Chapter 9: I'm Sorry!

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The memory faded and Lucifer chuckled. He licked Shaste's blood off of his hand and plotted how he was going to fetch his gem from the human world once he was found.

Harry sighed. Agni had once again attacked men at an Indian restaurant and left them hanging upside down. It was nice that the white haired man was doing this to protect Soma from the pain of meeting Meena but it was also a betrayal of sorts. And Harry didn't like betrayal.

'But what can I do?'

Nothing of course. He was only there to protect the youngest Bengal Prince and nothing else. So that was exactly what he was going to do. Maybe meeting Meena would make the boy grow up some as well.

"Soma I don't think it's a good idea to go that way," Harry chimed as the boy turned to go down an alleyway. Harry could feel Sebastian's energy and he was having a hard time making sure that his own was undetectable. He was not ready to face the older demon so soon.

"Nonsense! With Agni here nothing can hurt me."

'The boy is an idiot and way too overconfident. That's going to get him killed one day.'

Harry said nothing as the prince continued on. He looked around for a moment before deciding that the rooftops would be a better way to travel until they passed Ciel –Cub!- and Sebastian -Rejection!-. He discreetly jumped up and landed softly on the flat top of the building and followed after the two Indians.

About halfway down the alley his charge ran into what looked to be a brewing fight. Of course Soma being the idiot he was decided to join with his kinsmen without even knowing the details of what was going on. Harry glanced to see who Agni was about to fight and his heart constricted in pain. His energies lashed out in grief before he tightly reined them in. But it was too late. Sebastian had glanced up and seen him.

Harry really, really wanted to leave now but he couldn't leave Soma in the middle of a fight no matter how protected the boy was. Luckily for Harry, Agni attacked before Sebastian could call him out. The two were very evenly matched with Ciel being held in the butler's other hand. Harry had to admit that he was impressed with how strong Agni's gift was.

"I have struck your marma (pressure point) many times. Normally, your arm would be paralyzed by now. So why can you still move?" Agni asked in confusion.

Sebastian stayed silent and discreetly scanned the area. 'Is he looking for me?' Harry had jumped to a different rooftop during the battle just to make sure he wasn't seen again. Unfortunately, that didn't happen as Sebastian caught him in the corner of his eye. Before he could speak though, Ciel started struggling in the demon's arms.

"Hey! We were just passing through when those Indians picked a fight with us! Are all Indians barbarians who indiscriminately attack any Englishmen they lay their eyes on!?"

Harry's eyebrows rose. Ciel had become a bit more vicious since he had left. Soma looked confused for a moment before he turned to his kinsmen and imperiously asked, "You there! Did you attack the runt and his companion without reason?"


"Well that won't do," the prince huffed. "The fool is he who wages war without cause. Agni we are siding with the runt and his companion. Our brothers are in the wrong this time!"

'I think that's the only wise or smart thing that I've heard come out of his mouth since I've met him.'

"All done Lord Soma~!"

"Good. You two aren't hurt are you?"

"No," Sebastian said a bit shocked.

"And you runt, a child should not be in a place like this. It's dangerous," Soma said as he plopped Ciel's fallen hat back onto its rightful owner's head.

"Lord Soma you have done a good deed!"

"It was my duty as a child of God."

Harry snorted. A child of God indeed. He made sure to follow close behind his charge so that Sebastian would not come after him.

"Sebastian. You're staring into space again. I thought you had gotten over this. Now what happened?"

Sebastian looked down at Ciel with a slight grimace upon his features.

"I am positive that I saw Hadrian on the rooftops during the fight."

Ciel snorted. "Don't tell me demons can hallucinate."

Sebastian said nothing.

Harry stared in horror at the house in front of them. This was Ciel's winter house in London and he would be damned if he was going to step one foot in there. Why were they here again? Oh yea. In India it is custom to invite your benefactor into the house. Stupid customs! He watched as Soma and Agni went inside and let out a huff. Well his charge wasn't going to be hurt in that house so he would just stand guard.

It was a couple hours later that Ciel's scream of 'GET OOOUUUT!' could be heard clear across London. The lights went out around eleven and Harry settled down for a long night of playing watchdog. There was something in the air that was bugging him so he was on high alert. So it came as a shock when a gloved hand came across his mouth and an arm wound across his arms and torso like a steel bar.


"Hello Hadrian."

Harry let out a muffled protest. It was Harry dammit!

He felt a cold nose press into the side of his neck. A deep breath was taken to get his smell and Harry was fighting tears…again.

