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"Come on, Burn, it's not that difficult." The albino glides over toward the stumbling—and cursing, I might add—redhead. The skilled blue-eyes Gazel picks him up from the ground.

It's not time for opening the ice rink that the oldest Bakura sibling owns, in fact, they still have two more hours until it does open. Gazel takes this opportunity to teach his best friend how to skate, since he never wants to do anything except stay in his house huddled in a blanket complaining about the cold.

"Are you kidding? This is fucking hard! How the hell do you even stand upright?" The loud-mouth redhead comments. He flails his hands around, desperately trying to balance himself, before knocking into the annoyed whitette.

"This isn't hard, Burn. Seriously, if you would just focus than you would be able to balance yourself." Gazel steadys him, before pushing him off. Burn slips around, clumsily dragging his feet across the iced floor. Gazel groans at his best friend's stupidity.

"Fucking ice! This is why I'm more of a summer person.. stupid fucking cold! I'm like, allergic to you, or something!" Burn keeps flailing around. "I officially hate ice. Fucking hate ice. Hate hate hate hate hate ice."

When Burn lands on his ass again, Gazel picks him up by the hand, and drags him over to the end of the empty rink. "Hold onto the railing, you fire-head idiot."

"I refuse to." Burn lets go of the railing, and his feet are scrambling across the ice.

"You're hot-tempered. Let me go get a chair for you to hold on to."

Burn lightly smirks at that. "Jealous that I'm not allergic to heat like you are?"

"Not really," Gazel shrugs off the comment. He opens his turquoise eyes, staring at the golden-eyed redhead with a sly smile. "I'm just glad I can actually do something in the cold weather instead of sit around complaining about my cold."

Gazel hands him a wooden chair he gives smaller children to hold onto because they usually don't know how to skate. Burn is no exception.

He skates around holding the chair in place, having fun with watching how it shrieks against the cold pavement. In a moment, though, his eyes snap up.

"What do you mean by that?" Burn growls at him. The hot tempered teen makes a fist. "At least I don't complain about being burnt from the shower water!"

Gazel chuckles at the comment. "You need to chill, Burn. You look like as if you're going to attack somebody."

That triggers Burn. If there's one thing he hates, is when his remarks are ignored like they don't mean anything to them. He puts the fist down toward his thigh, and smirks at the cold albino, a deadly peaceful look in his gold eyes. "Me? Chill? You're kidding."

Gazel blinks blankly, and skates past him, knocking over the chair. He skates toward the left, leaving a raging—and annoyed—Burn trying to turn around.

"Come over here!" Burn growls, skating toward him.

"Well, what do you know," Gazel comments. "You actually know how to skate."

"What?" Burn asks.

"You're skating," Gazel points out after rolling his eyes. "Finally."

Burn stares at his feet blankly, shifting his hands. "I guess I am.. But that doesn't change anything!"


"Bye, Shirogane!" The blonde calls out. "Have a good day! Also, please be nice to Ichigo okay?"

She leaves the pink shop, a large rubber bag hauled over her shoulder. She walks away from the gardened front porch of the café, and walks down the sidewalk. Out of no where, she hears roller blades coming toward her, and she freezes. "Berry!"

"T-tasuku!" She collides into a firm chest, where pale arms wrap around her waist.

"Hey-a, Berry! How 'uve been?"

"G-good," Berry blushes into his arms.

"Come on, then! I've been practicing my skating all day to make sure I was perfect to match your amazing skills, Berry!" He spins her around before skating next to her across the pavement.

Berry clutches her large bag awkwardly, watching her boyfriend skate in front of her, talking about something she'd rather tune out. "We're almost there, Tasuku; take a right."

They pass the blue bars to the tattoo parlor, the noise of Tasuku's roller skates echoing against the ally. In neon blue, coming from the end of the ally, is the words "Ice Cold, Flaming Hot, Ice-Rink".

It says closed, but from her breast pocket she pulls out a silver key, fits it through the whole. When the door clicks, the door silently prods open. Loud music comes from the end of the rink, and to the right is a skate stoker. Tasuku silently slips off his own skates, putting on the shiny bladed ones to go onto the rink. Berry goes into the locker rooms to change.

The albino quickly slips out of her school outfit, putting on her favorite pink dress to go out to skate. She casually gets out of the locker rooms—after shoving her bag into one of the small lockers—and goes to get her skates, which is stored in Gazel's personal office.

