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Blinx groaned as he regained concenceness. Without opining his eyes, he recalled the events that had just occurred. He was checking the time core. Then he saw that weird time dragon! That must be it!

His eyes shot open and he saw that he had collapsed on the floor. Looking up he saw two sweepers guarding the exit. Looking down he saw the arm of a time dragon. Regular color, but still more mussled. He must have landed on it when he fell. He flexed his arm, preparing to get up. With a twinge of surprise, he saw that the dragon's arm moved!

He shot up and looked at his reflection in the glass. Looking back at him was a time dragon! He opened his mouth to scream and saw that the reflection moved to! He looked down at himself and saw that it wasn't a trick of the light. He was a time dragon! He looked at the two sweepers at the door and saw to his horror that they were raising their sweepers! He had seen what they can do to time monsters and didn't want to see is the same would happed to him. He ran passed the sweepers and stopped in the hallway. Where could he go?

His room? His paw was different so he door wouldn't open.

The CEO? He trusted his boss, but he didn't even know if he could still speak cat!

The gate room? Yes! He could jump into an open gate and hope fore the best. He turned towards the hall that lead to the gate room and started running. As he ran by, he saw the startled expressions on the sweepers faces and wished for the laughter at his expense. As he neared the gate room he heard more and more sweepers chasing him. He slid into the gate room and ran up the stairs. Looking off the edge he saw that there was only one gate open. Standing there, he remembered that this is how his first real adventure started. He was snapped out of his memories at the sound of pounding feat he looked behind him as saw dozens of sweepers coming after him. Without a second thought, he jumped into the gate.

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