A wheezing noise filled the air in Cardiff, down in a dark alley, a few rats scattered in fear, finding new places to hide.

Soon after a blue light followed, then, the smell of smoke, within a few seconds the noise ceased and the light stopped flashing. The doors of the police box were pulled inwards and smoke poured out. Rose Tyler practically fell out, her blonde hair in her face, her hand over her mouth, as she coughed loudly

"What happened there?" she asked the Doctor as he stepped out of the TARDIS seemingly unfazed by the smoke

"We crashed, beyond that" he gave a light shrug

"Ok where are we?"

"Not sure" he said thinning his eyes taking in their surroundings "yet" he quickly pulled the TARDIS doors shut before any more smoke came out "We crashed badly so we're stuck here for the next 24 hours at least"

"Great" Rose said sarcastically brushing her hair behind one ear

"That looks interesting" the Doctor commented as a bunch of armed soldier dressed in black ran towards them. Rose and the Doctor both raised their hands in surrender.

"We've got one" a man yelled into his ear piece "Miss" he said to Rose "please step away from the non-human"

"What?" Rose said unconscious planting both her feet ready for fight or flight, she turned to look up at the Doctor who had both eyebrows raised

"Miss" the man reasoned "all non-humans are extremely dangerous and volatile please step away from it"

"Wait what?" Rose said inclining her head slightly

"It?" the Doctor's frowned

The man paid no attention just nodded to one of his colleagues who pointed a gun at the Doctor and pulled the trigger letting a dart fly into the Doctor's shoulder injecting a sedative.

The Doctor opened his mouth but the drug beat him and his body collapsed into unconsciousness, a man caught him from behind and started to carry him into a truck

"You can't do this" Rose said grabbing hold of the man holding the Doctor.

"I think you'll find we can, ma'am" the leader said "Any attempt to stop us will result in you being rendered unconscious"

"But" Rose's voice shook slightly. She followed them as if that would stop them, she couldn't take on 7 army trained blokes

"Doctor" she whispered as the van drove away.