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Chapter 1: Meetings

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"My, my. So this is the demon that Lucifer is causing such a fuss about."

Glowing green eyes turned to stare into piercing red. A chin was tilted in curiosity.

"Fuss? I had no idea I had caused such a stir in hell," the other stated simply.

A smirk formed on the red eyed male and his sharp fangs poked out.

"Oh yes. Quite the stir down there. Anyone that brings you to Lucifer will be rewarded handsomely you know."

Emerald eyes narrowed in hate for a moment before his expression settled into grimace. Brushing a black lock from his forehead, he exposed a queer shaped scar. A lightning bolt to be exact.

"I see. So that's why I've taken down ten times as many demons than I usually have to." A gleam entered the smaller male's eyes. "But you…you're different. Why are you not attacking me then, hm?"

"Should I be?"

A chuckle from the green eyed one. "Well, you are different, aren't you? Hahaha~ May we meet again!"

"Fancy meeting you here!"

Wine colored eyes blinked in surprise and the taller male turned in his seat to look next to him.

"Yes. This is a surprise. Just what are you doing in the colosseum?"

"Why, watching a death match of course. What else would I be doing?"

"Creating a contract."

A thin eyebrow rose on the smaller male's pale face. Then he snorted derisively. "True. But contracts usually take too long and then I get bored. Now where is the fun in that? But I guess men on death row would make for a lovely meal," the younger grumbled to himself.

"Hmmm. Oh look the tiger has won."

Emerald eyes lit up in delight. "Lovely!" he exclaimed.

Curious, the older male turned to the one that had gotten up and was now leaving and asked, "Where are you leaving to?"

Green eyes turned onto red and it felt as if his soul was being dissected (Though a demon's soul was almost completely black so there wasn't much to find). Finally the younger demon turned and addressed him.

"You haven't even tried to give me to Lucifer in the many times that I've met you so I suppose it could be okay to tell you. I plan on going to India for a couple hundred years. Maybe I'll travel to England after that. I might see you around sometime, ne?"

Wine colored eyes crinkled in mirth.

"Been to Japan lately, have you? I do believe you will be seeing me again."

"Ah, I've finally found you."

The fringe of black hair shadowed emerald eyes as the smaller male on the ground slowly looked up from his meal. He adjusted the dead body in his arms when he saw who it was that was standing in front of him. The standing male watched as the afterglow of a delicious meal faded from his younger acquaintance's eyes.

"Michaelis? What are you doing here?"

The newly christened Michaelis smiled and his eyes crinkled in the corners.

"It is Sebastian now."

"I see. So you've formed a contract then," he stated

"Yes. I would like your help with this one if you would be willing to give it, Hadrian."

The smaller one hissed at the sound of his name.

"How many times have I told you to call me Harry? I swear you do that just to piss me off," Harry snapped. Then he blinked in surprise when the gravity of what Sebastian had asked finally hit him. Harry couldn't help it. He laughed. Hard.

"The great and mighty demon asking for assistance! I do believe I've been a horrible influence on you," he crowed.

Sebastian's smile was becoming faker by the minute and a twitch was building up in his eyebrow. "Yes I do agree with you on that point. So will you help or not?"

Harry seemed to notice his associate's darkening mood and quickly responded to the asked question.

"It depends on the help you require. You know I hate long term contracts Sebastian."

Sebastian sighed. Yes, he did know that the smaller demon hated them. Actually the emerald eyed demon hated to commit to anything. Contracts were the only things he did and even then he kept them as short as possible. He was never able to pry why out of him though.

Still it would be much easier if he wasn't the only servant at Phantomhive manor. And his young master was craving for someone else to come to the manor even though he wouldn't admit it. There was also the small problem of Sebastian cooking. He wasn't used to human food and he kept messing up the dishes for Ciel, and the little brat threw a tantrum about it every time. Sebastian had never figured out where Harry had learned to cook but he knew the younger demon knew how and he needed that help at this moment. He looked back up at Harry who had already disposed of his latest meal and stared at him.

"This contract will last a long time I'm sure. I wanted to try a different way of getting souls as you know and I came to find that the longer the contract the tastier the soul. I strive to find longer contracts now."

Harry made a face and Sebastian rushed to find a way to get his younger cohort to help him.

"I-I will give you anything you ask for for the duration of the contract."

Harry looked terribly surprised. His eyes were open wide and his lips had parted slightly.

"Anything? That's an awful large obligation Sebastian. There are so many ways I could take advantage of you and you know. Once we make this deal there is no going back. You know that right?"

There was a very long pause as Sebastian thought of the repercussions this deal could have. Demons were creatures of their word once they made a deal and he would have to give Harry anything he asked for even if it was the moon or something impossible like that. He would have to die trying to fulfill impossible tasks.

Sebastian looked at the smaller demon in front of him and mentally slapped himself. If he were to make this deal with anyone it would be Harry. He was the only demon that wouldn't actually try to take advantage him. It just wasn't the way the man worked. Harry was much too like a human in that regard. But wasn't that why Sebastian liked him? The demon in front of him was different. Sebastian knew he wouldn't regret this. Not at all. Sebastian nodded his head to show he accepted the deal.

"Very well, I will help you with this contract, but you should be warned. I am doing this for you and not your contract. I will not tolerate them ordering me around. If your master gets on my nerves too much I will have to rectify the situation. I am not a collared demon Sebastian. Do you understand?"

Sebastian nodded and blood was swapped to seal the deal.

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