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Things Are Never What They Seem

Chapter Four

Enough is Enough…


"Goddamn it," I growled loud enough to shake the glass walls of my fortieth floor office.

I´d run across another glitch in the new software program, and was having a hard time rectifying the situation. Tentatively, we were set to launch the prototype at the end of the week. We had settled on a few select companies to test our product, but from the looks of things, I´d have to push it back a few more days if not weeks.


There was nothing more irritating than disorder, and my fucking life seemed to be filled with it these days!

Work was taking a serious toll on my psyche, but it was my home life that I was having a harder time dealing with. Sophie had been sick with and ear infection last week, so that meant that Bella and I couldn´t keep our usual daily appointments.

Not to mention that my little princess became extra-clingy when she was ill, and ended up in our bed every night. It was a miracle if Bella and I got any sleep these past few days.

Saturday night, after leaving Seth with my sister, and putting Sophie to bed, Bella and I took the baby monitor into our private nursery hidden behind the wall in our closet; I was in desperate need of some mommy time. We had just crawled into my custom-made oak crib, and Mommy was stroking my hard, weeping cock. Salivating, I waited anxiously for Mommy to give me her breast. I had just latched on; greedily suckling her sweet milk, when Sophie´s cries rang out through the monitor.

"Daddy," my princess wailed out in discomfort. The sound of Sophie's voice caused all motion to cease and Bella's tit left my mouth with a quiet pop.

"Fuck," I hissed, scrubbing my hand across my face in frustration.

"I´m sorry, Sweetie," Bella whispered, sounding just as disappointed as I felt. Looking down at my painfully hard erection, Bella placed her hand on my chest. "Why don´t you take a minute, and I´ll go check on her. Sorry, Sweet boy," Bella breathed against my lips. "Mommy promises to make it up to you later, okay?" With one last lingering kiss, she disappeared through the closet, not bothering to close the wall-panel behind her.

Throwing my arm over my eyes, I didn´t have to worry about composing myself, because Sophie´s cries of, "No Mommy, I want Daddy," sobered me and deflated my boner rather quickly. I heaved myself out the crib, threw on my discarded sleep pants, and stepped back through the closet, securing the room behind me.

Feeling the bed shift, Sophie´s head turned in my direction, and she launched her tiny body in my arms. "Daddy, my ear hurts," she whimpered as she snuggled into my neck and shoved her two middle fingers inside her mouth.

"Shh...Angel," I cooed softly, rubbing soothing circles on her back. "Daddy´s got you."

Placing my hand on her forehead to check her temperature, I was relieved to find that it was cool. With my eyes, I signaled to Bella to get her ear drops. Sophie absolutely hated having the drops put in her ears, so we had to be as stealthy as possible. Angling my body, so the she couldn´t see, I tightened my grip as Bella went in for the kill.

"Ahh…" came her startled cry, as she attempted to shield her ear from the cool liquid. As much as I hated to do so, I had to restrain her so that Bella could get one more dose in her ear and seal it with a small piece of cotton. Sophie continued to wail in protest long after Bella had closed the top on the medication, and crawled back on to her side of the bed.

My little munchkin was quite the grudge-holder.

Finally, after what seemed like hours, Sofia drifted off into a restless sleep. Carefully, I situated myself a bit more comfortably. Well, as comfortably as I could with a thirty pound four-year-old on my chest.

Yeah, Sophie wasn´t letting me go anywhere this time!

The weekend continued on pretty much the same path, and Bella and I decided to consult Carlisle about putting tubes in her ears. God knows that I love my little girl, but all her cockblocking was giving me the most severe case of blue-balls that I´d ever had!

Unfortunately, my employees were the ones on the receiving end of all my pent-up aggression.


By the time Monday evening rolled around, I was surprised that I still had any employees left. Let´s just say that with the way I´d been bitching and complaining all day, I put the most hormonal women to shame!

Not only was I not getting any Mommy and me time at work, but I was being cut off at home as well! I had only been able to nurse a handful of times over the weekend, and each time was rushed and unfulfilling.

Don´t get me wrong, my baby girl was the absolute apple of my eye, but that deeper part of me that needed to be nurtured, fed, and coddled by my beautiful wife was beginning to rear its ugly head.

Today had been my breaking point.

After nearly exploding over nothing in particular, Bella cornered me while I was getting ready for work and suggested that I call Sienna to see if she could squeeze me in sometime today for a session; that´s how I found myself leaving work a bit early and heading downtown to see my therapist.

