The world begain to end on August the seventeenth in the year 2014 due to a virus that was introduced to the populace by the U.S government.

The virus itself wasn't meant to harm anyone. It was meant to cure illness and desease yet somehow once introduced to the blood stream, it mutated in many. Killing them then raising them from the dead.

Those dead then attacked, devoured and infected others until there was only a handful of people left.

Within three months, half of the planets population was dead. Others who were infected by the mutation were isolated and studied before they turned. The few scientists left were shocked to find that a majority of the people infected were mostly male.

And while the virus seemed dormant in the small children, it functioned abnormally well in young men between the ages of seventeen and twenty nine. The reason for this was unknown.

Just like the reason why a majority of the women still alive, while carriers of the virus, were not infected by it.

Time passed and people armed themselves in any way they could. With guns, chains, pipes, axes, chainsaws and knowledge. After all if they could not understand what was happening and why then they had no hope for a future.

About a year after everyone not infected, women, children, and the few elderly left were relocated to a safe haven- A large building that stood at two hundred and fifty floors above ground level with thick twelve inch solid steel doors and more metal wrapped around the first nine floors of the building to protect it from the walkers, someone observed some peculiar behavior from some of the walkers.

Some started to notice several walkers would attack and devour others, then would drive the rest of the moaning and staggering walkers back- away from the building. Soon after that people also began to notice that the walkers that had driven the others back...seemed to be looking for weakness in the building's structure.

Fearing the inevitable swarm that would wipe them all out, the people inside fo the building ironically dubbed 'The hive', began to look for structure weakness from the inside so that they could do something about it.

They nearly died on the spot when they found one of the walkers standing in the lobbey of the building looking around with an calculating look on it's face that was simply far too intellegent for one who was supposed to be dead. Upon finishing his survey of the interior of the building the walker then looked at the group sent to fix any weakness found, and smiled.

Flashing a set of sharp, wicked looking fangs at them before turning around and slipping through the opening in the wall that they had never noticed was there before.

Over the next few weeks or so (after the super freaky walker incident) people began to notice several walkers carrying bags of fruits, vegetables, meats, canned goods and bread while others pushed a wagon piled high with bottled water, soda's, juices exct while some more appeared carrying clothes of all sizes and fashions.

The walkers laid the items down outside of the door then turned and walked away. Finding this behavior puzzling many people were told not to trust the walkers or their motives.

They weren't people anymore and any intellegence they exhibited was a mere reflection of what they used to be. It would disappear once they had a craving for flesh. However there were others who believed that these particular walkers were different and had no ill will towards them.