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My eyes flutter open as the sun shines on my face through the cracks in the curtains. I roll over to see what time it is. 7:43. I slide back under the covers, I don't have to be at the training center until 9:30 today, thanks to the upcoming reaping. I can't seem to get back to sleep though, there is an uneasy feeling in my stomach.

'Calm down,' I tell myself, 'He's going to be fine.'

But worried thoughts cloud my head despite what I am telling myself. I know I don't have to worry about Cato, he will be the victor for sure, yet there is always a slight chance that... no. I can't think like that. I won't lose him. He will come back to me I know it.

I realize that there is absolutely no chance of me getting any more sleep and decide to just get dressed and perhaps go over to Cato's house before the volunteering competition.

In District 2, there are a handful of kids who are trained for the games from a young age. About 5 of each age. Every year the day before the reaping all 18-year-olds at the training center compete in the volunteer competition. It is a great honor to represent our district in the hunger games and in the past there have even been accidental deaths in our annual volunteer competition. Thats how much some girls and boys get into it. I don't turn 18 for 7 more months, so I don't have to worry about this until the upcoming year. And even then, I won't sweat over it. The 4 other girls that are in my age group are pathetic. Only one of them has ever beaten me in a practice fight, and I was a bit, um well, distracted... Hey, if I want to admire my boyfriend lifting 300 pounds from a distance, I can. But I only made the mistake of watching him during a practice fight once.

After throwing on a sports bra and a pair of athletic shorts I pour myself a smoothie and head across the street to where Cato lives.

Both my parents and Cato's are wealthy. They have enough money to afford for us to go to the training center and live in the nicest houses our district has to offer (besides those in Victor's Village of course). While most of our classmates at school assume us to be spoiled, we are far from it. If we want something nice, we have to prove ourselves at training. My parents are strict, but Cato's are even more so. In fact, if they so much as caught wind about our relationship, I'm sure they would kick him out of the house or manage some sort of "accident" for me so I couldn't "distract him from winning the games."

I climb over the fence surrounding Cato's house and walk through the side yard and around back. I quickly look in the window to see if his parents are anywhere to be found. I don't see any sign of them so I head back over to the side of his house and begin to expertly scale the side of his home. Thank god for the rock-climbing training we have to complete at the training center. Cato's window is cracked open just enough for me to be able to fit my finger in between the wall and the glass and slide it open. As I climb through the window, I am surprised to see that Cato is not in his bed. I hear the sound of running water and conclude that he is in the shower. I smile to myself. Hey, Cato could use a pick me up today, seeing as he will be competing in the volunteer competition later today.

I remove my shorts and sports bra then make my way into his bathroom. I silently open the door and sneak over to the shower. I pull the curtain back and Cato turns quickly, fists raised, ready to fight. I smirk at him, and let out a small laugh, "Going to kill me?"

"Clove! What on earth are you doing?" he asks. "I just thought I would pay you a visit, wish you luck before the competition. But when I realized you were in the shower, I couldn't exactly pass up the opportunity to join you. You aren't complaining are you?"

Cato shakes his head and pulls me in for a kiss. While some people may have found my actions a bit risque, it doesn't faze me in the least. Cato and I have been dating for almost 2 years now and if you thought we were innocent little virgins you would be kidding yourself. He tells me that his parents are out getting breakfast and I find myself being pushed up against the shower wall. After we finish up in the shower, we pull our training clothes on and head down stairs so he can grab some breakfast. I panic a bit after looking over and seeing the clock on his oven which tells us that it is 9:26. Shit. We cannot be late for training again... Especially not together and not on such an important day. He realizes what time it is a split second after I do and next thing I know, he grabs my hand and we begin running out the door and down the street.

Luckily his house is only a quarter mile from the training center, but even so we barge in at 9:29, the last to arrive. Cato smiles down at me as we make our way over to our trainer. Lawrence looks at us suspiciously but allows us to find our seats for the volunteer competition without making a comment.

Lawrence introduces an older man who will be deciding which boy and girl will be representing District 2 in this year's hunger games. I don't pay much attention and instead watch Cato as he cracks his knuckles and rolls his neck around. I know he is getting into the zone and should have no trouble taking out the other boys.

Lawrence sits down and calls forward 2 of the 18-year-old girls to start the fighting. I sit back and watch as the competition begins.

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