"Edward," Sienna said, after I´d sat there sulking for a full ten minutes. "As much as I enjoy your company, as well as taking your money, I know that´s not why you're here. So, you want to talk about it…" Sienna stated matter-of-factly more than asked.

Sighing, I ran a hand through my hair. "I´ve been overwhelmed lately with work, and this morning…I snapped at Bella for no reason." My head dropped in shame at my admission. "Also, Sophie´s been sick, and things at home have been a little...strained for lack of a better word."

"Mmmhmm...I see," was her only response. "Go on," Sienna instructed as her pen continued to glide across the page.

"I´m so fucking conflicted," I admitted dejectedly. "I love my family more than anything, but not getting my Mommy time is taking a toll on me." Looking to my therapist for answers, I asked, "Does that make me selfish? Am I sick or a bad parent for wanting to take time away from my children to fulfill my own twisted fantasies and kinky desires?" Feeling like a complete and utter failure, I tugged at my hair with both hands. "God, I feel like such a fucking failure!"

Looking up from her notepad, Sienna removed her glasses before speaking. "Edward, how many times do I have to remind you that you are not a failure...a freak…a sicko...or any other self-deprecating adjective you can think of," Sienna stated heatedly. "You are entitled to have a life outside of your children. And how you choose to live that life is solely up to you."

I knew Sienna was about to hand me my ass, and frankly, that´s what I expected; after all, it´s why I came to her in the first place.

"Edward, you are a sexual creature just like every other red-blooded male in this world. How you fulfill those sexual needs is solely up to you. Just because your personal preferences may differ from the next guy doesn´t make you a bad person. Saying that, would be the equivalent of saying, all criminals take Tylenol as opposed to Aleve; it just doesn´t make sense."

I had no idea where she was going with this, but she definitely had my attention.

"Do you think that you are the only one who gets frustrated when you get cockblocked by your children?" I opened my mouth to respond, but closed it again, knowing that the question was rhetorical and needed no response. "No! Newsflash Cullen, you´re not! Homosexuals, bisexuals, heterosexuals, and kinksters alike experience the same types of frustrations. My advice to you when you´re feeling overwhelmed like this, is to step away, remove yourself from the situation completely. Masturbate if you have to, but don´t let your sexual frustrations cause you to doubt yourself, and the love that you have for your family. And for god´s sake don´t use that as an excuse to lash out at your wife, Edward." Feeling properly chastened, my ears tinged pink with my embarrassment.

"There´s something else," I admitted quietly. Sienna simply nodded for me to continue. "I want another baby, but I´m afraid that Bella´s already overwhelmed with the three of us as it is. What if she doesn´t want to have more children? What if she asks me change as a prerequisite for her getting pregnant again? What if I can´t do it?"

I was a fucking basket case, and wouldn´t be surprised if Sienna´s final assessment is that I be put in a straightjacket and taken to the nearest mental hospital.

"Whoa…slow down, Edward," Sienna admonished. "Have you even bothered to talk this over with Isabella?"

"Uhh…well no, not exactly."

"What do you mean, by not exactly? Either you have talked to her or you haven´t, Edward, it´s just that simple, now which is it?"

Knowing she was right, I responded with a quiet, "No."

"Then why are we discussing this?" she asked, sounding a bit agitated. "Haven´t you learned by now that Bella is her own person, and she balances you out perfectly? Whether you realize it or not, Bella needs her time in the nursery just as much as you do. Edward, Bella loves being a mother, but she also craves the attention you give her, and how desirable and sexy you make her feel by needing her to nurture you and fulfill a need and desire in you that only she can. Don´t ever doubt or second guess the role she plays in that side of your relationship."


Long after my session was over, Sienna´s words continued to play on a constant loop inside my head. Feeling guilty about not fully appreciating my wife, on my way back to work, I stopped at her favorite little flower shop and had a large bouquet of light pink roses and an edible fruit arrangement, that I knew the kids would enjoy sharing, sent to the house.

I´d managed to get most of the kinks out of the program I was working on, but nevertheless, tonight would still be a long night. I was nowhere near ready to go home, and that didn't sit too well with me.

To whom much it given and all that shit!

I´d sent everyone else home for the night, and I was alone hunched over my keyboard when my phone vibrated, breaking my concentration.

