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Chapter Two – Let's Talk Turkey… and Grandchildren

Tony had parked the car outside by the curb of a fancy Italian restaurant. The outside of the building was lit up with string lights, and lamp posts that were placed next to a cobble stone path that led inside. Tony got out of the car, and Ziva followed. She closed her jacket tighter around her, and walked up the path, her heels clicking along the way. Tony opened the door for her, and both of them walked into the main room. Ziva looked around, it smelled of rich Italian food, and everything looked so formal. There were statues, paintings and even a small water fountain. There were many tables covered in a white cloth with red dishes and wine glasses with a red or green candle in the center of the table.

"This is fancy." Tony said as he spotted his father in one of the rooms. Tony began walking in the direction of the small round table, and seated at one side was his father. Ziva followed Tony to the table. Tony's father stood up to greet everyone.

"Junior." Tony's dad greeted as he gave Tony a quick hug. Tony pulled away.

"You brought Ziva!" His dad smiled and went to give Ziva a hug. She gently kissed his cheek and Tony's dad grinned.

"You look ravishing, Ziva." Senior said sitting down and pouring everyone a glass of red wine out of the bottle. Tony sat down and Ziva took the seat next to him, and his father.

"Thank you." Ziva thanked Senior.

"What should we order for dinner?" Tony asked as his dad silently hoped for Tony to do more than just sit next to Ziva.

After they had eaten dinner, and ordered dessert, they had decided to sit and talk for awhile.

"That was one of the best Thanksgiving dinners I've ever had." Ziva announced.

"Glad you enjoyed it." Senior replied.

"Junior, what is going on with you and Ms. David?" He said slyly, winking. Tony choked on a sip of his wine and began coughing. Ziva quickly patted his back. Tony blinked rapidly and processed what his father had said.

"Dad!-" Tony almost hissed across the table.

"What? Isn't it about time you settle down with a woman?" Senior kept pushing the conversation. Ziva sat back and enjoyed watching Tony try to pull himself out of this topic. She caught herself smirking when his father started talking about commitment, and she almost lost it when he began talking about that he wanted grandchildren, and how she was beautiful enough to provide cute kids.

"DAD!" Tony put his hand down on the table, almost a bit too loud for the setting they were in. "Please stop." Tony practically whined as he grabbed his forehead with his hand.

"Sorry, Junior." Senior winked at Ziva. Ziva smiled and turned to Tony.

"Is it time we get going?" She asked Tony. Tony sighed with relief and began to get up.

"Yes, I think it's time. Thanks for dinner dad. We might come visit you tomorrow." Tony said standing, waiting for Ziva to get up. She stood up and adjusted her short dress skirt.

"Thank you for dinner." Ziva thanked Senior.

"You two are leaving?" Senior said in disbelief. "I suppose it's off to the hotel for a night of fun?" Tony's eyes widened and his face turned slightly red.

"Oh my god." Ziva whispered while trying to hold back her laughter.

"No dad. I can assure you that." Tony explained. A smile from Seniors' face dropped in disappointment.

"Really?" Senior asked. Ziva bit her lip.

"We should get going." Ziva said awkwardly, grabbing Tony's arm.

"Thanks for dinner again, Dad." Tony said giving his father a quick hug and then heading for the doors.

"We'll call you tomorrow." Ziva turned around to say.

Outside of the building, Tony stopped walking and gently pulled Ziva off to the side.

"I want to apologize for my fathers' behavior tonight." Tony said quietly, not making eye contact.

"I did not expect him to talk about- about" Tony could not finish the sentence. Ziva looked at him and smiled.

"I get it." She said just as quietly. "But, I do understand where he is coming from. I mean this man clearly has plans. Look at the room he gave us!" Ziva paused for a second.

"But Tony, we don't have to do this just for him. I'm willing to do whatever you want to." Ziva quickly stared at the ground. Then it hit Tony. Ziva was ready for whatever he wanted. Tony smiled. It felt like a weight was lifted from him.

"Good. Let's go back to the hotel, Zee." Tony said looking at her. She was clearly regretting what she had just said. They both walked quietly back to the car and rode back in mostly silence.

-To Be Continued

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