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"Our world is in constant change. It's the job of the time sweepers to maintain a balance between times. We use time portals to travel to different worlds to harvest time crystals. If we don't harvest them fast enough, they transform into time monsters. The crystals are constantly forming, so there is always a need for sweepers.

I should be out there, collecting time crystals and bashing time monsters. But nooo, even thou I save princess Lena a year ago, I'm still on probation for leaving the time factory without permission. Yes, my probation was lifted when the Tom-Toms attacked, but now I have to go back to training. This sucks!"

Blinx sighed as he closed the computer where he was recording his video log. True, he was back on probation, but he suspected it was from the 'accident' at the ruins of time that almost killed the lead team…. For the life of him, he couldn't remember the team name. He shook his head. It didn't matter. The point was, he was stuck on probation and there was nothing he could do about it now. He sighed and walked out of his 'room'. It wasn't really a room. The only decoration was his original time sweeper, the one from world B1Q64. He looked up at it and sighed. This was going to be a long day.

As he walked down the hallways of the time sweeper HQ, he saw some sweepers running by. He stopped Picoro as the senior sweeper went by.

"What's going on?" Blinx asked in confusion.

"There is a massive increase in time activity in one of the sectors!" Picoro replied.

Out of habit, Blinx reached behind him to get is sweeper, only to remember that he didn't have one any more. He sighed and watched as the team jumped into a gateway. Suddenly, a voice came over the loud speakers. "Blinx, report to the training room. Now.'

He winced as some of the nearby sweepers giggled. Ears low he ran to the training room.

Blinx sighed as he collected the time crystals from what seemed like the thousandth time monster he had defeated. The CEO came on the speaker.

"Very good Blinx. You are dismissed."

He sighed in relief ant was about to exit the training room. When the CEO went on.

"Also, before you return to your room, the time core is reacting strangely. Go check on it, would you?"

Blinx sighed, this time in defeat, and mumbled, "Yes sir." Then walked out of the room.

Blinx pressed his paw to the scanner pad. After confirming that he had permission to enter the door, it opened. He went thru and the door slid shut behind him. As he tapped on the control pad, his frown deepened. Their seemed to be no problem with the core…. So why were the readings still going of the rails?

Blinx stopped looking at the readings and looked at the tank holding the time energy. He thought he saw something moving and moved closer. What he saw was impossible. The raw time energy was constantly moving so time monsters wouldn't form, but what Blinx saw was a strange looking time dragon. It looked stronger than the ones he had seen in the field. It looked like it was getting bigger. No, it was coming closer! Blinx leaped back as the time monster came out of the container and he got a good look at it. The dragon was a slivery color, not the red he was used to seeing. Just as he was mulling over this fact the dragon came towards him and jumped into his body. Blinx gasped as he felt a numbing sensation come over him, just before he passed out.

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