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3 tents are set up, the weapons have been sorted from the other supplies, and everyone has been bandaged up. The discussion over who will have to share tents with who has turned into a full scale argument. No wonder careers get teased for their lack of intelligence so often. I refuse to share a tent with Glimmer and Marvel doesn't want to be in the same tent as Lover Boy (who, by the way, has said his name is Peeta at least 7 times, but Lover Boy has already stuck). Marvel suggests sharing tents by district (with Peeta and Odessaly together) and I have to pretend to be disgusted with that idea. Cato and I don't make too big of a deal out of it though, since neither of us wants Glimmer to offer to switch places with me.

After nearly 20 minutes of conflict, we finally get settled in our tents. Odessaly doesn't seem too happy with the arrangement, but everyone else is fine with it. No one argues as Cato and I claim the largest tent for ourselves. I bend down to enter the tent and set my sleeping bag on the right side, toward the center though so I can keep some weapons by my side. Cato proceeds to set his pile of blankets directly in the center of the tent, touching my sleeping bag. I know he wants me to react. We had discussed this back in the training center. If we bicker with each other then we will be seen as the more interesting careers. The more fun we are to watch, the less likely it is that the gamemakers will kill us.

"Excuse me." I begin, "But what makes you think that you can have the whole tent?"

"Well first off, I'm bigger than you, and second, you're not going to do anything about it."

"Oh, really?" I say, in a teasing tone.

"I'd like to see you try and stop me." Cato states.

A challenge. What got me in the games in the first place. Now was certainly not the time to start backing down from them. So, I pick up my knife, watch as Cato draws his sword, and go for his legs.

The tent is small so we end up wrestling on the ground, seeing as neither of us can stand up straight in our shelter. We mimic moves Lawrence taught us a lifetime ago in the training gym and throw in some of the ones Cato and I had made up. I let my knife graze his shoulder, barely breaking the skin, before rolling him onto his back to carry out one of our signature fake-fighting moves. He wields his sword and attempts to stab me in the stomach as I do a push-up sort of move to dodge the blade, then as he brings his sword back up for the second hit, I jump backwards and up to avoid his attack. However, for the first time ever, I'm not quick enough. A shrill shriek escapes from my mouth as his sword makes contact with the skin atop my ribcage. Cato's eyes widen with shock as I clutch above my stomach, the thrill of the fight completely gone. Luckily, we hear Marvel shouting for us to stop fighting, so that gives us an excuse to call it quits. I lift my shirt up to find a gash about three inches long at the center of my ribs. Its certainly not life-threatening, bit its definitely more than a scrape or a bruise.

"Shit." I hear Cato say under his breath. "Sit down, I'll go get some first aid supplies," He tells me. I obey and plop down on my sleeping bag. Why couldn't I move quick enough? Nothing like that had ever happened to me before. Cato returns with some antiseptic and a bandage and cleans out the cut.

"Games slowing you down, Clove? You haven't been as strong since the training in the Capitol began." And then I put two and two together. I'm pregnant; that's why I haven't been as quick as usual. Thinking back on it, I've been much weaker then I was in District 2. I even remember Cato commenting on it as I went through the obstacle course back in the Capitol. My pregnancy has been slowing me down for the past week or so and I hadn't even noticed. Obviously I can't tell Cato that, so I shrug it off and tell him that its just because I'm tired. How confused the viewers must be. One minute we are fighting and the next he's putting a bandage on me and asking about how I feel.

Cato agrees with me, stating that he feels tired as well (which I'm sure is a complete lie. I can tell he wants to get out there and start playing the game). He sticks his head out the tent and tells the other careers to rest up now as we will be hunting tonight. I find it strange how quickly I fall asleep, despite being in the games and having my thoughts swirling about.

I wake up at the sound of the anthem playing and go outside to examine the faces of the tributes killed today. Odessaly gets out her token, which is a notebook and pen, and makes a list of everyone left in the game: Marvel, Glimmer, Cato, me, the boy from 3, Odessaly, the girl from 5, the girl from 8, the boy with a limp from 10, Thresh, the tiny girl from 11, Lover Boy, and the girl with the 11. I wonder how on earth the cripple and the 12-year-old girl both survived. I can just imagine what Lawrence is saying back in District 2. Cato calls us to a group meeting and tells everyone the plan that he came up with during 'nap time.' We are all to leave the camp together and pretend to head out to the woods. We will wait and see if anyone attempts to steal our supplies. If someone does, we will kill them. If no one comes within an hour, we can decide to either leave them unprotected or have Glimmer guard the camp (as she was deemed most incompetent).

Everyone grabs their weapon of choice and begins walking into the trees. We sit in silence for about 25 minutes before we hear anything. Rustling to our left tells us that someone has fallen prey to our trap. All eyes are focused on the clearing 30 yards to the left as we see a boy appear. I conclude that it must be District 3, seeing as he is clearly not Thresh and is not walking with a limp. We wait until his back is turned towards us and he is rooting through the supplies in the middle of our tents, before walking silently to him. I can imagine the Capitol citizens watching in suspense as we creep up behind him. Cato motions for us all to stop when we are about 10 feet away from him. The boy has grabbed a loaf of bread and an axe. He decides that it is enough and turns around. The expression on his face is comical. I'm surprised to hear myself let out a cruel laugh, which intimidates him further. This 'bad guy' stuff certainly comes easy to me.

"Well, hello." Cato addresses the boy. "What were you doing with our stuff?" I know where this is headed, Lawrence had gone over this several times in the training gym: Pretending to want to be allies with someone. Make them believe they have a chance before killing them. And, you never know, perhaps they really could be of use to you. I hear the boy attempt to give Cato and answer, whilst stuttering.

"There's no need to be afraid," Cato continues, "We want you in our alliance."

"Really?" The boy finally manages to say, in a weak voice.

"Yeah. So tell me, what can you offer us?" The boy looks over in the direction of the Cornucopia as if considering something. I see his eyes light up as an idea hits him.

"I can protect your supplies," He says.

"Well sure, but anyone could guard the camp." Cato responds.

"No, not like that," The boy starts, "The mines from under the 24 platforms. I think I can dig them up and re-activate them. I can put them around the supplies so no one can touch them." My eyes widen, could he really manage that? I've never seen the mines the gamemakers set used as weapons. Cato looks taken aback as well. He turns to us and gets my nod of approval as well as Marvel's.

"Very well." He tells the boy, "Looks like we won't be killing you." I finish Cato's sentence in my head:


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