It wasn't fair! Sebastian had rejected him. Why was he doing this?

"Why did you run Hadrian? I didn't mean to sound as if I was rejecting you, you know. I was shocked and disappointed that you would hide something like that from me. Ciel told me all about you being a half-demon."

Harry's eyes widened. That couldn't be! Why did his cub betray him? Before Sebastian could say anything else, the small green eyed demon took his captor by surprise with a painful bite to the hand. Then he was able to wriggle loose from the hold and sprint towards the clustered buildings of London. Sebastian took chase not a second and later.

It was exhilarating zipping through London with someone on his tail. His instincts were running rampant. He had always been a submissive demon, though most wouldn't figure that out because of his personality, and this was the thrill of the hunt. A demon with which he had exchanged his essence with was chasing him. Mate!

That threw him off guard and for a second Harry was suspended in the air as he tripped on a curb. Then he was hitting the floor harshly, though it hardly hurt, and came to a tumbling stop right in front of an alleyway. Harry had come to his senses. Sebastian wasn't his mate!

He jumped up to run again but he had barely made it into the alley before a heavy weight slammed into his back and he was hitting the ground again. He struggled underneath Sebastian's body and managed to turn and get chest to chest with the man but he couldn't make the butler budge any further. Then sharp teeth scraped along his neck and instinctively his head jerked to the side to give more access. Before Harry even knew what was happening there was a sharp pain in his shoulder juncture as enamel tore through the flesh.

Harry struggled but the teeth only sank deeper and he whimpered in pain. There was only one thing to do now… The wizard let his whole body relax in the perfect picture of submission. It took a few moments but Sebastian finally pulled his head away and turned to stare into Harry's eyes. They were slitted and glowing and Harry was absolutely enamored with them. He had always liked the color red (even in Voldemort's eyes though he would never admit that) and to see it in such a handsome face was amazing.

Sebastian rested his forehead upon Harry's own and softly breathed out, "You're mine now."

"Why?" was all the smaller one could choke out.

Sebastian gazed at Harry intensely before he gave a slight smile. "I promised in our contract to give you everything you wanted, didn't I? Your mind may not have said it but your body and heart were crying out for someone to love you Harry. So I will give that to you."

"You called me Harry," he said breathlessly.

Sebastian chuckled and Harry could feel it rumble through the demon's chest. "Don't get used to it. It's quite fun to annoy you."

Harry frowned in annoyance and Sebastian kissed him softly and lightly.

"See your cute when your angry. But I don't like your fear Harry. When Ciel told me about you coming from another dimension he left something major out. I want to know what it is."

Harry's eyes widened. He didn't want Sebastian to know. He could reject him again for being a freak.

'But hasn't he already claimed me? Ciel said that demons are abominations as well. If he rejects me it would only be hypocrisy.'

The wizard blinked. His thoughts were right. So he summoned up all the Gryffindor courage that remained and whispered, "I'm a wizard."

Sebastian stared in bewilderment.

Harry chuckled. "In the dimension that my mother fled to… there were beings called witches and wizards that could utilize magic. It's almost similar to demonic energy though they are two separate things. I attended a magical school in Scotland. The geography there was the same as here though they were much farther into the future than this dimension. I didn't want to tell you because I was afraid you would reject me like my frie- ex…friends did back home. They basically enslaved me…"

"Harry what's that you're reading?"

Hermione's inquisitive features popped over the side of the Gryffindor common room couch. He tried to tuck it away but her greedy hands pulled the journal from his grip.

The raven haired wizard stood quickly and tried to get his mother's journal back. If she read that… "Mione that was my mother's give it back!"

She paused in her taunting and looked guilty. "Oh I'm sorry Harry. You know I didn't mean… Here." She handed it back and Harry took it gratefully. "So is there anything interesting that your mother wrote."

Harry sighed. Nothing could keep her curiosity at bay. "Well it just talks about her family life mostly. She met Snape when she was young, before Hogwarts actually. I mean, I knew that from his memories but the information coming from my own mother just makes it so much more…more…"

"Plausible? Real?"

"Yea, that thanks," he chuckled.

"Anytime Harry! It's what I'm here for, right?" There was bitterness in her voice that he had never heard before. Looking at his friend sharply, the wizard asked if she was okay. A small smile crossed her features before it melted away into depression.