In his office, there are pictures of the Bakura family, but from all of them, Berry is located there more. Gazel and Berry pushing each other on the swings, Berry playing soccer with him, than becoming his personal assistant, before hugging him as he went to high school while she stayed back for middle. She feels a pang of guilt, that in her room there's no picture of her family anywhere, only of her and Tasuku.

One catches her eye. It's her, the day she told her parents about her.. differences. She has genes of a bunny, whenever she heavily blushes her large bunny ears appear. This doesn't help the fact that she tries to keep this hidden from everyone. The picture is her pale bunny ears out, and her hair to the side. Her eyes glistened from crying so much. Gazel was the first to react, hugging her close as she cried in fear, while her two parents couldn't manage to get a word out.

She picks up her skates, and exits toward the rink. When she gets to the clear surface, Gazel and Tasuku are talking to someone with red hair. What's his name, Burn? Heat? Blaze? Something like that. She shrugs inwardly and skates over to them, not as graceful as the older albino, but pretty graceful.

"And that's why we're selling corndogs." Berry had tuned out for some of the conversation, only to come back to Earth at that moment.

"What?" Berry blinks, before shaking it off. "N-nevermind. I'm out of it today."

"You're right about that," Tasuku sighs. "You've been kind of dazing today. Was there any trouble going on today at work?"

"N-no." She shakes her head. "Nothing happened."

"Than what's wrong? Is your balance off?" Burn snorts.

Gazel takes this time to punch Burn in the gut. "She wouldn't be able to skate if she was, idiot."

"Don't get violent with me! You're as fragile as a snow flake!"

"You're as hot-tempered as a volcano!" At this, Burn shuts up. Gazel turns back to them as if nothing happened. "Come on, guys. Let's open up the store."

"It's going to be full in here, isn't it?" Burn mumbles.

Tasuku nods. "It's going to be loud in here also. Hopefully that doesn't hurt your ears, Berry."

Berry waves her hand in dismissal. "Don't worry. It won't."

They start to set up for the skaters.


"Shirou! I told you to pass it!" The salmon-colored hair boy yells from the other side of the field.

"I'm sorry!" The tired albino calls out. "I'm trying to catch my breath!"

"Damn right you are. You've got to keep up if we're going to the nationals."

"I know." Shirou can only sigh. "But you're getting faster up there in the front. Middfield is constant, not just staying in one place. You've got to cut me some slack, Atsuya."

At this, his twin grins at him, before grabbing his wrist off of the field, and onto the bleachers. They climb up to the top one, their breath puffing out in white wisps. They sit down, and Atsuya yelps. "Damn cold bleachers!"

Shirou can only laugh. "You're not very smart, are you?"

"What do you mean by that, Shirou?" Atsuya grumbles as he sits in a pedestal squat position, his clears boring into the metal underneath him.

"What did you expect, the bleachers to be warm?" Shirou lifts an eyebrow.


Shirou can only chuckle, before rolling his eyes. "Only you, Atsuya."

"Anyway," Atsuya tries to change the conversation. "You sure you're doing okay back there in middfield?"

"So far? Yeah. At least, I hope, of course." Shirou shrugs. "Could you help me? I need to learn how to run fast, and keep my stamina steady at the same time."

"Sure." Atsuya nods, and adjusts his scarf. "The thing is that you don't need to run fast."

"But—wait, how do you.."

"Just listen." Atsuya places his finger on Shirou's chapped lips. "You don't have to run fast. If anything, what you have to do is do that opposite. You have to know where the ball is going."

"I know that already." Shirou sighs. "The ball is always coming toward our side."

"Nope!" Atsuya grins. "Instead of waiting for the ball to reach you, go up to it. Never wait, always create. I think that's what Gazel told me once. Anyway, Charge after the ball."

"I never thought of that." Shirou looks back up to his brother, who starting doing muscle poses a while ago. "Thanks for the tip."

"No problem, bro. Now come on, we've rested, we gotta keep training."

"But, Atsuya.."


"It's.. cold out. Seriously cold. You can't even stand to sit—if that makes any sense—in this cold. Let's go inside."

"I'm not giving up, brother! I'm going to keep practicing. The finals are coming up, and I want to be perfect." He stops doing poses, and looks that him from the bottom of the bleachers.

