Some zombie naughtiness!


But Kakashi cared- he still had friends among the living that he wanted to protect. To him, they were all that mattered in his current situation. Which was why he put the weaker Alpha in a headlock and threatened to rip his face off if he didn't tell him everything. Scared and sputtering inbetween struggles, the lesser Alpha told him about what he had found.

Every bit of research and how breeding with the humans could save them as long as they bred with Alpha's like them. Which made Kakashi long to point out that there was no way a living being would breed with them. They were dead, cold- They had disgusting and distasteful appetites.

The living hunted them. Feared them. Hated them in many cases.

Yet the moment that the weaker Alpha mentioned the young woman that he had already impregnanted Kakashi felt his dead heart skip a beat. Jesus, no- He thought in horror as he let the weaker Alpha slip from his numb grasp before saying, "Show me the lab."

He would have to destroy the research and take the woman and find the others and leave. He wasn't a hundred percent sure that the woman would survive her pregnancy or even going into labor with an Alpha's spawn in her body. But he could at least take care of her until it was time to put her out of her misery.

He and his people could even create a medical facility to see to her medical needs since many of them had once been scientists and doctors. They would monitor her health, the development of the infant- and if anything went wrong and there was a chance, even the smallest of chances that the woman could be saved- they would abort the child and watch the woman for any signs of infection.

Getting up, Kakashi pulled the other male to his feet and pressed his ear against the door of the closet. Listening for any sounds of footsteps. They would have to move quickly to get to the lab without getting all shot up.

Cause even if they were dead, those bullets hurt like a bitch.


Asuma sat on the edge of the bed where his wife lay, his eyes roaming over the changes in her appearance. Starting with her face, then drifting lower to her milk filled breasts- He licked his lips, feeling a sudden hunger pang- his eyes then drifted lower to her round stomach. He'd never seen anything so beautiful. So desirable.


Leaning over his wife he ran a cold fingertip along the curve of her cheek, then lower. Along the slender, tender skin of her throat and ran his tongue along his teeth. His hunger mounting to dangerous levels as he pulled back the covers a bit and leaned his head down to run his tongue along Kurenai's throat. Tasting her.

God she still tasted like she used too.

He scraped his teeth along her collarbone making the sleeping woman shiver as goosebumps raised on her skin. So good. Asuma's mind chanted. Kurenai, tastes so good. The chant beat at his skull, filling it with no other thought beyond the hunger. Biting down slightly, Kurenai jerked but didn't wake as he lifted his mouth just enough to kiss his way down to her breast, causing her to moan in her sleep as a frown marred her features.

Licking at one of her breasts through her nightgown, Asuma's breathing hitched a bit.

Holding himself back so that they could both enjoy this was both painful and pleasant. Licking, sucking and flicking the peak of Kurenai's breast, he reached under the covers to cup her through her panties.

Just a bit more- He told himself. Just a bit more and then he could feed.


Kakashi stared at the labratory doors like they were some sort of gate to the Twilight Zone or something. He could smell the sterile environment inside and it made his skin crawl knowing that more than one of his kind had passed through these doors and perished.

"I don't wan't to do this." He muttered more to himself than the other male, whom just looked at him like he was mad. Making him want to kick him in the face again. Maybe after another few boots to the other's head, he'd feel better. One never knew unless they tried right?

He cast the other male a predatory look, an sadistic smile curving his bluish tinted lips as the other took several immediate steps back and got a slightly nervous look on his face before saying awkwardly, "After you."

"Pussy." Kakashi said as he reached out and pushed the door open and stepped inside. Not the least bit worried that the other might try jumping him. Due to his underfed state he was fairly weak which made him easy prey to an Alpha at the top of his game.

The second Kakashi was inside the lab, he could smell the woman. Having only vague memories of what women smelled like before he died, he could detect the strong scent of pheromones and flowers. Tipping his head back, he inhaled deeply and felt his body shift and start moving almost automatically to the glass cell in the back of the room.

There on the bed, he could make out a young woman with ivory skin and long blonde hair that was pulled back away from her face in a thick braid. She was wearing a loosely fitting sky blue T-shirt with a V neck and a pair of kaki pants.

She was pretty. But then Kakashi doubted that the other male would have picked someone who wasn't at least physically appealing if he wanted his offspring to look even remotely human.