"You know, I thought I loved Ron Harry but lately he's just been so overbearing. Yesterday I was talking to Neville on the properties of the new plant that he discovered on the battleground in front of Hogwarts. When Ron came Neville was polite and friendly but… Ron, he lashed out and left poor Neville with a black eye. Said I wasn't allowed to hang out with other guys. I was his girl and no one else's. It's only gotten worse. If he knew I was here at Hogwarts today and not at the burrow in his room I'm afraid he would beat me Harry, I really am."

Harry was gob smacked. He knew nothing of this. "Why didn't you say something earlier Mione!?"

"I would have but I never got the chance to. Today was the only day I could sneak out of the house-"

There was a great woosh from the fireplace and Ron (everyone that was helping to rebuild the castle had been allowed into the floo system) stormed into the common room. He swung his head around like a giant bull looking for something to skewer and his eyes landed on the now cowering Hermione.

"There you are!"

The two other builders in the room paused. Harry stood up blocking his friend from view. Hermione had always been closer to him and he had no qualms going up against Ron to protect her. That looked to be exactly what he would have to do as the gangly redhead charged forward in a rage. Harry knew he wasn't as heavily muscled as his friend but he could still hold his own with speed. The ravenette pulled Hermione and himself out of the line of fire just in time and Ron went crashing into a table. It didn't keep him down for long, though.

The green eyed wizard pulled his wand but wasn't able to complete a spell before the taller male plowed him into the floor. His head crashed onto the stone floor with a loud smack and his hand reacted by loosening his fingers allowing his wand to slip from his grasp. Harry barely had any time to recover before a freckled hand sent his head snapping the other way. A few more punches and his face felt like it was going to collapse inwards. Dimly, Harry could make out screaming and someone was tugging on Ron. Apparently they succeeded in their task because he couldn't feel any more weight crushing him.

With great effort he opened his eyes to see the only three other people in the room room (Hermione, Seamus, and Padma) restraining the rampaging man. Ron was able to get one hand free and he sent Hermione flying with a backhand to the face.

That was the last straw. Something inside of Harry snapped at that moment and he felt as his bones shifted and his wounds healed. The black haired boy didn't know how he looked at the moment but from everyone's faces it was terrifying, but that didn't matter. His instincts were calling for Ron's blood and he wasn't going to deny himself the pleasure. He surged across the room and tore the redhead limb from limb. Blood flew and his inner beast sang.

A few minutes later as he was licking his hands clean the sound of sobs and sniffles came from the corner and he glanced up to see Hermione curled up in a ball. Seamus and Padma were nowhere to be found, and had probably fled when he attacked Weasley. He gave a low questioning whine and her head shot up in fright.

"Hermione?" His voice was somewhat distorted and it was sort of hard to talk with all the sharp teeth in his mouth but he wasn't going to let that deter him. He took a step forward and she curled in on herself even more. This time his voice was more of a whimper, "Mione?"

"Harry?" The question was so low he would have missed it if it wasn't for his newfound sense of hearing. He nodded.

She slowly and shakily stood. Then she hobbled over and hesitantly touched his face. A small purring started in his chest and she giggled lightly. There was a momentary pause before she threw herself in his arms.

"What happened to you Harry?"

"This… This came from my mother I think. In her journals she wrote that she was from another dimension where demons existed."

A small gasp escaped her but she didn't try to pull away. Instead she only deepened her grip whispering 'Oh, Harry!'. They stayed that way for a full two minutes before the portrait was thrown open and people streamed in. Harry looked up in alarm when he felt energy gathering that was aimed at him. He quickly pushed Hermione away and about twenty full force stunners knocked him out.

The next time he awoke they put the brand on his hand.

"They killed her when she tried to stand up for me. They thought I had messed up her mind or something…"

"So you can use more power which makes you stronger and you thought I was going to reject you like those worthless creatures from your home dimension?" Sebastian raised an eyebrow and gave him a look that said he thought Harry was a bit stupid.

Harry sniffed. "Wanker."

"Throwing insults now are we? Hmph. Maybe you don't want to finish the ritual after all."

And then Harry noticed that he was still trapped beneath his captor and their face were barely centimeters apart.

Harry surged forward to capture his demon's lips. Sebastian made no protests as Harry deepened the kiss. It became more and more forceful until both men lost themselves to their instincts. Vaguely Harry felt his body shift into his demon form and Sebastian followed suit. If anyone were awake they would have been terrified of the guttural screams and moans that pervaded the alley that night. But no one was near, only the dead and sleeping and they held no interest in the happenings of the alley.