"Oh. Well.. I guess I'll stay." He plops down on one of the benches, and watches as Atsuya goes back and forth on the field, dribbling over the various poles stuck onto the ground for practice. Shirou starts to shiver violently as the wind desides to pick up. "Atsuya, come on! Let's go inside!"

"No! I need to practice!"

"Atsuya, you come here right now before I kick your butt toward China!"

"..Awww, come on!"

"Let's go, Atsuya! Besides, we still have to go to the ice rink, remember?" They start to climb the steps toward their apartment they share together, their cleats echoing against the walls.

"Oh yeah! I bet I can make Berry fall!"

"I doubt it, Atsuya."

"You? Doubting? And more importantly, me? Impossible!" Atsuya clutches his heart dramatically before grinning wickedly at his brother. "I'm taking a shower first."

"No way, Atsuya! I deserve to take the shower first!"

At this, Atsuya flicks his golden eyes. "I take it first, cause I'm the older brother."

"But I got here first!"

"Too bad!"

"Atsuya! Come on! You always waste the cold water! I usually get my water scorching hot!"


"Awww.. goddamn it.."

Ryou shifts as he hears someone whisper in his ear. "Leave me alone, Bakura."

"Sorry. I'm just really sore of what we did yesterday." Ryou hears his smirk in his voice.

A grunt comes in reply on the other side of the bed. "Hn."

"Akefia, are you sore?" Bakura murmurs into his pillow.

"No. Ryou, what about you?" At this, Ryou looks up, and Akefia pulls him into his lap.

"I don't know. I guess I'm just numb."

"Yeah?" He starts to sniff his hair.

"Yeah." Ryou chuckles. He perks one of his eyes open, and gasps. "Oh no! I've got to go!"


"Owww.. hold it.. hold on.." He ginergly picks his way out of the comfortable bed, earning a sharp pain in his lower back in doing so. "Ow."

"What's wrong?" Bakura asks tiredly, picking his head up grudgingly.

"..I'm sore." Ryou winces. "Really sore."

"Well, I told you that would happen.." Akefia grins. "But you didn't listen to me!"

"Oh shut up, Akefia." Bakura growls. "I need to go to sleep."

"Anyway, I told my siblings that I'm going to the ice rink with them today."

"The rink your brother owns?" Akefia asks as he pries Bakura off his leg.

"Yeah, that one." Ryou starts to put on his clothes.

Akefia puts him back onto the bed. "You can go later."

"But.." Ryou sighs. No arguing with Akefia when he wants something. It's like trying to prove to a certain someone that cream puffs are horrible. YOU DON'T.

"Shhhhh, Ryou." Akefia whispers. "I'll ease you."

"Akefia, seriously, let me go.." Ryou murmurs. Akefia rolls his eyes.

"I thought we taught you not to protest against us.." Bakura whispers against his bare neck.

Ryou shudders, his silver hair falling against his shoulder. "G-guys.. Seriously.. I need to go home."

"Stay just a little longer. I'm sure your mom wouldn't mind." Akefia plants kisses on Ryou's shoulder.


Bakura grins. "I'm also sure you'd rather stay here in bed with us than go outside, it's freezing out there."

"But, my family is.."

Akefia and Bakura exchange glances, before looking back at him. "Forget about them!"


"I wonder where Ryou is.." Berry glances at the doors that lead to outside. The place is booming, skaters eating and skating. Gazel comes by, leading a confused Burn through the crowd.



"Ah." Atsuya appears out of no where, and Berry screeches. She slaps him on the head, and he whines. "Hey!"

"..Atsuya! You fucking scared me!"

"I'm not ten years old, you know! I'm nineteen years old!"

"You don't go scaring people like that!" Berry waves her hand around, and knocks over a couple of drinks. "Oh, I'm sorry!"

"You're such a clutz." Atsuya growls as he rolls his eyes.

Berry growls back. "Leave me alone. Anyway, where's Ryou?"

"He's probably with his boyfriends.. you know.. having fun!" Atsuya winks.

"Ewww! Brother!" Shirou can only do but slap his twin on the arm while wrinkling his nose. "You're freaking gross!"

Berry laughs at Atsuya's response. "But I'm right, aren't I?"

"Probably." Gazel rolls his eyes.

"He'll show up eventually." Tasuku shrugs.

"Alright then!" Atsuya gets ontop of one of the tables, his skates scratching the wooden surface. "TO THE ICERINK!"

"Get down from there, you idiot." Gazel rolls his eyes.




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