"Expelliarmus!" Bellatrix's wand was suddenly flung from her grasp. Hagrid appeared feet away, storming towards her, Fang barking at his side.

"Shit!" In an instant, Bellatrix disapparated. Apparently Lucius and Narcissa had only just turned their attention on them and at the sight of Hagrid they too vanished before they could hear Hagrid's insults. The rest of the younger slytherins, including Severus, fled. Grabbing the rest of the beer and the stereo on their way out. "Don't think I won't be speakin' with the Headmaster!" He bellowed, shaking his head. Hagrid sighed and looked back to the frozen gryffindors. "Are you boys all right?" His face was full of concern as he flicked his umbrella, unfreezing the two.

As soon as they were released, James' body started trembling. "Oh my god." His voice quivered as he adjusted his glasses, panting. "She-was-was gonna curse me- and-was all- talking about Voldemort and-and she pointed here." James' fingers were shaking as he gestured to his wrist. "Like she was gonna-gonna." Suddenly James flopped backwards into the leaves. Sirius gasped and crawled over to him.

"James don't die!" Hagrid smirked.
"Oh Sirius, he only fainted. That loony witch must have given him quite the fright." Hagrid scooped James up like a blanket. "What were you boys doin' out here anyways. Them blasted fools, I can understand. But you two? Always getting' yourselves into trouble."

"Its all my fault. I dared James to go in. Then we heard their music and had to investigate it. Then my stupid cousin sat on us." He kicked at one of her empty bottles. Hagrid sighed, looking about. The forest was darkening quickly. "You can tell me when we're back. We otta get out a here before something else knows we're here." He put a hand on Sirius' back as he eyed the dark woods. "Fang!" He called to the dog who was sniffing at an empty bottle. The wrinkled pup came trotting back and the foursome headed out of the woods as quick as they could.

Hagrid's hut was warm as Sirius hurried in after Fang. Any fear Sirius might have felt earlier had vanished and he was now struggling to keep from turning into a dog to play with Fang. Instead he growled like he was one, and starting wrestling with the gray slobbery dog. Hagrid lay James down on his arm chair and dragged it towards the fireplace. "You hungry?" There was a stream of playful growls from both Sirius and Fang in response, before the gryffindor mimicked a dog's play bow and leaped off his haunches, tackling Fang. "Right then." Hagrid shuffled over to the stove and poured water into a mug, before uncapping a jar of herbs and sprinkling a few in before heading back over to the unconscious James.

"Ouch Fang." Sirius whined as he rubbed his red tooth marked arm. Fang simply stared, wagging his tail before licking Sirius' face."Oh, I can't be mad at you when you're so cute." He rubbed the pup's face as he looked back to Hagrid, his hair plastered to the top of his head from Fang's slobber. "So you sure he's not dead?"

"Certain of it. This will wake him." Hagrid opened James' mouth and poured some of the liquid in. James instantly sat up, coughing. Hagrid laughed as James gagged wiping at his mouth. "Don't worry, it won't kill yeah." James' face went stiff before a gurgling sound echoed from his belly. "Here it comes." Suddenly, James' mouth opened and a small flame burped out.

"What's going on!" James groaned.

"You're turning into a dragon!" Sirius bolted up and ran over, looking up to Hagrid. "Dragons are cool and everything, but you think you could turn him into a dinosaur instead?" Hagrid chuckled before setting the mug down on a table.

"He's not turning into anything. I gave him a pinch of Flaming Fern. Just enough to wake him up."

"And make my mouth taste like fireplace." James made a disgusted face. Sirius climbed up onto the empty space in the armchair.

"You all right?" James nodded, sighing.

"I can't believe I fainted."

"Well, at least we're alive right?" He patted his shoulder before eying a muffin-like food across the room. He flicked his wand and it landed in his lap. "You reckon there's slugs in here?" He whispered.

"Nah. That's just what I like to call, Dirt and Spice Cakes." Hagrid was usually literal with his foods and such, so Sirius sat the muffin aside.

"Are you going to tell on us, Hagrid?" James asked, sitting up a little, the fire reflecting in his glasses.

"Tell what?" Hagrid winked and sipped from his mug. "But you best be runnin' along. And if anyone gives yea any trouble, tell 'em to come talk to me."

"Thanks Hagrid." Sirius said as he gave his goodbyes to Fang.

"Yeah," James spoke up, "thanks a lot." Hagrid pulled the boys into a hug before shoving them out the door into the darkness, nearly making them tumble all the way down. "Watch yourselves there. Now run along, its gettin' awful dark."