Harry frowned when he looked at the manor again. He officially had a mate but he didn't want to face Ciel just yet (Soma being in the house had nothing to do with it, not at all). From what Sebastian had told him after their post-orgasmic haze, the servants from the Phantomhive manor were in there as well. He hadn't known them all that well, even if he had spent a lot of time with Finny in the garden, but he knew that they liked him and would probably try to maul him with welcome back hugs. He was not looking forward to that…

Around two o'clock there was a high pitch ring that emanated from the house that only Harry could hear. Sebastian was calling. Well guess it was time to say hello to his cub again…

Ciel was floored. There was a human that could hold his own against a devil!

"Young Master?" Ciel glanced up at Sebastian. "Someone is here that I think you would like to meet."

"Well, let them in then."

"Of course."

The butler opened the door and Ciel almost fainted from shock (he would never admit that even under the threat of death).

"Harry," he asked breathlessly.

"Hello Little Lord." There was a slight smile upon the wizards face.


"Soma! I was wondering where you had disappeared to!"

A frown appeared on Harry's face as he glanced at the prince occupying Ciel's household.

"I am not your babysitter."

Ciel blinked. "Is that where you ran off to? India?"

Harry didn't like how Ciel has said that. It made him sound like a coward. –But you ran- Harry grumbled about annoying inner voices before turning his attention back onto his cub.

"Yes. I was staying in India."

"Hadrian. I'm curious," Harry's eye twitched. "Was Prince Soma named after you?"

It just had to be Sebastian to catch onto that. And when Soma opened his mouth, Harry felt like strangling the boy. "Father told me my grandfather named me after him. Though why, I would never guess."

"Then he is yours," Sebastian asked with a smirk.

"No. I have not accepted him. I will not allow the bond to complete. He is just a spoilt and arrogant little boy. Not worthy of my time. Though, I have accepted your master."

Harry stepped out of the room leaving three gaping occupants and one confused Ciel.

The Phantomhive butler was confused. Harry had accepted Ciel as his cub even knowing that Sebastian was contracted to him and would eat his soul once it was over. Why would Harry attach himself to a charge like that? Is this why Harry hated commitment? He got attached to people too easily?

Sebastian frowned. Now that Harry had accepted Ciel as his child it would be difficult to eat the boy's soul without feeling regret. And regret always spoiled a good soul. Well he would deal with it as it came.

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It came as a shock when a gloved hand came across his mouth and an arm wound across his arms and torso like a steel bar.


"Hello my little gem."

Harry immediately recognized that voice as he yanked the hand off his mouth. "Lucifer!"

The demon nuzzled his nose into the Harry's neck and took a deep breath. "Your scent is exquisite and your voice even more beautiful than I thought." It was said in a whisper but it still sent a shiver of terror down the smaller demon's spine. "I have finally caught you my precious gem. Did you really think you could get away from me so easily? I have spies everywhere."

"I stayed out of your grasp for centuries," Harry snapped.

The king of the demons frowned in annoyance but acknowledged that his gem had escaped him for quite a while, even by demon standards.

A wicked smile formed on Lucifer's face. "But I have you now do I not precious gem?"

Harry struggled futilely for a moment before he sagged into the body behind him.

"Come with me." Harry started in surprise but before he could say anything Lucifer started talking again. "Your chosen mate has rejected you has he not? I do not want to kill you little gem. Oh no, I have much better plans than that. Come with me and I will give you everything you could ever want."

It was true. Sebastian had rejected him. If he understood Lucifer correctly than the older demon wanted him for a mate. It was sort of surprising that the king didn't already have one but Harry wasn't going to question it. Lucifer, as the King of Demons, could give him whatever he wanted. He had the power to protect his cub. Harry would never have to worry about anything ever again.

He glanced longing at the manor once before he made up his mind. "I'll go with you but you have to protect my cub."

"Oh? Little gem has a cub does he? Well where is he?"

"His name is Ciel Phantomhive and he is contracted to Michaelis the Raven demon in that manor. And my name is Harry not gem…"

The King hissed and looked at the manor his gem had been perched in front of. Yes, there was definitely a contract in there. He sent his power and authority into the building, searched out the energy keeping the contract together, and snapped it. Howls of pain erupted from the place and his gem tensed in his arms but Lucifer only tightened his grip.

"Another one of my demons will be by to pick up your cub. I have made sure that the contract cannot be reformed and that the Raven will be unable to touch…Ciel."

Harry briefly closed his eyes but opened them once more and nodded his head. Lucifer hissed in pleasure and stood from his crouched position pulling his gem three feet off the ground in the process. He switched the demon in his arms into a bridal position and took off towards Hell.

His gem was all his now and no one would ever be able to take the boy from him!