Looking down, a crooked smile curled up my lips when I saw that I had a message from my beautiful wife. She was probably just saying, thanks for the flowers.

Tapping the screen, my interest was piqued when I saw that it was a picture; probably just Sophie and Seth playing with their mother´s phone. My children were characters, and often sent me silly photos when I worked late. They claimed to be showing me what I was missing at home.

Holy shit!

This most definitely was not one of my children!

My jaw dropped in awe of the magnificent, beautiful, sexy sight before me.

Shallow breaths slipped from my lips, and faster than I thought possible, my cock was rock hard.

Feeling like a thirsty man trapped in the desert, I was afraid that this was just a mirage, and my mind was playing tricks on me. Conjuring up what I wanted to see, and not what was right in front of me. Well, not in front exactly, but close enough that I could almost feel her.

With lightening speed, my nimble fingers flew across the keyboard, bringing to life the security cameras upstairs, hoping to confirm what my dick already knew.

"Jesus..." I hissed, loosening my tie so I could breathe.

There, on my computer screen, sitting the hand-crafted rocking chair situated in the special on-sight nursery above my office, in perfect HD, was my sexy-as-fuck wife. Wearing nothing but a royal blue corset that pushed her succulent tits damn near to her chin, a matching garter belt and pantyhose, and a pair of high-as-fuck stilettos, Bella looked exquisite.

As if feeling my eyes on her, Bella ran a hand through the silky-smooth folds of her pussy and purred. "Well, Sweet Boy, are you going to stand there staring all night, or are you going to come and lick Mommy´s sweet pussy?"

What the fuck?

She didn´t have to tell me twice!

In a blur of discarded clothes, I took my private elevator to the nursery.

Clark Kent had nothing on my ass, as I practically shredded my suit from my body in the metal encased space. Stepping into the sweet-smelling room, surrounded by the familiar scents of baby powder and lotion, I felt like I could finally breathe after going days without oxygen.

"Mommy," I cooed softly, rubbing my nose in the crook of her neck. Taking her hand, she laced her fingers in my unruly mop and scratched my scalp.

"Shh...Baby," she whispered sweetly. "Mommy´s here to give you what you need; mommy will take care of everything." Despite knowing what that meant, I still couldn't find it in me to care. My cock was weeping for some attention, and I wasn´t about to miss out on the opportunity to be with my beautiful wife like this.

She had only to pat her lap, and I was jumping into position.

"Good boy," Mommy praised as she rubbed my exposed ass cheeks in preparation. "Mommy hates to do this, but she will not allow you to throw a tantrum every time you don´t get your way." Bella´s hand connecting with the fleshy part of my skin, where my ass met my thighs, had me mewling out in pain.

And this was just the warm-up!

Pausing her ministrations, Mommy retrieved her special paddle that read: For Mommy´s Bad Boy, Bella continued with her speech. "Tell me why, Sweet Boy," she coaxed, knowing that my response would be automatic.

As if it were second nature, the words spilled from my lips like a well rehearsed mantra. "Only good boys get to put their pee-pee in Mommy´s pretty pussy." Feeling terrible for the way I acted this morning, I couldn´t stop the next words from tumbling from my mouth. "I´m sorry, Mommy, I didn´t mean to be a bad boy this morning. Please, please, may I have another chance?" And as the paddle came on my ass several times in quick succession, I knew that with each strike, I was being forgiven.

Crawling into my custom-made crib, I swiped at a few errant tears that left my eyes with one hand, and rubbed my sore bum with the other.

Disappointing Mommy always left me felling unsure and vulnerable.

Ironically, my dick, which was hard as fucking steel, wasn´t on the same page, that fucker enjoyed every second of it.

I was such a fucking masochist!

"Turn over, My Sweet, so I can take care of your bottom."

Rolling onto my stomach, I sighed contentedly as Mommy´s soft hands rubbed the special, sweet-smelling cream into my backside. The way her hands moved tenderly over my heated flesh more than made up for my being punished. As her hands slowly moved between my legs to cup my aching balls the mood quickly shifted.

My sighs of contentment and bliss, rapidly turned into lascivious moans of carnal pleasure. Senses were heightened even farther when I felt my Mommy´s naked breast press into my back. "Please, Mommy," I whimpered, ready to suckle on her full tits.

My throat was Sahara desert dry, and my cock was feeling a little more than claustrophobic being trapped between my stomach and the bed. I groaned in relief when Mommy had me roll to my side, the pressure off of my dick was very welcome.

