35 days!

This is for SMACkedHuddy, who requested more tree decorating. I hope this works for you!

Anyone else got any prompts/requests? I have very long commutes to and from work ;)

"That's definitely a real one," she gestured out the window to the apartment across the courtyard. Her bare feet were crossed at the ankle and propped up on the window-ledge, her toes resting against the glass.

"Where?" Mac asked, the words muffled through the screwdriver clasped between his teeth. He snapped the plug casing closed, looking over to her as he lined up the small screws into the holes.

"Three up, two across."

He craned his neck to see over her shoulder to where she pointed with her toe. "Fake. Watched him pull it out of a box a few days ago."

"Really? Where was I?" She twisted in her seat to look at him. He was sat on the bed, a worn, grey retro Chicago Bears tee over dark blue jogging bottoms, the plug leading from his hand to the string of lights around their tree. She wished she had a camera.

He followed the lead and slotted the plug into the socket, "With Flack on the Harvon case." Flicking the switch, he was thankful that the room was suddenly bathed in multicoloured lights, emanating from every branch of their also-from-a-box tree. "Just needed a new fuse. Good?"

"Perfect," she smiled, tossing more popcorn into her mouth. "I'm almost done here."

"Eating or stringing?" he smirked, padding across the room. He placed a kiss in her hair, his hand gliding across her shoulders as the other stole a kernal from the bowl. The decoration was definitely heavier on the string-to-popcorn ratio.

She smirked, "Judging by the nearly empty bowl I'd say both."

"Want me to pop another bag?"

"Nah," she shifted in her seat, her smirk growing into a grin and she draped her long legs over his.

He smoothed his hands up her legs, "This isn't going to get the apartment decorated..."

"Nope." She settled back into the chair, her head lolling to the back and her eyes focussing on the tree. Their tree. She liked that. She kinda liked that it only had the lights too; a blank slate. Their canvas to draw future Christmasses on, to collect decorations along the way. A 2012 bauble, hopefully a 2013... Who knew.

Mac reached behind them to the bed, pulling back a gaudily decorated cardboard box. "Is it even worth putting these on the tree?"

She grabbed a foil-covered chocolate reindeer, "Um, no."

"Thought not."