to the bedroom. She reached into her bag and pulled out a pair of heels and slipped them on, along with grabbing a wristlet.

"Are we ready to go?" Ziva asked quietly. Tony looked at her. She looked flawless. Her dress complimented her skin tone, as well as her eye color. Tony still couldn't believe they had to spend the weekend together in this room.

"Yes. I think he's probably waiting for us." Tony said following Ziva out of the bedroom, and then out of the suite. They took the elevator, and arrived in the parking garage ready to leave for dinner. Tony drove to the restaurant that his dad said they should meet at for Thanksgiving dinner.

-To Be Continued

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