"Here, My Sweet," Mommy cooed, bringing her already leaking breast to my eager lips.

My tongue curled at the edges, latching on to her dusty rose nipple, pulling the sweet cream her body produced for the one she loved. Eyes rolled back, lids fluttered closed, loins tightened, and grunts of pure bliss emanated from deep in my chest at feeling the sweet creamy liquid slide down my throat.

I shuddered and my hips bucked when I felt soft, nimble fingers wrap around my shaft. Knowing I wouldn´t last long, I held back nothing as Mommy pumped me to a quick, but fulfilling release. In my excitement my teeth clamped down on Mommy´s nipple causing her to cry out. "Oh fuck, Little One," Mommy wailed. "Play with Mommy´s pussy like a good little boy." She needn´t ask me twice, I lived to please her.



Three fingers curled inside her womanhood, rubbing the spongy flesh of her g-spot. In what seemed like seconds, her walls were clamping down on my hand in warning. "Yes, Baby," Mommy moaned. "You´re such a dirty fucking boy, touching Mommy´s pussy like that. Ungh…yes...yes… Oh my fucking... argh…" My eyes popped open just in time to see Mommy climax.

A light sheen of sweat covered her pink hued skin.

Her full pouty lips, pursed in a little `o´ of silent exclamation, and her back arched, effectively shoving more of her ample bosom into my mouth, Mommy´s nipple left my mouth with a loud pop as she fell back on the mattress panting wildly.

"That was, wow," Mommy huffed out. "There are no words." Looking at the sticky mess I made all over my stomach, Mommy clicked her tongue. "Looks like my little one had an accident. Don't worry, Sweetie," brushing my sweat-soaked hair away from my forehead, "Mommy will get you all cleaned up."

In a flash, Mommy threw her leg over my torso. My eyes grew wide as fucking saucers, when I came face to face with her dripping pussy. With her ass tooted in the air, teasing the fuck out of me, Mommy leaned over and with long sweeping strokes of her tongue, she licked the cum from my body.

"Arghh..." I cried out when her hot mouth wrapped around the head of my semi-flaccid cock and sucked. "Fuck, Mommy, so good, so good Mommy," I whined, feeling my dick come to life.

The way her ass was wiggling in front of my face, there was no way that I would be able to go another second without at least having a taste, but I knew not to dip in the cookie jar without permission. That wouldn´t fucking bode well for me at all!

"Mommy," I whined. "Your pussy´s in my face, I can smell it. Can I lick it? Please, Mommy, I´ll be a good boy, I promise. Please can I taste your pretty pink pussy?"

Good boys, who used good manners, always got good rewards.

Mommy`s only answer was to sit on my face while I happily devoured her from the inside out.

After using my tongue to bring her pleasure, twice, Mommy rewarded me by letting me nurse while she used my cock.

She rode me!


Really fucking hard!

Stopping every time I neared my release!

It was so fucking frustrating, but I knew that in the end, I would be the winner.

After what seemed like an eternity, Mommy finally let me cum.

And boy did I cum!

My climax came on so hard and fast that I thought I would lose my mind. Knowing how to play my body like a well-worn instrument, Mommy milked orgasm after blissful orgasm from my body, and that was before I shot my load. We´d worked for a while on getting me to orgasm without ejaculation. And let me tell you, there was no better fucking release.

No longer in control of my own faculties, I laid there prisoner to my own body as spurt after hot spurt of my spunk shot into mommy´s tight pussy. Her walls continued to milk my essence from my body as she found her own piece of nirvana.

Eventually, my body went limp.

There was a reason she didn´t do this often. The amount of endorphins that ran through my body and the amount of sensory overload always put me out of commission. I was somewhere off floating between space and time.

Good thing we had everything we needed here, my entire body felt like jelly, and there was no way Mommy would be able to get me home like this. Normally, I needed time to sleep it off.

That night, as I drifted off into some of the most peaceful sleep I had in a long time, I thought to myself, I could not have been in more capable hands. Incoherently, I mumbled, "Love you, Mommy. Thank you!"

"Hush now, Sweet Boy," Mommy whispered. "Sleep now, Mommy will take care of everything." Way off in the distance, I could hear her humming softly, as I felt her busy herself with my aftercare.

Like I said, "I could not have been in more capable hands!"

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