I am a Christmas fiend. Seriously. I am known worldwide for my Christmas spirit. So, in that light, welcome to a collection of random Christmas-themed NY scenes. Any pairing, any genre, all Christmassy. Enjoy!

She may have been physically in the break room, sat back on a couch with her feet up on the table, but mentally she couldn't have been further away. And this only served to change Mac's good mood to that of pure mischief.

He dug into his pocket, the small packet of marshmallows crinkling under his touch. He'd saved them for her after his hot chocolate earlier, knowing they'd bring a smile to her face whilst tackling her particularly confounding case.

He stepped up behind her as quietly as he could, to where her hair fanned across the cushions and pulled out a marshmallow.

High above her head, he lined up his shot, a smirk already creeping across his features.

He edged left...then right just a bit... gauging the trajectory. Satisfied with his alignment, he let the candy drop into the mug nestled between her hands.

She jumped.

Oh did she jump.

She practically threw the mug onto the table and leapt to her feet, her head spinning to the ceiling as an involuntary noise left her throat.

When she finally saw him, with his full-wattage grin plastered across his lips, he finally had proof that looks couldn't kill because he would be oh-so dead right now if they could.

"Bastard," she muttered, fighting a smile at his self-satisfied smirk. "You know I have a phobia of things in my drink after that eye!"

He dodged out of the way of swinging fist.

"I believe the appropriate terminology for right now would be 'Mwah-haha'."