"Bye Hagrid!" Sirius called over his shoulder as the pair jogged off towards the towering blinking castle. The boys managed to get into Gryffindor unseen by prefects or ghosts, they were used to sneaking about. As they entered common room, Remus gave them a look as they headed over to him. He sat with a Herbology book on his lap by the fire.

"You missed dinner, where were you?" He asked in a concerned whisper once they two reached him. James plopped down on the floor beside the fire, Sirius taking a seat on the arm of Remus' chair.

"Well," Sirius began.

"We'll tell you later." James added glancing about the common room. Many students were strewn about, chatting while doing their homework, Lily Evans was on the couch across from them. James locked eyes with her before nervously looking away and adjusting his glasses. "So...what was for dinner, anything special?" James quickly said trying to distract himself from Lily. Remus gave him a funny look.

"The same thing we always have, James."

"Oh." He said quietly, nodding his head, clearly not even listening to his response. But Sirius didn't seem to notice as he violently chewed on his arm like a dog.

"Padfoot!" Remus scolded and swatted him.

"Sorry, it itches really bad."

"Then itch it like a human." Sirius' brow rose.

"Jeeze, someone's cranky." He hopped up and yawned. "Well I'm hittin' the sack. Night." James glanced at Lily again before stumbling up.

"Yeah me too. Night Remus." The pair hurried up, James trying to look as tall and cool as he could when he passed Lily. The two got ready for bed and plopped under the covers, James delicately placing his glasses on his nightstand. The room was silent but for Peters' snore, and surprisingly sleep crept up on James in minutes. He was nearly dozing off when Sirius' whisper, that was almost louder than his talking voice, broke the silence.

"James?" He tried to ignore him, but then a second even louder 'James' was whispered so he rolled over.

"Wha?" Sirius was propped on one elbow, looking perplexed.

"Remember when Bellatrix said she'd invite her friend to join us?"

"I dunno maybe."

"Yeah you do, she said his name was Tom." James sighed and pulled his covers to his chest.

"What about it."

"Who do you reckon she meant by Tom? There's no Tom in Hogwarts. Well, unless she meant Tom the first year who eats plants in Herbology. You think-"

"No Sirius, I don't."

"How do you know that?"

"Well first off I kinda know a lot, and second I know she didn't mean that Tom." James sighed.

"Okay then smarty pants what Tom did she mean?"

"Tom Riddle, okay?" James answered reluctantly. "That's the Tom she meant." Sirius was quiet for a minute.

"Voldemort?" James glared at him.


"Oh," Sirius adjusted his blanket. "Well I'm glad he didn't come."

"Yeah ya think so?" James said sarcastically.

"Yeah I know so. That guy has the nastiest farts ever." James was silent. Was Sirius talking about the same Voldemort? "He's ugly and weird. He always tries to talk to me at dinner."

"Hang on..." But Sirius ignored him.

"Then he gets all insulted when I don't pass him the potatoes. He could have just got them himself they were right in front of him. It's like he enjoys giving orders or something."

"Yeah, just a bit...Sirius, what Voldemort are you talking about?"

"The farting, bald, slithery tongued weirdo." James sat up and put on his glasses.

"So you're telling me, Voldemort comes over to your house, for dinner...?" Sirius nodded.
"I mean its not like every night, but on Holidays and stuff he likes to. I think he doesn't have family or something I dunno. He's probably half egg with how bald he is. All he needs to do is befriend a chicken then they could have Christmas dinner together." Sirius rolled over. "Well, Night James." James sat silent, how did he not know any of this before, and how did Sirius say it all so matter of factly?

"Sirius, wait-" But by the dog like snores coming from the dark lump, Sirius had passed out. This would have to wait till morning, James sighed. Now James really felt like a chicken. Here he was afraid to eat Banana slug muffins when his best friend eats dinner with the Dark Lord. This would most definitely have to wait till morning.

An hour later in the Forbidden Forest...

The forest was silent. Dark. Empty. The leaves rustled as someone apperated into a small clearing. The clearing where Bellatrix and friends were drinking hours before, where James and Sirius were saved by Hagrid. He kicked a bottle as he walked, looking about. It was Voldemort, wearing a Slytherin beanie atop his bald head as a disguise. He scanned the area, but no one was in sight.

"Sssshit, lookssss like I misssssed the party." He said bitterly in his slithery tone. "All I wanted wassss to drink with sssome friendssss. Friends like Ssssiruss Black." He yanked off his beanie and threw it on the ground, hissing as he disapperated, "damn you all!"

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